Jupiter in 12th House

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The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house have immense faith in the existence of God. They have a gut feeling that the benevolent eyes of the Almighty are always on them and they are ever protected through divine grace. They want to share a harmonious relationship with everyone and extend their help to others without any expectation of getting rewards in return. They shudder to think that why some people live in deplorable conditions and thus make efforts to help the underprivileged people. Love for humanity is their gateway to spirituality because for them, helping the distressed soul is far better than following religious practices.

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house are interested in doing research in subjects related to philosophy. Their belief in God protects them from pessimism or lack of enthusiasm. The strong Jupiter keeps them away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol. They spend money in productive causes. They may not be fond of luxuries but attain these for their family members. They go on pilgrimages and may go abroad for short term postings related to their job. They may choose professions where they can serve people. Thus they can work in hospitals. They have the spirit to emancipate the guilty and thus they may work in prisons too.

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house suffer from diseases related to eyes or left portion of the body if the twelfth lord is afflicted or Jupiter is debilitated. They need to stay away from immoral activities and alcohol if Rahu is in conjunction with Jupiter in the twelfth house. The placement of malefic planets here may divert the mind of the native from religion. They may achieve success through automobiles- related works. Such natives should be respectful towards elders and sages if they want to avert the bad effects of the weak Jupiter’s placement here.