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Sun in 12th House

Sun in the twelfth house enters into the domain of spirituality and consciousness. It makes the natives to dive deeply in the ocean of unworldly pursuits. They become less concentrated on attaining material comforts and more inclined towards growing as good human beings. They are worried more about their inner wellness. They get interested in learning about the occult and mystical subjects like astrology and related sciences. They want to learn more about how the universal forces work and how human destiny is altered by the result of their action, reaction or inaction. They want to unlock the doors of human psyche.

The natives with Sun in the twelfth house are adept in maintaining the balance between income and expenditure. They want to gain wealth and luxuries but that is not the sole or primary concern of their life. They are ahead of others in maturity and learning. They don’t make friendships just to enhance their social circle. They can comfortably interact with those people only with whom they can connect spiritually or intellectually. They want to dwell away from the limelight where there are no interferences in their schedule. They prove to be compassionate listeners and talented counselors.

Sun in the twelfth house gives favorable results in few conditions only as it is called a ‘dusthana’ or the house of expenditure. If the twelfth lord is Leo or there are positive aspects on the twelfth lord and Sun, the natives will enjoy the pleasures of bed. They will develop love for God. They may gain wealth through journeys. But, if the twelfth house is disturbed astrologically, the natives will incur loss of wealth. They may develop bitter relations with people in authority. They may suffer from diseases like appendicitis and leprosy. They may be deprived of physical pleasures and may be childless.

Sun in 9th House

Sun in the Ninth house makes the native hardworking, tolerant and disciplined. They, however, get so carried away with the thought of self discipline that they start inflicting self torture. Their quest for attaining a secure financial position pushes them to suppress their social network and personal gratification. The childhood may bring some problem to the father of the native. Either their father may suffer from a long illness or may be short-lived. The native may fail to get any heritance which may cause them mental pain because they are primarily concerned about their financial security. They may encounter problems related to their taxes, shares and bonds, insurance policies and the money they give to others or take from them.

The natives with Sun in the Ninth house have a serious approach towards life. They are sincere and determined but sometimes they adopt inflexible attitude and rigid approach. This drifts them away from other people. It brings troubles to them in their professional arena as well as in personal life. Sun here may drag them hard to teach them a good lesson in life. Negativity is the word such natives need to watch out for and try to remove from their life. The pessimism that dwells in them causes despair to their family members, friends and spouse.

Sun in the Ninth house is said to bestow the native with painful death. There are no fixed principles, yet it signifies that such natives have to overcome their internal strife to maintain their emotional and physical health. They may die at a distant place, far away from their native place or home. Such natives can prosper only by accepting the law of the Nature and enjoying all its seasons, by accepting the good and learning from the bad. They must shed their rigidity and accept that only one thing is fixed and that is ‘change’.

Sun in 8th House

Sun in the eighth house instills wisdom and positive approach in the native. Eighth house has a deep impact on one’s life and Sun’s placement here makes the native to view life from the prism of mystery and divinity. They adopt humanitarian approach towards others and wish to add something positive to the society. Their imagination runs deep and they contemplate on issues like death, consciousness and the eternal truth. Their investigative and research-oriented approach makes them shine in professions like shares business. They spare a lot of time to polish their inner knowledge. They attain benefit from the government and get powerful position in their organization.

Sun in the eighth house generates the interest of the native in subjects related to human psyche and paranormal activity. They may learn the art of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra. They study astrology and its allied subjects to know more about the people around them. They do research work in science and religion to demystify the hidden secrets and using them in the pursuit of human happiness. The powerful placement of Sun and the eighth lord brings inheritance and sudden windfalls to the native. They may get property from an issueless couple.

Sun in the eighth house causes friction in family and bad relations between the father and the son if Sun is weak or afflicted here. Their feet are always moving from one place to another. They may change jobs or shift residence without any hitch. They are not averse to settling abroad if it satisfies their intellectual and financial dreams. They need to guard themselves against head injuries and chronic ailments. The eighth house denotes longevity and powerful Sun here enhances the life span of the native. If the Sun is debilitated or afflicted here, the native may suffer from defective eye sight, loss of money, loss of longevity and misunderstanding with the friends.

Sun in 7th House

Sun in the seventh house throws a great deal of light on the married life of the native. The good placement of Sun here blesses the native with affectionate spouse. The spouse may be a good professional or a government employee. The native will enjoy blissful and intimate conjugal relationship with the partner. They remain dedicated and faithful towards their partner. They have strong and dominating personality but they are not impulsive. They look forward to establish peace and harmony in the society and rule the hearts of people with love and not with force. They make their presence felt in both higher and lower sections of the society.

Sun in the seventh house radiates the personality of the native with enthusiasm and positive thinking. They shine in the public relations department because they have the power to convince others. They are most sought after in both formal and informal gatherings. They prove to be noble counselors and help people in times of distress. But if Sun is afflicted in seventh house, the native may develop fanatical tendencies. They stick to their ideology and may try to divide people on some issue, may be related to politics, religion or sports.

Sun in the seventh house doesn’t always give favorable results. If Sun is debilitated or afflicted here and if the lord of the seventh house is also weak, the native faces problems in marriage. The native may get married very late. They may not be respectful towards their spouse. They may have illicit relationships with many women. They may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. They may suffer humiliation on account of their misdeeds related to women. Seventh house determines the success or failure in business partnerships. Good placement of Sun will help in stabilizing business and gain through it, while bad placement may rob the native of their money or land in business partnerships.

Sun in 6th House

Sun in the sixth house makes the native sincere, hard working, determined and aggressive. They look for perfection in every work and come across as strict and demanding bosses. They are respected for their industrious temperament, while they are also criticized for being too harsh and adamant in dealing with their colleagues and subordinates. Sun in sixth house prevails over enemies. They are very sensitive to the criticism by others. They need to guard themselves against arrogance. They should realize that nothing is perfect in the world and people do commit mistakes, unintentionally. The need is to understand the emotions of others and help them overcome their weaknesses.

Sun in the sixth house makes the natives very conscious about their image in public. They want their work to be appreciated by others. They plan things properly before working on a new assignment. Once they chart out their course, they remain focused and immersed in it. Challenges and difficulties motivate them rather than pushing them down. They display exceptional leadership qualities in tough times. Their desire to serve people guides them to become social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers etc. They give importance to their health and involve themselves in regular physical regimen like yoga, pranayam, jogging, exercising, gym and weight training.

Sun in the sixth house blesses the native with good health if it is exalted, well deposited and if the lord of the sixth house is benefic, strong and placed in a good house. On the contrary, weak Sun in sixth house creates health problems, especially related to eyes, and forces the native to spend his/her money in paying the medical bills. They may face problems from the enemies but ultimately they triumph over them. They believe in the power of chanting of spiritual texts and mantras. The bad placement of Sun here creates problems for the maternal relations of the native and puts the native under the burden of loans.

Sun in 5th House

Sun in the fifth house gives excellent academic skills and intellect to the native. This is the house of education and Sun here infuses the spirit to excel in studies, especially examinations. It has a vociferous impact on their consciousness and they get inclined to do research work in spiritual studies. They are the ones who are passionate about attaining first position in their class or getting awards in the competitions. They, however, lack in working with team spirit. Their individualistic style, even in the group works, creates imbalance and dissonance. They become rigid in following the schedule set by them.

Sun in the fifth house makes the natives original thinkers. They are driven by the desire to impress others with their innovative ideas. They can excel in varied subjects, ranging from science to pure arts. Their fields of interest are literature, medical studies, numerology and statistics. They attain expertise in various subjects and multi-tasking, which makes them important members of their organization. They are creative but they tend to show-off their knowledge by demeaning others. If the Sun is exalted here, the jewels of wisdom flow from their mouth and they can captivate others by giving spiritual discourses.

Sun in the fifth house plays an important role in shaping the destiny of the children of the native. The exalted Sun gives happiness to the native on account of their progeny. Their children take forward the name and fame of their ancestors. The fifth house is ninth from the ninth house, thus becoming the super destiny house. The strong fifth house lord and exalted Sun here makes the native renowned in educational field and they may get national and international awards, like Nobel Prize, for showing a new path to the world. But if the Sun is debilitated or afflicted here, the native may be childless or may suffer on account of children and lack of education.

Sun in 4th House

The natives with Sun in the fourth house are deeply rooted to their family, especially their mother. They are the followers of their family traditions, culture and mythological studies. Their primary goal is to make the life of their family members comfortable and tension-free. The exalted Sun in fourth house gives big home, many vehicles and luxuries to the native. They are very affluent and leave huge wealth behind for their children. The presence of Mercury in the fourth or tenth house makes them very successful businessmen, while the presence of Jupiter here bestows them riches through the business of jewelry.

The natives with Sun in the fourth house can take the wrong side of the law if Sun is debilitated here. They may indulge in immoral acts like theft and afflicted Sun can make the native impotent and weak. Benefic Sun in the fourth House gives immense respect and recognition in the society. They live a disciplined life right from their childhood and devote a lot of their time in studies. The native, through his/her good acts, brings laurels to the family. Their mind is structured towards fame and glory, which they want to achieve with self-efforts.

The natives with Sun in the fourth house are imposing in their thoughts and actions. Once they stick to a belief, they don’t budge from their stand in spite of pulls and pressures. They can’t be restricted to doing a single work all their life. They want to explore new fields of work and try their hand at different businesses to get more profit. And, they generally succeed in their endeavors. They don’t hesitate to move away from their home or native place in order to make their mark in their career. Spiritual conquests are like oxygen for them and they follow this path to grow as a good human being.

Sun in 3rd House

The natives with Sun in the third house are known for their valor and risk taking abilities. They are inherently strong and composed. They believe in empowering themselves as well as others, because for them life is of no use if others crush you under their feet. Since they are fearless, they are also optimistic towards life. Their wisdom is highlighted in their speech and they talk only at the opportune moment. They always hone their communication skills, though they may not excel in formal education. They prefer learning to degrees. Great athletes and sportsperson emerge from this placement of Sun.

The natives with Sun in the third house prove their mettle in the field of media and communications. They can write exceptionally well and can become renowned journalists and writers. They opt for career in traveling, hospitality sector, news channels, advertisement industry and public relations department. If Sun is exalted in the third house, the native may be blessed with adoring siblings. They become very possessive about their brothers/sisters and become father figure to the younger ones. If Sun gets debilitated, they may develop animosity towards their siblings and compete with them. Weak placement of Sun here makes the natives indecisive and they may lack courage and stamina.

The natives with Sun in the third house gain from their brothers/sisters if the lord of the third house is well placed. In case of the badly placed or afflicted third lord, they may lose their mother and their father may remarry. The strong placement of Sun here brings fame and fortune to the natives as this house is opposite to the house of destiny, while afflicted Sun can make the natives intolerant and cruel. They have forgiving nature and are liked by the members of opposite sex. They conquer their enemies and go for pilgrimages.

Sun in 2nd House

The natives with Sun in the second house crave for learning in life. They are interested in literature, science and poetry. They are willing to lead a disciplined and regimented life. The presence of Sun in the second house fattens up the wallet of the native. If the Sun is exalted here, the native receives money from different sources. New channels of fiscal benefit open up and bring opulence and assets to the native. They seek to attain financial independence so that they can let the liquidity flow like liquid to attain material comforts. The native faces financial hardships and setbacks if the Sun gets debilitated or badly afflicted in this house of finance.

The natives with Sun in the second house are first-rate speakers. They have good command over the subject as well as the language. Their leaning towards scientific research enables them to leave their imprint in the field of education. They speak with authority, which sometimes is perceived as harsh language. They live up to their words and fulfill their promises. There are chances that they may receive inheritance or a financial windfall through sheer luck. They care a lot about their relationships because they believe that a happy family life is the necessary ingredient of the recipe of bliss.

The natives with Sun in the second house may suffer from the diseases of mouth if Sun is afflicted or debilitated here. They may face the wrath of the government in relation to monetary factors like taxation. If the lord of the second house is placed well and Sun is strong in the horoscope, the native has deep knowledge of ancient scriptures, astrology and astronomy. The native is blessed with good eye sight and talks clearly, without stammering. Their neighbors are helpful and servants faithful. They are widely respected for their good judgment.

Sun in 1st House

The natives with Sun in the first house are blessed with a dynamic and passionate persona. They display the leadership qualities from their childhood itself. They are the ones who bully other children in school or playground. When they grow up, an aura of confidence surrounds their personality. Their self-confidence also makes them egocentric and they become the puppet of their whims and fancies. They like to give orders and don’t accept the supremacy of others. If they control their emotions and shed their ego, they can provide valuable leadership in society, politics or in their chosen field.

The natives with Sun in the first house are very conscious about their image in public and do things that can make them the centre of attraction among people. They should avoid bossy attitude and learn to cooperate with their spouse and colleagues. The native is inclined towards spirituality, although the urge to attain materialistic comforts is too deep. They have tons of knowledge and wisdom; the only thing is that they should try to use it in the service of humankind rather than on self aggrandizement. They are strong-willed people who like to tread the path of morality rather than accepting the short term joys of sin.

The natives with Sun in the first house are healthy and charm others with their good and upright conduct. They may suffer from diseases related to eyes and acidity. They like to travel and spend a lot of their time away from home. They get a lot of name, fame and wealth if the Sun gets exalted in the first house. They become intelligent and speak wisely. If the Sun gets debilitated in the first house, the native will find utmost difficulty in gaining wealth and recognition in the society. They may also suffer from blindness. However, the bad effects are neutralized if Jupiter aspects the first house.