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Saturn in Pisces

The natives with Saturn in Pisces are sensitive but pragmatic. They are blessed with creative, spiritual and psychic abilities. They find security in religion. They are more tolerant than others can imagine. They are ready to sacrifice their possessions for the welfare of others. They find it intricate to become disciplined and organized. They get so absorbed in their work that they lose touch with people and things around them. Sometimes, their imagination gets blurred and they are not able to decide what is good for them and what is not. Their self-pitying nature makes them feel like a victim or a martyr in adverse situations.

The natives with Saturn in Pisces believe in the concept of destiny and rebirth and feel that their troubles in the present life have occurred as a result of the bad actions they might have committed in their past life. They believe that Saturn comes to take account of the seeds that they had sown in the previous lives. This line of thinking makes them sorrowful and glum. They perform well when they work behind the scenes, away from the limelight and public eye. They feel duty-bound to help those who are in any difficulty. They feel happy when they teach others on the basis of their individual experience.

The natives with Saturn in Pisces can make career in fields where extensive research is needed. They can excel in social work, medical field, teaching and religious pursuits. They need to overcome their mood swings and indecisiveness. Failure in professional endeavors makes them feel utterly depressed and helpless, which they can overcome by developing faith in the future. Their over-involvement in the sorrows and troubles of others adds to their cup of woes. Health wise, the feet and the foot bones may pose problems for them. Issues related to lymphatic system may also cause them pain. They need to go for walk regularly.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is in its own house in Aquarius. The natives with Saturn in Aquarius possess practical common sense. They get energy from their inner strength which comprises of faith and devotion. They are friendly towards others but they need to be more tolerant and understanding in dealing with people. They must develop sense of forgiving. They can think ahead of time and plan well for the contingencies. They look at things in a complete new way and come up with suggestions that change the equations dramatically. They are serious, detached and cold by temperament.

The natives with Saturn in Aquarius have a scientific and innovative mind. They are reliable and committed in friendships and relationships. They want to become sociable but find it difficult to connect emotionally with someone instantly. People keep them away as they ooze superiority complex. They need to accept their shortcomings and perk up their behavior to attract people and develop personal bonds. They need a forum where they can share their vision and ideas with others, however fanciful or pragmatic they may be. When they form their firm opinion on any issue, they become vindictive against those who oppose them.

The natives with Saturn in Aquarius need to apply their skills in practical applications. They need to be vigilant about health issues related to circulatory and nervous system. Problems in the circulatory system can produce life-threatening ailments. Snags in the nervous system can cause numbness and loss of vision. They prefer long term commitments in matters of love and marriage. They remain loyal towards their partner and make friends with someone with common interests. They have an intuitive mind and they think a lot about future. They take pride in the fact that they have immense knowledge of different subjects. They adopt moral approach towards life as they are spiritual and truth-seeking.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is in its own house in Capricorn. The natives with Saturn in Capricorn are ambitious and disciplined enough to succeed in life. Their patience and perseverance makes them cross the difficult barriers in life. They attain rewards in life as they never shy away from hard work. They take every duty seriously and relax only after fulfilling their responsibilities. They believe that life is not all about attaining happiness only. Difficulties and sufferings also serve a purpose by making us stronger and better human beings. They get so engrossed in their work that their life becomes ‘all work and no play’.
The natives with Saturn in Capricorn have the ability to convert abstract notions into tangible solutions. The feeling of lonesomeness and inadequacy induces them to focus on their work for a longer duration. They also work harder to gain prestige and social standing. They tempt to attain power at any cost and display selfishness in such matters. Their main focus is to take their career to greater heights. They believe more on their abilities than others and thus show reluctance to delegate work to others. They go by the rules and prefer to work in an unemotional and structured environment.
The natives with Saturn in Capricorn are overwhelmed with the desire to control their professional setting. They rarely spare time to relax and enjoy. They persuade others to fall in line, though in a charming way. Their communication skills make them very good speaker. They are fair and impartial in their judgments and in dealing with others. They get satisfaction from serving others. They crave for attaining financial security as it gives them self-assurance and peace of mind. They should behave politely when they attain very high and powerful position. They may face health problems related to skin, knees and bones.

Saturn in Sagittarius

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are generous by nature. They carry out their duties with great sense of responsibility. They are charitable and turn to philanthropy with an innate desire to uplift the weaker sections of the society. Their religious impulse also urges them to help the mankind. This line of thinking lends them recognition and admiration in the society. They have a philosophical bent of mind which propels them to dive in the ocean of spirituality and mysticism. They are interested in scientific subjects and look for logic and reasoning. They are good administrators and can manage large groups of people with ease, because of their humane and accommodating temperament.

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are honest and principled. They want to earn money through ethical ways as they want their reputation to remain intact. Even if they are not able to attain degrees in education, they make their mark with self-attained knowledge. They are conservative and resist changes in their personal and professional life. They cling to their beliefs on religion and philosophy. They are attracted to sports because adventure drives them crazy. They love to explore new horizons and remain focused while studying.

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are very logical and can’t be fooled by superstitions or such things. They get perturbed by unknown fears and insecurities. They can evolve as better human beings by shedding their phobias and anxieties. They like to travel a lot, especially to the unseen places. They take the course of rebellion if they get disillusioned with the authorities or the management. They need to open up with people and express their views freely. They may suffer from health issues related to liver, hips, muscles and legs. They need to do physical exercises daily and spend ample time in fresh air. They should avoid being selfish, rigid and sarcastic.

Saturn in Scorpio

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio are blessed with administrative ability. They like to plan and organize things first before rushing to start the work. They become spiritual from an early age and tend to possess intuitive powers. People find their nature secretive and take time to open up with them. They remain cool, calm and collected even under the most difficult circumstances. The foresight of Saturn gets combined with the energy of Mars, when Saturn is in Scorpio. It is a wonderful disposition for action with intensity. They are fascinated by the occult and are inclined to connect emotionally with powers that are beyond the realm of human race.

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio don’t feel relaxed until they fulfill their aspirations. They are full of energy and are ready to work overtime to realize their goals. They can’t forgive or forget the person who treats them unjustly or stabs them in the back. When they retaliate, the others get scared by their approach. Issues related to relationships may cause them emotional pain, sometimes. They keep their ambitions and plans hidden in their heart and strike only when the iron is hot. They fear the pain of emotional rejection and feel incomplete until they get united with their partner.

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio may seek to attain power and wealth through unscrupulous means which harms their reputation in society. They need to ensure that their boldness doesn’t turn into stubbornness or arrogance. Health wise, they need to take care of their reproductive system and digestion. Bowel obstructions, constipation and hemorrhoids may cause problems. They have to guard against development of stones in gall bladder or kidneys. Holding on to anger makes their emotions burst inside, which affects their health adversely. They should talk about their pain and anguish with their loved ones to overcome emotional disturbances.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn gets exalted in Libra. The natives with Saturn in Libra are very tactful which makes them succeed in diplomatic endeavors. They make balanced judgments and people trust them for this reason. They need to develop a cooperative approach in relationships rather than forcing their will on others. They seek security through friendships and marriage. They may marry someone very younger or older than their age to get financially secured. They may marry late, only after getting sure that their partner will live up to their expectations. Their desire to get the perfect mate makes them too demanding in marriage.

The natives with Saturn in Libra are conventional and old-fashioned. If the Saturn is afflicted or badly placed, they may consider marriage as a bondage and don’t burden themselves with responsibilities in such scenario. They need to mix up well with people and be sympathetic towards them. They need to make their relationships a source of growth and not of suffering. They need to be flexible, tolerant and reliable to attain people’s support and social status. They take decisions based on merit and not on emotions. They look at both sides of the coin before finalizing something. They need to understand emotions and love people.

The natives with Saturn in Libra may face health problems related to lower back, intestines and kidneys. The problem is created when the filtering action of the kidneys is obstructed, allowing toxic elements to intoxicate the body. They need to drink distilled water to protect their kidneys. They may get troubled by urinary problems. They need to live in harmony with others to avoid being getting isolated. They teach lessons of morality and civilized behavior to those who need them. When the Saturn in Libra is placed well in the horoscope, it has the potential to bestow the native with unprecedented wealth, status and political fame.

Saturn in Virgo

The natives with Saturn in Virgo are hard-working, efficient, organized and disciplined. They have a scientific bent of mind and are practical by nature. They know how to manage people and get them to their side. They concentrate on the work in hand and don’t think too much about future. They analyze the people and situations very well. They are very concerned about hygiene and cleanliness and frown at the sight of dirt and messy ambience.

They like to stay busy and occupied in something as boredom makes them restless. Their precedence for perfection makes them critical of others’ works.
The natives with Saturn in Virgo are proficient in keeping accounts and records. They don’t crave for limelight and prefer to work behind the curtains. They don’t want to deviate from the set routine and orderly life. Their shy nature makes them uncomfortable in the public forum. They feel good when they are in the driver’s seat and in control of things. They need to learn the art of distinguishing the important tasks from the insignificant ones. It will make them effective in their work and bring in better results for them. They should avoid criticizing others and become more sociable.

The natives with Saturn in Virgo perform well in science, engineering, medicine, mathematics and other such subjects which require precision and accuracy. They have a sharp and analytical mind which enables them to remember facts and figures for a long time and calculate the numbers on the tips of their hands. They are health conscious and are concerned with healthy diet and nutrition. They should protect themselves from ailments related to digestive system, abdominal area and small intestine. They should not put too small a price on their skills. They can repair the old things like an astute mechanic. They can achieve big goals if they stop being too critical.

Saturn in Leo

The natives with Saturn in Leo are tactful and vigilant. They have strong will-power and organizing ability which makes them a great leader. They are very good at their job and rely on their competence to carry out the difficult tasks. They are not the ones who display their emotions which makes them appear emotionless and inaccessible. Their inability to forge emotional bond with others makes them isolated in their social circle. However, they are very concerned with the financial security of their family and provide material comforts and luxuries to them. They have a strong sense of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

The natives with Saturn in Leo vie for the leadership role. Their ego gets pinched if they are assigned the secondary role. They want to attain a position that others recognize and follow them. They live a disciplined life and expect their family members to follow their footsteps. People find it difficult to converse with them because they are reserved and lack humor. They underestimate themselves by comparing them with others. It makes them feel inferior and they tend to become jealous of others. They alienate people by their short-tempered nature and cruel behavior. They don’t mind employing corrupt means to attain their goals.

The natives with Saturn in Leo should learn to express their affections towards others and cooperate with them. They should remember that a person is loved as long as he/she is humble and people start drifting away when arrogance creeps in. They are blessed with creative talents which they should use in the service of mankind. To make their life enjoyable, they should adjust with their family members by accommodating their views and aspirations. They should remain careful regarding the health problems related to heart, back and spinal column. They need to shed their ego and involve themselves in spiritual activities like meditation.

Saturn in Cancer

The natives with Saturn in Cancer form a strong emotional bond with those whom they love. However, they feel hesitant to express their emotions and keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Their only concern is their home and family and they do everything possible to keep their family happy. They can get insecure and depressed easily if they found that their loved ones are in trouble. They feel good when they are reassured time and again that they are loved and appreciated. They don’t want to become dependent on others and want to create their own place under the sun.

The natives with Saturn in Cancer need to triumph over emotional depression. Some thoughts of the past may bump into them often which may stall their current progress. The fear of getting hurt emotionally stops them from forming close bonds and they move very cautiously in making new relationships. They are so involved with their wellbeing that sometimes they fail to pay attention to the needs of others. Their emotional security is related to their financial security as they feel confident if they have wealth and resources to bank upon. They need to break the walls that they create between them and others.

The natives with Saturn in Cancer suffer from problems related to digestive system, stomach and chest. They need to take care of their appetite and avoid drinking water with meals. Any kind of emotional setback harms their physical health too. They need to avoid being hypersensitive and take things lightly to maintain their emotional health. Some emotional disturbances that they might have faced in their childhood stick to their mind in later life as well. If they don’t get love and proper care of their parents then it will reflect in their own parenthood. They may become strict with their children. They want the child inside them to be pampered.

Saturn in Gemini

The natives with Saturn in Gemini possess good memory and concentration skills. They maintain their mental balance in all situations and are appreciated for their organizing abilities. They come up with practical solutions for difficult problems. Their mind is always filled with innovative ideas but they hesitate to try those ideas. They are very particular about plans and details before undertaking any project. They are fascinated with the things of past, historical monuments, archaeology, heritage and culture. They may look for a career in these fields. They also do well in professions like writing and teaching. Since they are proficient in reasoning, they perform well in subjects like science and mathematics.

The natives with Saturn in Gemini like to learn new things. In childhood, they may encounter problems related to communication and they may fear to stand up on public podium to speak. They need to improve their communication skills to succeed in life. They possess business acumen because they plan well and are capable of producing good results in short time. They mold themselves according to the situation and rely upon logic and reasoning to carry out the tasks. They don’t lose their composure in adverse circumstances. They don’t like to indulge in gossip and keep distance from people who display fake emotions.

The natives with Saturn in Gemini have to cope up with health issues related to nervous tension, which leads to the problem of oxygenation of blood. Sufficient oxygen is needed in the lungs to avoid this health issue. They need to take utmost care of lungs and throat. They should sleep in an airy room. They also need to guard themselves against negative thinking, cynicism and depression. They should accept the challenges instead of avoiding them. They find it difficult to connect emotionally with others. They are well advised not to doubt their abilities.