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Modality:  Mutable
Element:  Air
Ruler:  Mercury
Season:  Spring
3rd Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Mercury
Stone: Agate
Color: Yellow
Anatomy: Hands and arms;lungs.

Keywords:  talkative, mental, adaptable, flexible, changeable, responsive, sociable, superficial

The natives with Gemini as their rising sign are one of the best learners. If someone shoots you down with persistent queries, expect that they may be Gemini-governed people. They are always curious to know more about what happens and what has happened. They are one of the most versatile creatures you would come across. They are restless and impatient till they successfully get the answers of their questions. Their mental activities are always on the roll. Their knowledge can overawe other people. They like to debate and exchange ideas with others. They are eloquent and have power over vocabulary, but in the process they forget to show genuine warmth towards other people interacting with them. It happens since they are deeply engrossed in the web of their intellectuality. They want to stay occupied always, either with their professional duties or with their hobbies. They take pleasure in playing word games and puzzles; reading books and magazines; searching for information in the websites.

The Gemini rising natives are well-versed in multi-tasking. They can successfully attempt their hand at diverse tasks at the same time. They are also apt at maintaining their composure while doing many tasks at one time. They may pretend to be listening to others, whereas in reality they might be cooking something else in their mind. They are habitually in search of some information and analyze people and situations. They don’t like to get bound by strict schedules. They are butterflies who flutter from one place to another. They like socializing and connect with most of the people present in a party or a get-together. But they don’t allow everyone to enter their inner circle. Since they are very affable, they encounter many romantic quests. They leave no chance of flirting around but commitment is not their cup of tea.

The Gemini rising natives love their freedom but give others too their space and freedom. Being a sign of duality, they show their dual nature at times. They can be lively, humorous and voluble and at the same time they may be poised and academic. They are witty and captivating and analyze whatever is happening around them. But their inherent nature of jumping over to the next task keeps their interest and attention in anything short-lived. They say things which they think that the other person wants to hear. They are good in creating comical situations and in mimicking other people. They enthrall others with their witty comments.

The Gemini rising natives can become excellent preachers, researchers, writers, teachers and analysts. They possess good business acumen. They are great orators and mesmerize the audience with their speaking prowess. Their analytical nature makes them good astrologers, scientists and news reporters. They also excel in the fields of music and comedy. They are very skilled in crafts work. The natives with Airy zodiac signs gel well with them while the watery sign people may not strike a cordial note with them at the first instance. They should protect themselves from the health problems related to nervous system, lungs, blood and shoulders.

Gemini is symbolized by The Twins and belongs to the Air element. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. According to some astrologers, Rahu gets exalted and Ketu gets debilitated in Gemini. In horoscope, it represents the third house. Green color is associated with Gemini.