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Venus in Pisces

Venus gets exalted in Pisces. The natives with Venus in Pisces are softhearted and kind by nature. They selflessly throw themselves in service of those whom they love or who ask for any favor from them. People come to them with their sob stories and ask for their opinion in such matters. They are idealistic in matters pertaining to love and are ready to sacrifice their interests to keep someone happy. They connect emotionally with people who are sensitive, creative and artistically disposed. They yearn for a partner with whom they can build a profound spiritual relationship.

The natives with Venus in Pisces are easy-going and docile. They don’t correlate with people who don’t honor their feelings. They value empathy above everything else. They understand the sufferings of other people by feeling their pain. They have the ability to figure out the sentiments of people by reading their expressions. They are ready to accept the eccentric ways of people but don’t burden them with theirs. Sometimes, they think one thing but express it in other way which creates an impression that they are absentminded and their vision is blurred. Sometimes, they talk in circles about their situations and expect people to read between the lines the hidden meaning of their remarks.

The natives with Venus in Pisces make every possible effort to ensure that they don’t hurt the feelings of any living being. They convey the bad news to someone in such a way that it doesn’t look bad. If any general conversation or debate turns ugly, they leave the place so that their mental equilibrium is not disturbed. When someone injures their tender heart, they retreat to aloofness by distancing themselves from others. If someone empathizes with them, they open up their heart to them. Artistic endeavors inspire them to leave their mark in their field of work.

Venus in Aquarius

The natives with Venus in Aquarius are inclined towards rational and balanced relationships. They are attracted to people who can stimulate their thinking process and who have high standards of probity in public life. They want their partner to behave in a measured way and have restraint over emotions. They don’t want to deviate from the set of rules they have framed for themselves. They consider their opinions and beliefs better than the intellectual verdicts of people or organizations. Their deadpan intellectual way of thinking makes them appear packed with superiority complex. They come across as broad-minded people having an all-embracing point of view.

The natives with Venus in Aquarius can’t establish a close bond with people who are selfish and who put their personal interests over the combined interests of other people. They are turned off by the company of self-absorbed and over-emotional people. They become rebellious if they are forced to follow rules or directions against their wishes and conscience. They behave in a calm and gentle manner until someone tries to play with their tolerance. They express their intentions in a detached and candid way. They like to extend their social network by bringing more people in their circle. They are not content to sit at home and like to indulge in outdoor activities.

The natives with Venus in Aquarius can’t cope up with partners who are possessive and stick like a glue. They are free birds who can’t be kept in a cage. For them, forming a spiritual and intellectual bond with their partner is more important than having an intimate affair or emotional attachment. They want a partner who gives them freedom to remain the kind of person that they are. Their detached nature is good for their partner because they don’t become domineering, over possessive or emotionally demanding.

Venus in Capricorn

The natives with Venus in Capricorn are serious in disposition and express love in a very guarded and reserved way. They feel hesitant to lay bare their feelings. Although they look aloof and detached, they care a lot about what others think of them. They seek people’s attention and desire appreciation and affection of others. Superficial emotions, casual relationships and one night flings don’t generate interest in them. They take their relationships seriously and get satisfaction only in a long term commitment. They look for a partner who can nurture their emotions and give them long lasting and pure love.

The natives with Venus in Capricorn are conservative in matters of love and marriage. They follow the norms established by the society or family. They remain devoted to their partner in good as well as bad times. There are high chances that they may get attracted to or fall in love with someone who is older than them. They feel that a mature and reliable person can provide them shelter of love and emotional security. They respect people older than them because they think that knowledge and worldly wisdom comes with age and experience.

The natives with Venus in Capricorn feel that the choice of life partner will impact their life to the highest degree. The wrong choice will make their life hell and the right choice will put them on a higher pedestal. That’s why they may marry for financial security and elite status. They get attracted to someone who is wealthy and has earned fame or respectable position in the society. They can’t sustain with people who are not interested to raise their social and financial status. Although they long for true love in life, yet they don’t overlook the nitty-gritty of pragmatic approach towards marriage. They may not show their softer and emotional side to others but they are very sentimental and devoted in love.

Venus in Sagittarius

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius are sympathetic, benign and optimistic. They view love through rose-tinted glasses. They want their partner to evolve with them in love to make their relationship remarkable. They can’t carry on a relationship with someone who doesn’t provide them with rock-solid support. They want to share that kind of love with their partner which they share with God. Deplorable conditions of underprivileged people move their heart and they jump in to rescue the drowning soul. They spend a lot of time in philanthropic works as it gives them the eternal peace they long for.

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius want a partner who can broaden their horizon and expand their consciousness. They want their partner to be fun-loving, adventurous and outgoing. They love traveling and eating rich food. They are always eager to meet new people and share their trials and tribulations. People of different cultures and backgrounds, including foreigners, find it easy to connect with them at the first go. They want to share their achievements, dreams and aspirations with their partner. They want to establish a spiritual bond with their partner and the physical proximity ranks below than that.

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius love to embark on new zones of interest and are always willing to learn. They make conversations interesting by giving their insightful comments based on time tested logic. They enjoy a lively discussion on an idea or topic that they feel strongly about. They may get charged up or aggressive in debates or conversations but they are basically lighthearted people who believe in the principle of peaceful co-existence. They feel suffocated in a regimented life where everything is structured. They want to live a life where no boundaries encompass them. They want freedom in work and in relationships. There is no place for heavy emotions and over-possessiveness in their life.

Venus in Scorpio

The natives with Venus in Scorpio crave for an intense and profound relationship. They have too high aspirations in love and nothing satisfies them less than the merger of souls. They want their love story to attain the status of a legend or folk tale. They want to forge a strong, passionate and eternal bond with their partner. But over-possessiveness and unrestrained jealousy ruins their relationship with their partner. They can hold on to one person or relationship for a lifetime. They are very suspicious about even the platonic friendships of their partner. If they are betrayed, they hate that person with as much intensity as they once loved.

The natives with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to people who have a special charm and aura around them. Although their feelings are deep-rooted, they feel inhibited to express them. They don’t give a second chance to the person who betrays them once. Either they are totally involved or totally cut-off. They delve into spirituality to overcome the pain of emotional burn down. They consider physical intimacy as ultimate means to bring about emotional bonding. They want their lover to understand their feelings just by an intent look. They want to form a relationship in which both the partners are able to read each other’s heart without using words.

The natives with Venus in Scorpio fall in a weak position due to their desire of controlling their partner. When they try to get emotionally too close to their partner, they end up hurting their partner as no one wants to be driven like a puppet. They inflict pain on themselves and their partner by ordering them to behave in the way they desire. If they are opposed, they pull the punches in retaliation. They are like an examiner who checks even the minutest of details in relationships.

Venus in Libra

Venus is in its own house in Libra. The natives with Venus in Libra are well-mannered, sensible and diplomatic. They look elegant and dress in style. They find it difficult to say ‘No’ to others because they are very generous and want to please everyone. It makes them vulnerable to peoples’ guiles. They can be pragmatic too as they know how to make others fall in line by taking action that fits the situation. They convince people to follow their instructions. They want peace and harmony in life and make every possible effort to attain it. They avoid discussing issues that may hurt people or result in friction with them. They sweep the controversial issues under the carpet.

The natives with Venus in Libra want a partner who matches their passion and balances their persona. They are attracted to someone who is stylish, gracious and forward-looking. They detest people who are ill-mannered and insensitive. They have color sense and knowledge of music and fine arts. They are lazy and opt for an easy way to get the work done. They depend a lot on other people and feel confident only in the company of their loved ones. Their indecisiveness robs them of many good opportunities.

The natives with Venus in Libra advocate equal treatment in relationships and marriage. They can live happily only in a committed relationship. They treat their partner with fairness and gentleness. When the goddess of love is in the sign of love, the results can only be magnificent. Their relationship with someone can turn sour if the other person doesn’t reciprocate their warmth of love with kindness. They don’t mind speaking an odd lie if that makes their partner happy or keeps the relationship strong. They feel complete when they are united with their partner. They are attracted to beautiful people but they hunger after the inner beauty in others.

Venus in Virgo

Venus gets debilitated in Virgo. The natives with Venus in Virgo are very devoted by nature. They are faithful to their loved ones and take pleasure in serving others. They are true to their words and do their best to fulfill the promises they have made to others. They feel shy to express their feelings for others. They have a tendency to expect too much from their partner and criticize them if they lack perfection in their attitude or work. Their never-ending search for a perfect partner makes them discontented and delays their marriage. They want everything to be neat and organized around them.

The natives with Venus in Virgo get attracted to people with delicate and gracious personality. They are very calm and cultured and dislike people who are rude or nasty. They look for the inner beauty in themselves and others as for them the real meaning of life lies in goodness of human conduct. They dislike people who show-off and act differently than their real nature to impress others. They like people who behave appropriately and live a clean life. They want a partner who is decisive, follows the moral code and remains composed in difficulties.

The natives with Venus in Virgo sincerely want to help others by showing them the right path. They feel offended when others respond to their help with resistance and rebuttals. They want others to appreciate their caring ways. They are very practical and sensible. They know that the sugar-coated emotional compliments are abstract. They prefer concrete actions to statements. The people who speak gently and have pleasant manners grab their attention. They are not the ones who get swayed by huge promises. They want their partner to remain hygienic and truthful. They make it their mission to bring alcoholics, drug addicts and strayed people on the path of righteousness.

Venus in Leo

The natives with Venus in Leo are kindhearted, spontaneous and trustworthy. They can’t stand small-mindedness in others. They are high-spirited and look to participate in various activities, academic and sports. They get hurt emotionally when others don’t take the relationships seriously. They pay more attention in toning up their physical appearance. In the process, they forget that inner beauty counts more than the outer beauty. They tend to be pompous and want to remain the centre of attraction in any social gathering or party. They are vulnerable to flattery and adulation. They want others to make them feel special by splattering appreciation and kind words on them.

The natives with Venus in Leo fall in love with the idea of love. They are romantic and dreamy as they fantasize a lot about their lover. They want their love life to run parallel with the reel-life drama. They yearn for a partner who is the Prince or Princess of their dreams, who sweeps them off their feet in the first sight. They are on cloud nine when their partner exhibits romantic gestures and spends generously on them. They get attracted to famous people. Their partner should be flamboyant, witty and outgoing.

The natives with Venus in Leo are good judges of genuineness of intentions in a person and are turned off by those who try to exploit their feelings. They appreciate the creativity of other people and try to hone up their skills by learning from others. They get bored if things don’t move as per their expectations. They want to remain faithful to their partner because they want a fairy-tale romance with a happy ending. The simple way to make them happy is by telling them that they are breathtaking and special. They always reciprocate the good gestures of others by paying back with desired compliments.

Venus in Cancer

The natives with Venus in Cancer are shy, sensitive, soothing and romantic. They are deeply attached to their family, friends, home, native place and memories of the past. They are the ones who remember the birthdays, anniversaries and other special days of their loved ones. They are generally the first one to call others on important occasions. For them, love is a long-lasting emotion. They seek emotional security in their relations. They want to reside in a harmonious environment, where everyone cares for the emotions of others. They firmly stand by their relations and sometimes become over possessive about them.

The natives with Venus in Cancer tend to over eat when they are sad and depressed. Their craving for rich food, sweets and wine compound the problem and make them obese. The mental turmoil affects their health adversely. Their caring and sympathetic attitude makes them a natural caretaker of other people. They shower their partner with motherly love. They believe in soft approach towards relationships and strive to make their house a beautiful home. They don’t gel with people who are swollen with pride, frozen emotionally and hurt others with reckless behavior and distasteful comments. They don’t want to enter into relationships that may inflict pain in future. That’s why they approach new relationships with reservation.

The natives with Venus in Cancer prefer to correlate with people who give importance to emotions and possess good character. They judge others by their speech and manners. Having a soft temperament doesn’t mean that they are afraid of others or incapable of dealing with troublemakers. They can fittingly give the wrongdoers a taste of their medicine if they are mistreated continually. They can use harsh words which can pierce far deeper to show the wicked people their place. They become tough when they have to defend themselves and their dear ones.

Venus in Gemini

The natives with Venus in Gemini get attracted by someone’s intellect, communication skills and sense of humor. They don’t get bowled by someone’s attractive looks only. They value mental agility. They want a partner who can stimulate their mind by challenging the opinions, keeps them away from boredom and exhibits curiosity. They want to share ideas, speak at length, go to different places and learn new things. They like to flirt with charming and friendly people. Sometimes, they can be fickle in matters of love and romance as they desire more than one partner at a time. They enjoy the fun of love and run away from its responsibilities.

The natives with Venus in Gemini are blessed with creative muscle. They perform better when they put their thoughts on paper. They express their feelings effectively through poetry or comprehensive pieces of writing. They can also create beautiful things with their hands. They follow their mind rather than succumbing to their emotions. They get attracted to that person whose mind downpours creative juices and who don’t get over-emotional. They want partner who gives them ample space and freedom to evolve professionally. They take a long time to commit in a relationship as they think that there are so many attractive propositions that it is difficult to pick one.

The natives with Venus in Gemini like to flirt and catch the attention of others by the magic of their tongue. They enthrall others with the finesse of their language. They want to live a life that is entertaining, tension-free, detached and full of interesting activities. They don’t want to stick to a stagnant routine or lose their freedom. They want flexibility in their schedule. They consider themselves broadminded and are ready to debate on contentious issues. People who are intelligent and witty grab their attention right away.