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Venus in 12th House

Venus in the twelfth house is regarded auspicious because it provides materialistic comforts and sensual pleasures. Venus, here, keeps an eye on the finances of the native and maintains a balance between the income and expenditure. Such natives are loving and kind by nature. They easily repose their trust on everyone, but get hurt in return because people take advantage of their innocence. They are driven by the sense of serving the humanity. They provide their shoulders to others to lean on in hard times. The wounds of the past destabilize their mental composure. It could have emerged out of tight parental control or not getting adequate love in their childhood.

The natives with Venus in the twelfth house become their own best friend and find contentment in solitude. Sometimes, they want to withdraw from the social set-up to be with their inner self. Self talk recuperates them. Success for them lies in discovering the meaning and reason of their existence. They want to keep their personal relationships away from the prying eyes of people. Relationships with the members of the opposite sex are a clandestine affair for them. Suppression of sensual cravings may affect their health adversely. Under depression, they may take resort of drugs and alcohol, which is their biggest self-undoing.

Venus in the twelfth house generates the interest of the native in paranormal activities and occult sciences. Since twelfth house represents ‘moksha’ or enlightenment, the placement of Venus here makes the native to search spirituality in service rather than in theoretical knowledge. The compassionate persona of such natives emerges from the emotional pain that they underwent in life. They may be double-minded about their own goals but they can help others in determining the purpose of their life. Exalted or strong Venus makes the native to fly to foreign lands often. Debilitated or afflicted Venus increases wasteful expenditure and causes health troubles to the spouse of the native.

Venus in 8th House

Venus in the eighth house proves good or bad depending upon the strength of the lord of the eighth house. Though Venus is not considered very well here, but there are no fixed rules. It can bless the natives in certain aspects of their life if Venus is strong. Venus here indicates financial benefits emerging through spouse, either through their hard work or through the accumulated money of their spouse. They enjoy materialistic comforts due to the efforts of their spouse. They may also receive money through inheritance which makes their life easier. They don’t reach great heights in professional life owing to their lazy attitude and lack of self-discipline.

The natives with Venus in the eighth house are characterized by their happy-go-lucky approach in life. They enjoy each day of their life without worrying about the future. They keep distance from the hardships and walk on the flowery path only, by side tracking difficult issues. They are blamed by others for being insincere and laid-back. They are possessive about their relationships and feel insecure due to the fear of betrayal by their partner. Their spouse may be short tempered. Sometimes, their prophesy comes true, so they should not speak anything negative. They need to avoid thinking about sensual pleasures always.

Venus in the eighth house generates the interest of the natives in doing research in occult practices and magic. They are fascinated by metaphysical issues and psychic analysis. Eighth house represents deep research and if Venus is strong there, the natives can come up with their version on any subject related to astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. Afflicted or debilitated Venus in the eighth house bequeaths the native with vices like lust, jealousy and cunningness. Strong Venus here blesses the native with majestic speaking skills. They need to appreciate the beauty in others rather than being self-absorbed only.

Venus in 7th House

Venus in the seventh house is very important from the viewpoint of marriage, especially for men because Venus is the significator of marriage for men, as Jupiter is for women. The natives with such disposition are affable and easy to be with. Their thrust is on building strong relationships because they consider harmonious relationships as the foundation of smooth life. They can be friendly with anyone right away which grants them the luxury of choosing people who seem to be sincere in friendship. They stand like a rock for their dear ones, especially their spouse. They are advised not to form relationships in haste as it can attract nasty people towards them, causing them agony and mental torture in future.

The natives with Venus in the seventh house wish for a spouse who is nice-looking and financially sound. They want a life mate who can add something to their comforts. Though they deeply love their partner, but too much expectation from the would-be partner proves detrimental to their happiness. Their hunt for a perfect relationship never gets over, making them disgruntled. The need is to maintain balance in life and relationships. They will be well off with partner who is supportive, rather than a wealthy spouse who treats them shabbily.

The natives with Venus in the seventh house tend to become over indulgent in sensual affairs. If Venus is debilitated or weak here, they may waste their money in buying physical pleasures, causing them loss of reputation and wealth. If Venus is strong here, they are physically satisfied with their partner and stay loyal to them. Seventh house also represents business partnerships. Strong Venus bestows the native with success in joint ventures. They can make a hefty profit in businesses related to marriage, like tents and lighting, catering, DJ, beauty parlor, decorators, bridal and groom wears, hotels etc.

Venus in 6th House

Venus in the sixth house makes the native hardworking and dexterous. They display their caring side at their workplace by being tolerant and kind towards their fellow employees. Their charming persona and smiling face attracts others to talk to them. They are appreciated by their bosses for completing their tasks sincerely and on time. They are so endearing that they rarely have any enemies. Their competitors too respect them for their honesty. They are driven by the desire to bring about constructive changes and improvements in their work arena. They easily slip into the role of a negotiator if differences crop up between the employees in the office. For this, they get pat on the back by their superiors.

The natives with Venus in the sixth house keep up their spirits high when faced with difficult situations. They don’t blow their own trumpet and instead let their work speak for them. They are appreciated for their selfless actions and rewarded for their integrity. They need to take care of their body by avoiding over-indulgence in food and sweets. Consumption of excessive sugar leads to diabetes is a known fact, but they have to remain alert from diabetes, which creeps in their body faster than in other people.

The natives with Venus in the sixth house believe that sharing is caring. They are ready to part away with their possessions if that can make someone happy. If Venus is weak and the lord of the sixth house is strong, the native will have to face many enemies and they may be attacked by diseases. If the sixth lord is weak, they will triumph over their enemies, however powerful they might be. They should avoid the company of women having bad character or else they may be prone to sexually transmitted diseases.

Venus in 5th House

The natives with Venus in the fifth house are affectionate by nature. They prove to be friends for life. They radiate child-like innocence as they have a very loving heart. Beauty is an inherent part of their persona. They are very good looking and easily get attracted to the members of opposite sex. But they form relationship with good-natured people only and remain loyal to them. They are romantic and flirty but remain devoted to their partner when they find one. Ask them to lead the course if you want to arrange a party. They will come up with fancy ideas and put life into the social gatherings.

Creativity is the hallmark of the natives with Venus in the fifth house. They display their talents from a very young age. They are interested in acting, singing and dancing; these don’t just remain their hobbies but they can make a career too in these arts. They don’t have the stage fear and come out with flying colors when they are on any stage. They get their fuel by delivering breathtaking performances. They show creativity even in the role of a teacher because they do not use the textbook format to make students learn something. They bring into play innovation and interest-generating methods to make their pupils learn better.

The natives with Venus in the fifth house remain engaged by dreaming about their lover. They can’t thrive without a relationship that is romantic and compassionate. If Venus is strongly placed here and forming a relationship with seventh lord, they marry the person they dream of. They get happiness through children and get more daughters than sons. Their children outclass them if Venus is in conjunction with benefic planets. But, if Venus gets debilitated or afflicted here, they may have to face disappointment in love affairs. They may face difficulty in begetting children.

Venus in 4th House

The natives with Venus in the fourth house find pleasure in their home. They want to make their house look beautiful. While constructing their house, they look for the nitty-gritty of interior decoration and designing. They want to make changes in their house every now and then and spend a lot of amount on it. They get a chance to live in posh colonies or luxurious apartments. Their mother is very beautiful. They take care of their mother till last and provide her a comfort zone. They are deeply rooted to their native place and devoted to their parents.

The natives with Venus in the fourth house are patriotic by temperament. But their patriotism is not violent or fanatical. They would rather do small things to make big contribution; like planting a tree, cleaning their surroundings, following traffic rules, obeying law etc. They observe more and react less. They get the comfort of conveyances throughout their life. They want the best models of vehicles to be parked in front of their gate. If Venus gets debilitated here, they may not get enough chances to stay in their own house. They may have to go to distant places to work. They may not gel well with their parents or spouse if Venus is in conjunction with malefic planets.

Venus in the fourth house generates the interest of the native in studying scriptures like Veda, Purana, Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayan etc. They can remember the religious couplets easily. They derive strength from their devotion towards God. They want to tread on the path of ‘Bhakti Yoga’. They can excel in professions related to religion like astrology, palmistry etc. They become the darling of the masses if Venus is strong and lord of the fourth house is placed with benefic planets. Exalted Venus blesses the native with more than one house and many vehicles. They may be successful in automobile or transport business.

Venus in 3rd House

Venus in the third house bolsters the communication skills of the native. Such natives express themselves beautifully through their speech and writing. Their neighborhood is harmonious as they share good relations with their neighbors. They believe in the principle ‘live and let live’. They avoid any sort of confrontations with anyone because they don’t feel good in tense atmosphere. They charm others with their soft nature. They prove to be efficient diplomats as they are first-rate negotiators. They can persuade even the fiercest rivals to shake hands. For them, life is a blessing which should not be wasted in dribs and drabs.

The natives with Venus in the third house share a friendly relationship with their siblings, especially sisters. They can sacrifice their things and happiness to watch a glee on the face of their siblings. They show signs of genius from their childhood. They may pick a musical instrument, start dancing without caring that what others may say, recite poetry or tell stories written by them, or mimic the celebrities. Strong Venus blesses the native with supportive spouse who stands by them in thick and thin. They believe in the tenets of religion and read the holy books with passion. They may come up with their interpretation of the religious texts.

Venus in the third house makes the native valorous. They have immense inner strength but they remain humble and gentle. They are very fond of traveling. They can remain happy without luxuries, but not without holidaying. They are ready to take off to a new destination whenever they get a chance. Traveling is a learning voyage for them. They take interest in knowing about the culture, geography, history and polity of the place they visit. Spiritual tourism is also high on their wish list. They may not want to settle abroad but they want to visit there frequently on tourism visa.

Venus in 2nd House

The natives with Venus in the second house are sweet tongued. They may excel in poetry and people are hypnotized by their oratory. Their speeches have the power to arouse the passions of masses. They are modest in their speech and their tone is very delicate. They dress up in style. They can become renowned singer, professor or debater. They impress others with their hold on language, grammar and vocabulary. They are fond of good food, especially the sweet dishes, and wine. You can see a mini bar created in their home. They leave no stone unturned in serving their guests.

The natives with Venus in the second house are fortunate regarding wealth if Venus is strong and the second lord is well placed. In such case, they get money and materialistic comforts at regular intervals, and without hard work. They may earn through business partnerships. They spend money on items related to music, arts, food stuff and luxuries. They make the most of their intellect and creative mind to generate money. Their communication has a long lasting effect on others and it soothes the depressed folks. They need to understand that the world is not centered on them and they should be more receptive to others’ opinions.

The natives with Venus in the second house are home birds. They can’t live happily away from their family. They need constant motivation of their dear ones to do something better professionally. They may have love affairs but they are loyal in their relationships. If Venus gets debilitated or afflicted, the native may stay away from their family for long. They may waste their money in useless expenditure. They may develop health issues related to mouth and right eye. They need to avoid excessive alcohol and unhealthy food to ward off the bad effects created by weak Venus.

Venus in 1st House

Venus in the first house blesses the native with beautiful face, expressive eyes, enchanting gait and overall magnetic personality. The members of the opposite sex get attracted to them as bees are drawn towards honey. They know the art of speaking right words at right place. Their mind is engrossed in love, beauty, sex and luxuries. They like to be pampered and loved by other people. Strong emotional bonding is a part of their persona. They may develop intimate relations with many members of the opposite sex. Their quest for love takes long time to settle down in life as they are not satisfied till they get their desired partner.

The natives with Venus in the first house are interested in joining creative professions like acting, dance, music, poetry, painting etc. If Venus is in its own sign or is exalted in the first house, the native may receive comforts and prosperity from a young age and it lasts their entire lifetime. If the first lord is well placed, they have strong relationship with their spouse. Strong Venus makes them faithful towards their spouse. If the lords of second, fifth and seventh houses are interrelated, they may have many love affairs, and will settle down in life with one of their lover.

The natives with Venus in the first house are not great hard workers, though they succeed due to their intellect. Their judgment and decision making power is very good. If Venus is debilitated here, it harms the public reputation of the native. But they may get a good spouse because Venus aspects its exalted sign in seventh house in such state. Afflicted Venus in the first house makes the native unhygienic, ugly and sick. The conjunction of benefic planets along with Venus multiplies the good effects. They are long-lived and live in the company of noble people.