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Sun in Pisces

The natives with Sun in Pisces are characterized by virtues like sympathy, kindness and sacrifice. They are known as eternal dreamers. They like to inhabit in the world of their dreams and illusions. They are keen to connect with paranormal world. They have a lot of faith in religion and God. They are very compassionate and help the unfortunate people to come out of their bad spell. They have a vibrant imagination which helps them excel in creative fields. They make good actors, musicians and painters. They can also become great healers, priests and doctors. They have weak constitution and should guard themselves from tuberculosis.

The natives with Sun in Pisces are able to develop close bond with other people due to their poignant outlook. They are not interested in judging other people; they accept them with their strengths and weaknesses. They prove to be very efficient peacemakers as they love people and understand their emotions. They want to win over others by love, not by fights. They trust others blindly due to which others want to fool them sometimes. They are sympathetic towards all living creatures and can feel their pain.

The natives with Sun in Pisces are prone to laziness. Their blind trust on others makes them the victim of deceit as selfish people crush their kindness after getting the work done. Confidence and self-discipline are not their assets. They take the resort of self-pitying rather than changing the unfavorable circumstances for the better. Sometimes they isolate themselves from their surroundings and become inaccessible to others.
The natives with Sun in Pisces are very good lovers. They are forever ready to do something novel for their lover and sacrifice their happiness for the sake of their partner. They close their eyes on the shortcomings of their partner. They shower love on their children and encourage them to be more creative and expressive.

Sun in Aquarius

The natives with Sun in Aquarius are determined but unconventional and unpredictable. They are packed with a lot of ideas but are not good at presenting their views. They have good intellect which makes them good inventors and helps them to explore new things. They are always eager to use the newest technology and gadgets. They are friendly with people and enthrall others with their communication skills. They are very inclined towards spirituality and enlightenment. They can very quickly orient themselves in new jobs or businesses.

The natives with Sun in Aquarius have strength of will to create their own course, even if it means breaking the conventions or ties of the past. They go by the voice of their head rather than following their heart. They are fair and impartial in judging the people and circumstances. Once they make up their mind about something, they are not ready to budge from their position. They are interested in participating in public forums and donning the role of coordinator and administrator.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are stubborn and have inflexible attitude. The bluntness in their speech turns people away from them. They are not ready to leave their security zone in order to achieve something new. Their lack of seriousness and freedom-loving nature alienates other people. They are not ready to accept the opinions of other people once they have decided on something. Sometimes, they don’t practice what they preach.

The natives with Sun in Aquarius look for a good-looking partner. They want a partner who is fun-loving and who can endure their mood swings and unpredictable behavior. They are attracted to one who comes up with innovative ideas. Family is very important in their scheme of things and children are very dear to them. They want their children to be aware of advanced technologies.

Sun in Capricorn

The natives with Sun in Capricorn have great hopes about future as they are not very contented with their present. They have a strong competitive spirit. They have the tenacity to rise from their defeats and crush their obstacles. They are hardworking, avid listeners, modest and prudent. They try to keep their calm in difficult situations and avoid getting embroiled in clashes and controversies. They achieve their goals persistently because they value the importance of time. They follow the family traditions and rituals, even if they are personally not in favor of them. They are guided by their intellect, not by their senses.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are too serious in temperament. They are not gifted with sense of humor but they are honest, sensitive and speak in measured words. They are the ones who like to perform silently. They are passionate about earning more money and attaining material possessions. They happily carry the responsibilities of family or profession on their shoulders, without getting perturbed. It seems they are always in control of the situations. They like to work in a disciplined way by calculating their each and every move.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn have very few negative traits. Their persona is characterized by serious and restrained temperament. They lack sense of humor. It makes them dull and boring in eyes of other people. Sometimes, they are too concerned about following the traditions and adopt inflexible attitude if others don’t cooperate. They are prone to the diseases of digestive system, intestines, constipation, cold and cough.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are very practical in matters of love. For them, their love life should not interfere with their professional life. Their suspicious nature sometimes creates misunderstanding with their partner. Their marriage is stable as they are ready to help and forgive. The well-being of their children is their priority.

Sun in Sagittarius

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius are the conscience keepers of the society. They are honest, impartial and charitable. They are very courteous and gracious in dealing with people and know how to win the hearts of people. They like to travel and explore new things. They strike a good note with others due to their sense of humor and friendly expressions. They set goals for themselves, which they pursue ambitiously. They never forget the good deeds done by others.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius are kind-hearted. They forgive others for their mistakes and forget the unpleasant episodes. They become very good managers because they can understand the aspirations and problems of their colleagues and subordinates. They can excel in the fields of law, education, spiritualism and psychology. They don’t want to let go their liberty of action. They dream of doing something great and the best thing about them is that failure and disappointments cannot suppress their spirit.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius lose self-control when they feel that their pride is hurt. Sometimes, they are unable to draw a line between self respect and arrogance. They are fond of rich food and wine, which often creates problems for their health. Unwarranted alcohol consumption and overeating creates health problems like rheumatism, arthritis, salt deposits, pulmonary diseases, blood related problems, nervous system and liver disorder.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius don’t gel well with dominating people. They get pleasure from companionship, but not at the cost of their independence. They exercise restraint in matters of love. They want a partner who has a sense of humor and with whom they can share their vision and goals. They cannot withstand the criticism from their partner. They have an inherent desire to become an example and motivating figure in the eyes of their children.

Sun in Scorpio

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are very strong in character. They are generous, unambiguous and compassionate. They do everything with enthusiasm and underline their individuality. They don’t like being compared with others. They lose patience if they find others to be complacent in performing their duties. They defend their viewpoints rudely and lose their patience when they are hurt. It is difficult to understand them as they don’t let others to peep inside their inner self. They develop sense of ownership over those who are closed to them.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio can become very good surgeons, scientists, detectives and researchers. They are not scared to do things that other people are generally afraid of. They have highly developed sixth sense and intuitive powers. They give their best in all their relationships and expect others to behave in the same way. They like mysteries, displaying innate interest in hidden things and secrets. They are more prone to skepticism than idealism.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are ruthless, cruel and merciless on their enemies. If they are offended, they wait for the opportune time when they can strike back. They never forget the insults hurled on them and rarely forgive the wrongdoer. They can turn out to be fanatics in some cases. They have passion for fights and clashes. They sometimes are inconsiderate towards others’ feelings, which drive people away from them. They need to learn the art of self-restraint. They should be attentive towards health problems like infections, allergies, fractures, hemorrhoids, heart diseases, throat diseases and alcoholism.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are passionate lovers. They either love someone intensely or do not show interest at all. They will give their best to nurture a relationship but they won’t look back after they break up with someone. The one thing that they can’t forgive in a relationship is infidelity. They want their children to become self-dependent.

Sun in Libra

Sun gets debilitated in Libra. The natives with Sun in Libra are honest, well-dressed and tactful. They are guided by their intellect and are very good communicators. They give more importance to aesthetics, civilized manners and perfect dress sense. They like to look their best from tip to toe. Everything has to be pleasing to their eyes. They are sociable but maintain distance from people. They are adept at reconciliation and thus prove to be very competent interlocutors. They get satisfaction in portraying the roles of counselors and negotiators. They are the first to say sorry if they realize that they have done anything wrong.

The natives with Sun in Libra create a harmonious atmosphere around them because of their pleasing and relaxed nature. They enjoy the successes of others, which makes them endearing to all. They look for spiritual learning and personal development. They can mould themselves according to the needs of other people. They believe in winning over others with charm rather than using force. They don’t like fanaticism or lurking in the extremes.
The natives with Sun in Libra often lack in concentration. When their mental balance is disturbed, they commit a lot of mistakes in frustration. They become too dependent on others while making crucial decisions. They often get carried by the sensual pleasures.

The natives with Sun in Libra are the lovers of beauty, which they yearn for in their partner. They like to flirt which sometimes leads to intimacy. They are romantic at heart and want their partner to be equally passionate in love. They look for a partner who is on equal wavelength with them in matters of emotional bonding, physical love and intellectuality. They want their partner to be decent, sharp-witted, well turned-out and worthy of note. They want their children to be brought up with comforts and independence.

Sun in Virgo

The natives with Sun in Virgo always vie for knowledge, security and inner peace. They are very determined to finish the task in hand before moving on to the next assignment. They speak less and work more. For them, life is duty first and enjoyment later. They are humble, practical, hardworking and workaholics. They are the ones who will buy cheaper things rather than taking loans to satisfy their needs. They are sensitive to unconstructive criticism. They are not inclined to take risks. They are very balanced in self-assessment.

The natives with Sun in Virgo shine in businesses or even jobs, owing to their exceptional managerial skills and diligent approach. Instead of delegating work to others, they prefer to do it themselves as they are very convinced about their working style. They like to pay attention to the minutest of details before proceeding to execute the task. They are very concerned about their diet, hygiene and health. They get irritated by others’ impoliteness, insensitivity, vulgarity and unhygienic disposition.

The natives with Sun in Virgo are not very self-confident. They sometimes give undue importance to unimportant tasks. They are very fussy about cleanliness and dietary rules which irritates others. They come down heavily on those who don’t work according to their set plan. They have weak intestines and digestive organs and are prone to health problems like vomiting, dysentery, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn etc.

The natives with Sun in Virgo are very practical in matters of love too. Their idea of love is mutual support and compatibility. They have less or no fascination for romance. The things that they look in their partner are good character and financial independence. They demand fidelity from their partner and are ready to part ways if things don’t work well. They are the ones who prefer divorce to regular conflicts in marriage.

Sun in Leo

Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac sign. Sun in Leo is like a King sitting in his palace. The natives with Sun in Leo are quintessential leaders. They are the center of attraction in the public places. They are strong-minded, decisive, logical and self-assured about their strengths. They maintain calmness even in the trickiest of situations. Their greatest strength is their organizational ability and they know how to get the work done from their team.

The natives with Sun in Leo mesmerize the crowds with their magnetic persona. They grab a lot of attention and people love to listen to them. They are very generous but it is difficult to defeat them in arguments or debates. They are freedom-loving people and can remain happy in professions where they can exercise full control. They are not ready to stand in the last row or become someone’s followers. They like to dream big and go after their goals with firmness of action and enthusiasm.

The natives with Sun in Leo are not able to withstand criticism. They are sometimes ruthless in exercising their powers. They may forgive someone’s offense but they will not forget it. They are not very punctual and their lethargic attitude does a lot of harm to them. Since they are always surrounded by lots of people, they should become more adept in differentiating between true admirers and sycophants.

The natives with Sun in Leo are bighearted in matters of love. They are very loving, caring and affectionate. They don’t like to lose self-esteem even in the matters of heart and love. What they demand from their partner is absolute loyalty. They fall in love with the idea of romance. They protect their lover and family like a lion protects his cubs. They don’t like to spoil their children. They have a strong constitution which is resistant to diseases. Still, they should protect themselves from blood and heart related diseases.

Sun in Cancer

The natives with Sun in Cancer are dual-minded in moving on in life. On the one hand they want to move ahead, while they don’t want to part away with the secure zone. They are introverted and find it challenging to gel with others. They keep distance from the strangers but are always ready to lend a helping hand to their friends. They prefer to harp on the glories of the past rather than marching ahead with changing times. They are affable, tactful and punctual.

The natives with Sun in Cancer are blessed with good memory and intuitive powers. They are able to comprehend the minds of other people. They are the ones who get sentimental after listening to a song or gulping a peg of whiskey. They are very judgmental in analyzing the weaknesses of other people. They are affectionate and like to spend time with family. They like outstation trips but they can’t remain without family for long. They like to indulge in vocations that are useful for the society. They are very compassionate about other people’s needs.

In love, the natives with Sun in Cancer give utmost importance to the emotional bonding. Their lover has to win their heart in order to take the relationship ahead. They want their partner to be loyal and humble. They may be docile outside, but at home they like to assert their authority. They shine in the vocations where they are allowed to showcase their creativity. They excel in music, acting and other such arts.

The natives with Sun in Cancer feel neglected if others don’t pamper them. Their statute is frail and they are often attacked by the diseases of digestive system. They are also prone to self-pitying if they feel like neglected. They feel uneasy in breaking the chains of the past. They are guided by emotions, rather than logic. They often succumb to mood swings.

Sun in Gemini

The natives with Sun in Gemini are temperamental, sociable and lively. They are excellent orators and people love to listen to them. They have mastery over language and are voracious readers. They are always curious about learning something new. They like to mingle with strangers and increase their contacts. They turn out to be very proficient analysts, translators, commentators and entrepreneurs. They often come up with visionary ideas and extraordinary solutions for the long-standing problems.

They are not cut-out for long term relationships. They are not ready to wait for long to marry. They want to straightway tie the knot if they like someone, rather than spending some time to know more about their partner. This attitude makes their relationships unsteady and people find it difficult to repose faith on them.

The natives with Sun in Gemini are like children. They want to explore new things, play games and attend parties. They find it difficult to focus on one thing or work for long. Their curiosity and restlessness pushes them to try something new every time. They are intellectually stimulated and very creative. They can become good writers, lecturers and spokesperson because they convey their views in an interesting and captivating manner.

The natives with Sun in Gemini are also known for evading responsibilities. Their habit of jumping to new assignment without completing the current task makes them unreliable in eyes of other people. They tend to ignore the needs of other people. They are unable to connect with others emotionally. They are not adept at self-restraining and are susceptible to display of possessions. They need to discipline themselves to attain the confidence of friends and supporters. They need to shun reckless spending. They need to safeguard themselves from diseases of nervous system, respiratory system, lungs and bronchitis.