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12th House

12th House of Horoscope
The twelfth house of the horoscope is called the house of ‘Liberation’ or ‘Enlightenment’. It is known as the ‘Mokshasthan’. In the astro-cycle of life, fourth house is recognized as the first house of liberation (Moksha) indicating the liberation of inner life; the eighth house as the house of transformation indicating what must be purified in order to liberate the inner self; and the twelfth house culminates as the end of journey. It is the house of death and loss.

It is the house of confinement, asylums, old age homes, hospital stays and imprisonment. It is the house of our past actions (Karmas) and brings to end our journey in this life and on earth. It is a house of renunciation and shows the brighter sides of meditation and yoga. It represents the death of the ego and birth of the humility. It indicates the amalgamation of the self with the Supreme consciousness. It envisages the deporting of the soul from the human body.

It is a house of loss and indicates the expenditures. It explores the financial loses that the native may go through in life. It indicates about the extravagant expenditure of the money on luxuries as well as on useless things. It also throws light on the possibilities of imprisonment and chances of spending the money on hospitalization. It is a house of hidden things and secrets like occult activities, psychic matters, psychological problems, seclusion, sorrow, dreams, fears, faith, spirituality and the subconscious mind.

The twelfth house is the place of bed, sleep and sex pleasures in life. The good placement of the twelfth lord and the placement of the planets in this house bestow the native with happiness in married life and contentment in physical relations. It also tells about the availability of luxuries to the native. This house also deals with the native’s association with the foreign lands and travel to far-off places. It represents foreign people, tourism, foreign trade, travel agencies, imports and exports.

The twelfth house is associated with monks and spiritual seekers. It represents charity, non-profit organizations, monasteries, places of worship and meditation, good deeds done without expecting anything in return and mystical and spiritual experiences. This house motivates the native to shed the ego and crave for merging the self with God.

The twelfth house represents the feet in the body. If this house is afflicted and its lord is in weak position, it gives health problems like mental imbalance, sleep disorder, pain in the feet and left eye. Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Ketu play a dominant role in this house to lift the spiritual awareness of the native. The position of Venus in this house is considered very good as it provides the physical pleasure and luxuries to the native.

11th House

11th House of Horoscope
The eleventh house of the horoscope is called the house of gains. It represents monetary profits, wealth, knowledge, longevity of mother, promotion of husband, friendships, elder siblings, benefits from father-in-law, recovery from illness, discharge from hospital, independence from misfortune, trade, community, speculation, ambitions and fulfillment of desires. This house is called ‘Laabh Bhava’ because it denotes gains of property, liquidity/cash, gifts, incentives and windfalls. The eleventh house represents ambitious and motivated people; wealthy and famous people; politicians and public servants; celebrities and dignitaries.

But this house is also related to punishment and disease as it is sixth from the sixth house. It is also called the house of obstruction or ‘Badhaka’ for cardinal signs. The badhaka planets create problems for the native. But if the planets are strongly placed in this house, they open the doors of opportunities for the native and help in eliminating the obstacles. Except for the badhaka planets, all other planets give good results in this house. The body parts ruled by the eleventh house are ankles, shin bone, right leg, shanks, left ear and left arm. The diseases related to this house are fractures, circulatory problems, leg cancer and low Hb (blood).

The eleventh house subsists between tenth and twelfth houses. The tenth house stands for challenges in life and the twelfth house denotes transformations. The good and bad results emanating from this house are judged by the strength or weakness of the eleventh lord, placement of the planets in this house and the power of the planets which aspect this house . In the eleventh house, Moon bestows the native with praiseworthy qualities, Saturn provides comforts of all kinds, Sun brings opportunities at the doorsteps, Mars makes native popular, Mercury makes wealthy through ethical means, Rahu gives long and prosperous life and Ketu makes the person learned, wealthy and versatile.

The creation of wealth is judged by the second and the eleventh houses. The second house denotes fixed assets, cash and family money, while the eleventh house indicates the native’s ability to generate more wealth. The connection of the lords of second and ninth house in the eleventh house makes the native fortunate to create surplus income through righteous means. Jupiter is the significator of money and its placement in the eleventh house in exalted state gives the financial status of the highest kind to the native. If the seventh and eleventh houses or their lords are associated in the horoscope, there will be gains from business partnerships.

The strength of the eleventh house is calculated on the basis of favorable planets in this house, the good placement of the eleventh lord, transit of the favorable planets through the eleventh house and formation of good planetary combinations (Yogas) in the horoscope in connection to the eleventh house. The combination of Jupiter, Moon, Mercury and Venus in this house makes the native extremely rich and famous.

10th House

10th House of Horoscope
The tenth house is the house of profession and action i.e. ‘Karma’. It denotes the work or business that the native pursues in life. It is the house of career and divulges whether the native will be able to attain respect, prestige and fame in his/her career or chosen public role. This house throws light on the purpose and ambition that the native has up his sleeves. This house reveals your public reputation and status in the society. It tells about the work you may do in this birth and the probable outcome of your efforts. It shows the native’s capacity to hold the responsibilities and enthusiasm to accept the higher duties in professional and public life.

The tenth house is important because it represents father. It shows the role your father will play in your life and the level of attachment you will share with your father. If the lord of the tenth house is exalted or strongly placed with benefic planets, the native gets father’s help at every step of his life, be it financial or moral support. If the tenth lord is strong, the native gets support from the government.

The tenth house represents boss, higher authority, government, leaders and powerful people. It denotes handling public works and delegating tasks to the juniors; giving a lecture or presentation at public places and the office boardrooms; leading from the front when people choose you as their representative. This house includes the workplace of the native, areas of business, banks, public forums and the jurisdiction of the government.

The body parts represented by the tenth house are thighs, knees and the left part of the body. Sun and Saturn are the main planetary indicators of this house. The presence of Sun in the tenth house makes native attains the success and recognition of the highest kind while Saturn bestows the native with high status in the society. Jupiter is the significator of this house and Mercury also plays a significant role in the development of this sector of the chart. Sun and Mars are ‘Disha Bali’ planets of this house and their placement increases the possibility of attaining higher posts in the official work.

The tenth lord in the ascendant and the ascendant lord in the tenth makes the native an independent entrepreneur. Mercury’s association with the tenth lord develops the interest of the native in intellectual pursuits. The placement of auspicious planets in the tenth house accelerates the pace of the native to move from one successful post to another. On the contrary, the ill placement of the tenth lord and bad aspects of the planets on this house or its lord bring tension, insult and financial losses to the native. If Jupiter is the lord of this house and placed in the ascendant, the native opts for legal career. Sun’s placement in the tenth house makes one an efficient administrator while Moon’s influence makes one very famous.

9th House

9th House of Horoscope
The ninth house is the house of religion, destiny and luck in the horoscope. It signifies father, guru (teacher), fortune, journeys to holy places and long-distance journeys. It represents priests, teachers, lawyers, advisors and philosophers. The activities like performing religious rites and spiritual practices (yagnas); chanting mantras and holy sacred verses also fall in its domain. Jupiter is the ruling planet of this house as it shows the path of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. Sun is also a significator of this house and denotes the relationship between the father and the son.

The ninth house is also related to intellectuality, knowledge, fame, inheritance of property through father, moral values, virtues like kindness and charity, philanthropic business, pilgrimages, meditation and enlightenment. Among the body parts, the ninth house represents left cheek, left knee, left part of the stomach, outer parts of the ears, thighs and buttocks. This house indicates the deeds that the native has performed in past births. The fortune that the native obtains in this birth without efforts is the result of the good deeds of the past birth.

The association of Jupiter with this house makes the native religious, devoted, conventional and benevolent. Saturn here gives intuitive powers to the native and the positive aspect of Sun and Mercury makes the native big-hearted and charitable. The connection of the ninth lord with the tenth lord creates the ‘Dharmakarmadipati Yoga’. It indicates that the native will employ ethical means in performing the professional duties. It makes the native financially strong and he/she is able to attain success and fame. The association of the ninth lord with the twelfth lord makes the native prosperous through foreign business dealings. The native is often on the move and reaps benefits from overseas.

The presence of Sun in this house takes the native to pilgrimages. If the ninth lord and Sun are exalted or strongly placed, the native is very devoted to his/her father. If Jupiter and Mercury are strong in the horoscope along with the tenth lord, the native may excel in religious publishing. The placement of Mercury in this house makes the native an earnest devotee while the placement of Venus enables the native to receive great knowledge. The relation of Venus with this house provides vehicles to the native. The presence of Ketu, the mokshakaraka planet, helps the native to detach the mind from physical self and attain super-consciousness.

The ninth house denotes long journeys such as air travel and voyages. This house is influenced by foreigners and the travel to distant lands is beneficial, if the ninth lord is favorably placed. This house also represents the brother’s wife and the wife’s sister. If more planets are placed in the ninth house, the native will search for a meaningful life and will be inclined towards adventure, travelling and knowledge of foreign cultures. Thus, the ninth house is extremely important for anyone because it denotes the capacity to grow on the path of intrinsic worth.

8th house

8th House of Horoscope
The eighth house is called the house of longevity or the ‘Aayusthan’. It represents death, reasons of death and rebirth. It pinpoints the nature of native’s death. It is also the house of anxieties, fears and insecurities in life. Our greatest strength is our biggest weakness too. We are scared to lose our most precious belongings. This house is the sector of rejuvenation and transformation. The eighth house explores these issues. This house determines the unexpected ups and downs in life. Mars is the ruler of this house.

While determining the longevity of the native, the first and the third houses of the horoscope should also be scrutinized. The eighth house indicates whether the death of the native will be natural or unnatural like by suicide, accident, fire, drowning, murder etc. For calculating the timing of death, the study of the second and the seventh houses need to be done properly. Jupiter’s connection with the eighth house gives the native a peaceful death. Mars may cause death through fire or inflammations or diseases in the bladder. The influence of Saturn gives death through rheumatism and bone problems. This house tells about the secret things in life like hidden affairs, crime, revenge, addiction to drugs and bad deeds.

But the eighth house is not all about negativity only. The other issues that are governed by this house are wills, legacies, divorce settlements, stock dividends and royalties. It tells about the benefits to be received through the partner, probability of inheriting wealth and property, insurance, gratuity, bonus, sudden windfall gains and underground wealth. It points towards the money that may come without putting in much effort.

The eighth house also deals with our psychological abilities and interest in occult studies. The placement of the planets here make the native delve deep to know about the paranormal. It arouses the native’s interest in mystic subjects like astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot card reading and psychology. The native goes through sufferings and humiliations in life and thus become sensitive enough to understand the pain and agony of others. It pushes the mind to search the truth of life.

Saturn is the significator of this house as it represents loss and grief. The painful and unexpected events in life builds up the fighting spirit of most people and the good aspects on this house helps the native to liberate from emotional pain. It focuses on the maturity of mindset by teaching that unless one overcomes one’s fears, there is no smooth road ahead. One should always remember that this house leads us to the ninth house, which is the house of religion and destiny. Thus, only by surpassing fear and death, one can attain the essence of spirituality.

7th House

7th House of Horoscope
The seventh house of the horoscope probably plays the most significant role in shaping the destiny of an individual. Why? Because ninety percent happiness of the native depends on the kind of spouse one gets. They say that marriages are made in heaven, but problematic married relationship can make one feel the environs of hell. It is everyone’s dream to get a beautiful/handsome life partner. But not everyone’s lucky to get the spouse of his/her choice.

The seventh house determines marriage and life mate. The planet of marriage for every female is Jupiter and for every male is Venus. The benefic placement of these planets in the horoscopes of women and men respectively boosts the seventh sector of your chart. The lord of the seventh house and its placement in the horoscope indicates about the nature, body complexion, education, parental background and dreams of your would-be spouse.

If the seventh lord and Venus are placed in benefic signs, without affliction, the native will get extremely gorgeous wife, who will be emotionally attached to him. For women, if the seventh lord has auspicious aspect of Jupiter and the placement of the seventh lord is in exalted state or propitious houses, she will get a soul mate. If the malefic planets are positioned in the seventh house or aspect it, there are chances of having disenchantment with partner after marriage. If the seventh lord is debilitated, the native may face bad weather in marriage. The seventh lord aspecting the seventh house gives harmonious conjugal life. The transit of Jupiter, the seventh lord and the planets that aspect this house; create the favorable time for marriage during their periods, sub-periods and sub-sub-periods.

The seventh house also represents the business partners and associates. Only those natives are astrologically advised to enter into partnerships for business, whose seventh lord and seventh house are free from severe afflictions. This house represents the investments that you make in your professional and personal life. The connection of the seventh and the ninth houses take the personal bonding and business association to great heights.

The seventh house represents relationships, sexual desires, short journeys and collaborations. It influences the abdominal organs of the body like prostrate and urinary tract. If the seventh house lord is afflicted and situated in the sixth house, i.e. twelfth from that house, serious differences may crop up in the married life. These differences can even end in separation or divorce. In the sphere of business partnerships, the native in such case may be duped by the other partners. There are chances of business partnerships getting embroiled in legal fights and debts.

The remedy to ward-off the bad results of a week seventh house is to worship sincerely and regularly by concentrating on one’s dear God and by chanting His mantra.

6th House

6th House of Horoscope
The sixth house of the horoscope is one of the ‘Trik’ house i.e. the combination of three tough houses viz. 6th, 8th and 12th houses. It deals with three most important issues in the life of the native. Although some astrologers call it a bad house, yet it shapes the destiny of the individual by making him/her undergo tests of life. This house is called the house of diseases, enemies and debts. All these three things are unwanted by anyone, so the overall effect of this house is dreaded. On the positive side, the challenges thrown by this house make the individual a tough nut to crack.

The importance of health is supreme in any individual’s life. When diseases invade our body, we are left half performing in our professional life. The position of the lord of the sixth house is not the only factor to be looked upon to evaluate this issue. If the lord of the ascendant gets placed in the sixth house, it causes health problems to the native. It throws light on the kind of diseases that may disturb the native during the periods and sub-periods of the planets that have negative influence on this house.

The sixth house indicates about the enemies of the native. If the lord of the sixth house is weak or badly placed; if the malefic planets are placed there or aspect this house, the native would not have any dearth of enemies. And if benefic planets correlate with this house, there are chances that either there will be very few enemies or they may be dealt with easily. The badly afflicted sixth house hinders the prosperity of the tenth house or profession as it the destiny planet of that house. Mars governs the sixth house. It displays the fighting spirit in dealing with enemies.

The sixth house is also called the house of debts. Sometimes, loans are essential to do auspicious works like making a house, marrying the children, sending them abroad for education purpose and to start or expand the business. But if the placement of planets associated with this house is unfavorable, the native spends the lifetime in repaying the loan. Since this is the house of diseases, it signifies if the loans will be needed for medical purposes as well.

The sixth house represents distant relatives, employees and pets. Mars and Saturn are the main indicators of this house. The body part governed by this house is intestines. Everything is not bad here. Some good yogas are also associated with it. If the lords of the ‘Dusthanas’ i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th houses are placed in any of these three houses, yogas like ‘Harsh, Saral and Vimal Vipreet Rajyogas’ are formed.

5th House

5th House of Horoscope
The fifth house of the horoscope underlines the brain power, wisdom, penetrating insight and judgment capability of the native. It indicates about the scope of getting higher education and scholarships. It tells about one’s capability to express views and inner self in front of others. This house determines the education of the native. It tells the level of studies that the native can obtain and whether or not there will be interruptions in the studies. It is the house of our creativity. The natives with very strong fifth houses generally reach the high echelons of governmental offices. It also tells about the role of teachers in the native’s life.

The second aspect that this house determines is the progeny or children of the native. The chances of the child birth at the appropriate time become more if 5th cusp occupies fruitful signs like Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Opposite results emerge out if the 5th cusp falls in barren signs like Virgo, Leo and Aries. The chances of child birth diminish if the lord of fifth house is posited in the barren signs. If the lord of the fifth house is afflicted or malefic planets are placed there, there could be miscarriages and delays before the birth of the child. Mind games like chess and video games are the zone of this house.

The fifth house also depicts your emotions as it is the house of romantic relationships. It reveals the romantic urge of the native. If the fifth lord has some intrinsic connection with the second and seventh houses and their lords, the chances of love marriage becomes strong. Most romantic relationships lead to marriage or passionate bonding. Love leads to sex and sex opens the doors of new creation i.e. progeny. Thus this house has lot to do with the creation of new life force.

It has been granted a high status along with the ascendant and the ninth house. All three of them form ‘Trikona’. Fifth house is ninth from the ninth house and ninth house is fifth from the fifth house. This way fifth house becomes the destiny lord of ninth house and called ‘Mahabhagya’. The placement of the fifth lord and its connection with benefics and lords of 2nd, 9th and 11th houses create money-making yogas.

The fifth house also governs speculation, shares, lotteries etc. It throws light on the attainment of assets or money through wife as it the eleventh house from the spouse’s house. The body parts ruled by the fifth house are stomach, liver, heart, pancreas and gall bladder. It covers the digestive organs and system of the body. The bad placement of the lord of this house creates health problems like digestive disorders, stomach problems, miscarriages, abortions etc.

4th House

4th House of Horoscope
The fourth house of the horoscope is very important because it is the house of mother. This house is associated with Goddess Parvati as well as the native’s mother. The ruling planet of this house is Moon, which represents the mother in astrology. It is said that God could not be everywhere and so he made mothers. Mother acts as our angelic guardian. Moon and Venus are the significators of the fourth house.

The fourth house predicts the native’s relationship with mother and the luck related to her. The native benefits from the mother if the lord of the fourth house is strongly placed and well aspected by the benefic planets. Sometimes, the lord of the fourth house sits in houses of miseries or is badly afflicted by the malefic planets. In such cases, the native is deprived of the love and protective care of mother. Strong fourth house indicates good health of mother while weak lord indicates problems to her on health grounds. It also indicates how much inheritance the native will gain from mother. It throws light on the maternal relations.

The fourth house is a significator of property and lands. It indicates how much property the native can generate in his lifetime, either through inheritance or through self efforts. It indicates all types of property like immovable assets and buildings; commercial and residential property; lands and farms; flats and bungalows. The strong position of the lord of the fourth house helps the native to buy property and lands while the badly placed or afflicted fourth lord may force the native to sell property or the native incurs heavy losses in regard to these matters. It also indicates whether the native will live in a small house or a big mansion.

The fourth house represents the vehicles as well. It indicates whether or not the native will own automobiles. The strong position of the fourth lord and planets placed there bestow the native with luxury vehicles. In weak fourth house horoscope, the native has to spend a lot of money on the maintenance of the conveyance and heavy expenditure related to these.

This house represents the primary education of the native as well. It is also the house of scriptures, astrology and occult sciences. The body parts represented by the fourth house are blood vessels, lungs, stomach, chest, heart, diaphragm and right part of the body. In general, fourth house is the house of overall happiness of the native. It portrays the relationships with other members of the family. It represents family traditions and culture. This is also the house of masses. It explains our relationship with the public.

3rd House

3rd House of Horoscope
The third house is called the ‘Prakarma Sthana’. It is the house of valor, aggression and ego. It reveals the native’s strength of mind. It tells whether the native will be brave or coward. It determines whether we will be able to distinguish self respect from false pride. It shows whether we would be able to stand up to the challenges and adversities that the rivals or the life throw at us. It determines our standing ability against pulls and pressures by others. It depicts characteristics like selfishness, aggression and lust.

The third house of the horoscope is also called the house of communication, written as well as verbal. It holds the portfolio of communications and media. This house has an intrinsic connection with the imagination and intelligence of the native. It tells about the native’s analytical ability, grasping power and feasible responsiveness to sudden situations. It moulds our thoughts and speech. It administers the skills of language, writing, editing, speaking, reading, thinking and conducting researches. It also depicts early education.

The third house decides our traveling. It determines the travels we will undertake, either for business purposes or for adventure or tourism. It also plays a role in calculating the religious tourism as it is posted opposite to the house of religion . Among the body parts, it governs throat, neck, shoulders, right ear, bones and upper limbs.

The third house is the cadent house. It also informs about the longevity of the native. It has a great role in determining our environment and neighborhood. It determines the relationship of the native with community and neighbors. It shows our inclinations and interests, hobbies and activities we really enjoy doing, like interest in sports and athletics or pursuing writing.

The third house is related to siblings. It throws a hint about how many brothers or sisters the native is going to have in life. It also shapes the native’s relationship with siblings. The placement of the lord of the third house and the position and aspects of the planets in this house decides our bonding or hostile relationship with our siblings, cousins, neighbors etc. It also points towards our coworkers, colleagues and fellow students.

The planetary indicators of this house are Mars and Mercury. Mars lords over bravery, aggression and competitive spirit, while Mercury rules over communication skills and inquisitiveness. The other aspects covered here are marketing and promotion; public relations; presentation of ideas and schemes; commerce and sales; agreements and contracts. The third house is sixth from the tenth house, the house of profession and indicates struggles in professional life. It is seventh from the ninth house and thus indicates about luck and higher studies. The third house gives good results if its lord is not placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses.