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Pisces Rising

The natives with Pisces as their rising sign are the most independence freaks of all the zodiac signs. They are dreamers and live in their imaginary world. They have a tender heart and are always willing to help or share grief of the less fortunate and suffering people. They don’t worry about sacrificing their own interests in order to make others happy. They love to dwell in the world of their dreams. They prefer emotions to reasoning. They are religious and God-fearing in nature but display superstitious traits at times.

The Pisces rising natives have an amazing imagination, along with a very active sixth sense. They prefer backseat driving and avoid limelight and leadership positions. They are intellectuals and like to set the agenda for themselves. They are honest and work towards fulfilling their commitments. They excel in life because they blend their creativity and artistic traits with hard work. Their compassionate, devoted and helping nature makes them favorite with others.

On the negative side, the Pisces rising natives avoid reality and withdraw to their world of thoughts. They can be self-pitying and temperamental sometimes. Their escapist nature makes them lose touch with reality as they avoid problematic situations. They become too emotionally involved with the problems of others that they can be easily influenced or misled by others. They are extravagant and indulge in excesses. Their oversensitive nature becomes irritating for other people.

The Pisces rising natives look plump and have average height. Their head is unusually shaped and their limbs are short. They have broad or thick shoulders. They have clear, soft skin and a charming smile. They have large, attractive and hypnotic eyes. Their whole persona gives the impression of benevolence, quietness and mysteriousness. Health wise, the Pisces rising natives are prone to problems related to endocrine system and feet. They should guard themselves against swelling; injuries to the feet and allergic reactions to drugs. But they are most vulnerable to emotional sickness because of their sensitive nature.

The Pisces rising natives have a spiritual bent of mind which makes them able to pursue a career related to spiritualism like priests, counselors, psychic healers etc. Their creativity makes them good artists, musicians, painters and orators. They can make career in TV, radio, theatre, advertising, public relations, media and communication fields. They are blessed with an ability to connect with paranormal powers. They flourish more in trades that offer them freedom of expression, which means working alone or in a self-governed arrangement. They get the job done, although others are bewildered by their working style.

In the matters of heart, the Pisces rising natives need friendship, affection, love and romance all under the same roof. They are intensely romantic. They get deeply attached to their partner emotionally. They trust their partner with closed eyes which makes them a victim of deceit sometimes. They feel best when they are frequently reassured that they are loved and cared for romantically. They have warm, sympathetic heart and they don’t try to dominate their partner.

Pisces is symbolized by The Fishes and belongs to the Water element. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces. Venus gets exalted and Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces. In horoscope, it represents the twelfth house. Soft Sea Green color is associated with Pisces.

Aquarius Rising

The natives with Aquarius as their rising sign are insightful, witty, emotional and creative. They are born intelligent and can fascinate others with their creativity. They are very instinctive by nature and devise new methods to implement their plans. They are pioneering in giving new ideas and thoughts to others. They have scientific and inventive bent of mind. They are devoted to their work and remain honest in professional and personal life. They are impulsive and don’t think much about the consequences.

The Aquarius rising natives are very inquisitive and shower people with questions. They are good public speakers and take interest in debates and discussions. They are very thoughtful and caring. They have deep-seated belief in humanitarian reforms. They have a big social circle and are generous towards their friends. They have a sense of fairness and revolt against injustice. They have excellent communication skills and have ability to see the things from others’ perspective. They dislike arguments or confrontation but can put others in place with just a glance or disapprovingly shaking the head.

The Aquarius rising natives are slim and tall in stature. They have big face, neck and feet. They possess fine facial features and their head bends forward or sideward when they are in deep thinking mode. They have dark, thick hair and they adorn different hairstyles. There’s secluded and dreamy look in their eyes which seem sparkling with life. Their look gives the impression of liveliness and seriousness at the same time.

On the negative side, the Aquarius rising natives can become stubborn at times. They consider their decisions as right and supreme. They become sarcastic while criticizing the people. They have rebellious and eccentric personality which makes them impolite and unkind. They are self-absorbed and are reluctant to share ideas and plans with others. They are so engrossed in their web of perceived intellectuality that they forget to exercise compassion. Their inflated ego leads to their arrogant attitude.

The Aquarius rising natives look for careers that stimulate their intellectuality. Since they have imaginative and inventive bent of mind, they can turn out to be distinguished scientists, researchers and discoverers. Their creativity can help them become good actors, musicians, astronauts and astrologers. They can succeed in medical profession because of their humanitarian nature. They are fair employers and pay extra to those who display more devotion towards job, but they expect a day’s work for a day’s pay. They have knack of sensing what’s wrong with machines and they always come up with new ideas.

In love, the Aquarius rising natives genuinely want innate friendship with their loved one but are afraid of deep emotional attachment. They attract the opposite sex by their friendly disposition. They can be detached and people find it difficult to enter into a romantic relationship with them. Health wise, the Aquarius rising natives should guard themselves from problem related to blood circulation; legs and ankles; eyesight; breath; the bones of the lower limbs; nervous system; circulatory system; cramps and allergies.

Aquarius is symbolized by The Water Carrier and belongs to the Air element. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius. No planet gets exalted or debilitated in Aquarius. In horoscope, it represents the eleventh house. Turquoise color is associated with Aquarius.

Capricorn horoscope

The natives with Capricorn as their rising sign are very strong-willed and grounded. They are like a rock and people can lean on their shoulders in times of need. They are self-assured, comfortable and confident in social gatherings. They often amaze their friends and near ones with their sharp-witted humor. They have a lot of patience and concentration of mind. They want to have their hold and sway over those associated with them. They see life in black or white, there are no grey shades for them.

The Capricorn rising natives are very concerned with their public image and prestige. They are hermits by nature and have intense desire to get appreciation and praise from others. They may appear very strict because they are always guided by discipline and order. They think that they can transform the lives of other people by bringing in discipline in their lives and they are probably right to an extent. But people misinterpret it as their authoritativeness and don’t let them invade their privacy.

The Capricorn rising natives are slim, bony and of small to medium height. They have good skin texture and taut hair on chest and eyebrows. They have big head, large teeth, protruding lips and lightly shaped chin. They are conventional in dressing up and not fond of accessory or jewelry. Their immunity is strong and they have good resistance power against diseases and seasonal illnesses. They remain healthy even with their advancing age. The Capricorn rising natives should guard themselves from health problems like cold and cough; arthritis; digestive disorders; stones in kidney; skin problems and knee problems. They are food buffs and crave for wine. They should shun excess of food and drink in order to remain fit and healthy.

On the negative side, the Capricorn rising natives have a predisposition that their way and opinion is always the best. They are egotistical and unforgiving. Their decisions are guided by their inner insecurities and fears. They are that sort of perfectionist who is never satisfied. They are aloof and headstrong and appear snobbish due to their gesticulations. They get close to only those people who have likings and disliking akin to them.

Career wise, they are blessed with organizational and managerial qualities. They make good accountants, bankers, architects, manufacturers, dentists, system analysts, sociologists, crafts-dealers, engineers and researchers. They are reliable and able to carry enormous workloads. They work hard and for long hours. As an employee, they like to work with an employer for a long and continuous period. They give respect to their seniors and colleagues.

In the matters of heart and love, the Capricorn rising natives are very shy and tongue-tied in the beginning of a relationship. They are very measured in approaching someone. They are not cut-out for flirting and casual flings. They express their love only when they are deeply attached with someone and are sure to take the relationship forward up to marriage. They are sensitive, understanding and committed towards their partner. They expect faithfulness and long-term commitment from their partner. They take parenthood seriously and want their children to excel in academic pursuits.

Capricorn is symbolized by The Goat and belongs to the Earth element. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Mars gets exalted and Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. In horoscope, it represents the tenth house. Brown color is associated with Capricorn.

Sagittarius Horoscope

The natives with Sagittarius as their rising sign are energetic, active and determined in life. If they made up their mind to achieve something in life, they don’t rest until success is achieved. The best thing about them is that they are quick decision makers. They have certain set of beliefs which they want to share with others. They are in control of the situations even if they don’t appear so. Their easy going and witty nature makes them endearing to the other people. They love to dive deep in the ocean of wisdom. People misinterpret their straightforward talk as their haughtiness. They analyze situations and matters very well and present their views in a very exhilarating way. They are inclined towards spirituality and practice what they preach.

The Sagittarius rising natives are tall and have a strong built-up. They possess happy-looking and youthful face. They have beautiful and sparkling eyes. They have broad facial features, rounded forehead, shining teeth, thick hair and smiling lips. But their strong muscular body is not necessarily athletic. They become stout very early due to their eating habits. They prefer to wear casual dresses. When they speak, they use their hands and arms to underline their views.

The Sagittarius rising natives don’t get bogged down by difficult circumstances. They have the capability to bring estranged people on one table for reconcilement. They are always eager to travel to new places and enjoy the beauty of nature. Socially, they are the centre of attraction as they mingle well with almost everyone. They love to wine, dine, dance and play. They see the world as a funny place filled with good people. They don’t complain about others’ fallacies and are ready to forgive and forget the unpleasant episodes of life. They put their arguments in a relaxed manner. They possess great vision and an inspired mind.

Career wise, the Sagittarius rising natives opt for vocations like philanthropy, religious studies, foreign affairs, judicial system, publishing, international trade, imports, scientific and educational endeavors. Since they are very good in convincing other people, they can become excellent teachers, philosophers and lawyers. In the matters of love, the Sagittarius rising natives are very conscious of their independence. They are ready to wait for long to get the right partner who doesn’t attempt to confine them. They don’t want their partner to rob them of their independence. But once they find the partner of their choice, they prove to be loyal spouses. Until then, they don’t mind to have casual relationships.

On the negative side, the Sagittarius rising natives have a tendency to become self-indulgent. This makes them pompous, cynical and too opinionated. Their eating habits go astray and they gain weight very quickly. In some cases, they become addicted to drugs and alcohol, which harms their health adversely. Health wise, the Sagittarius rising natives are prone to diseases involving hips, thighs, lungs and back pain. The disproportionate intake of rich food and alcohol causes arthritic pain to them. They are occasionally down with feverish complaints.

Sagittarius is symbolized by The Archer and belongs to the Fire element. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. According to some astrologers, Ketu gets exalted and Rahu gets debilitated in Sagittarius. In horoscope, it represents the ninth house. Purple color is associated with Sagittarius.

Scorpio horoscope

The natives with Scorpio as their rising sign possess a very commanding persona. They have such depth in their personality that people need to raise their intellect to match their level. They are secretive and people find it difficult to judge what is going on in their mind. They are self reliant and appear to be stubborn from outside but they are very emotional intrinsically. However, they master the art of keeping their emotions under control. They are born fighters and always eager to take the lead. They are stimulated when they are asked to tackle a difficult and challenging situation. They pursue their goals with sheer intensity and devoutness. They don’t hide from difficult situations and do nothing in half measures. They remain so engrossed in their work that they have no time or inclination for gossiping or back-biting.

The Scorpio rising natives have proportioned physique, broad face, long hands, curly hair, average to tall height and muscular body. They are blessed with excellent imagination and intuitive powers. They can very-well read from the faces of people. Their distinctive body feature is their deep and mesmerizing eyes. They just get the feel of things with their thought-provoking and hypnotic gaze. They have a quality to feel the undercurrent in the atmosphere and foresee what may transpire next. What sets them apart from others is their strength of mind. They are so confident from within that they strive to compete with themselves. Be it their office desk, sports field or gym; they are intensely focused on outshining their previous successes. They have the quality of profoundly changing the lives of others by bringing transformation in their behavior.

On the negative side, they become angry even at trivial provocations. They often get irritated and lose their temper. They have a tendency to keep others under control. They are habitually suspicious by nature and trust doesn’t come to them naturally. People have to pass through certain tests before attaining their loyalty. In extreme cases, they can become fanatical over issues of politics, religion and sports. At times, they can be very sarcastic. They are resentful when they are contradicted. But they walk an extra mile to repay someone’s good gesture.
The Scorpio rising natives can be good psychiatrists, hypnotists, investigators and researchers. They have a surgeon’s eye and penchant for detective and forensic works. With their intense and fighting spirit, they can be good soldiers, lawyers, spies, ambassadors and engineers. In the matters of heart, the Scorpio rising natives are loyal to the core and look for long-term commitment. They want a partner who can match their intensity, both at the emotional and physical level. They want their partner to be equally passionate in matters of love and sex. They become excellent parents as they encourage their children to go after their hobbies and interests with full punch.
The Scorpio rising natives are prone to ailments of liver, kidneys, urinary and reproductive systems, piles, ulcers, stones, nose, nasal bones, pubic area, genital organs and hemoglobin.

Scorpio is symbolized by The Scorpion and belongs to the Water element. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio. According to some astrologers, Ketu gets exalted and Rahu gets debilitated in Scorpio. In horoscope, it represents the eighth house. Maroon and Dark Red colors are associated with Scorpio.

Libra horoscope

The natives with Libra as their rising sign are the peace makers among the zodiac federation. They are jovial, open-minded and mild-mannered. They love socializing and communicating with people. They behave in a very cultured manner. They like to live a harmonious life and are fond of designer and beautiful clothes and expensive furnishings. Like the symbol of scales that represents their zodiac sign, they take balanced decisions after visualizing both sides of the coin. They analyze the merits and demerits of every decision from all the angles before settling for the final decision. They have unbiased attitude, sound judgment ability, pleasing mannerisms and detached disposition. They accept constructive criticism with grace and are very courteous and hospitable towards known and even unknown people.

The Libra rising natives have a distinctive personality. They have attractive and curved physique. They have oval-shaped face, big lips and pleasant facial features. They are average to tall in height. They have a tendency to gain weight but they are very conscious of maintaining a slim and elegant look. Being the social butterflies, they are always ready to attend any party. They often end up eating more than their body requires. Their creativity is established in the subjects like fashion, food, wine, music, acting, theatre etc. They are adventurous and fond of traveling. They like to discover new horizons and places; and are fond of meeting with and talking to the strangers.

The Libra rising natives can excel in diverse fields when it comes to choosing profession. Since they gel well with people, they perform better in professions like public relations, sales, advertising, media and real estate. People like to do business with them as they connect well with their clients. They hide their intelligence inside their easygoing exterior. They are suited to vocations like interior designing, architecture, television, cinema, dance, music and creative fields. They are fond of luxuries and spend heavily when they are on shopping spree. They like to arrange lavish parties and have penchant for giving expensive gifts. All this makes them short of money time and again. As an entrepreneur or an employee, they always dress immaculately, thus adding more power to their glamour quotient. They need autonomy to perform well.

In the matters of heart and love, the Libra rising natives succeed in gracious flirtation. They are eager to remove the rough spots from their bad-going relationships. They are willing to introspect and alter their nature to satisfy their partner. They are fond of physical pleasures and are tempted by the erotic aspect of love.

On the negative side, the Libra rising natives are vacillating in nature. It is difficult for them to arrive at a decision quickly. They are very self-absorbed and appearance-oriented people. They are always eager to glorify their looks and take abundant time in getting ready. Health wise, they should guard themselves against excessive alcoholism, erratic food habits, skin ailments and insomnia. The body parts that need care are kidneys, ovaries, adrenals, buttocks and lower back.

Libra is symbolized by The Scales and belongs to the Air element. Venus is the ruler of Libra. Saturn gets exalted and Sun gets debilitated in Libra. In horoscope, it represents the seventh house. Blue color is associated with Libra.

Virgo horoscope

The natives with Virgo as their rising sign are well thought-out and analytical persons. They crave for perfection which makes them work industriously in their line of work. Their penchant for detail makes them agitated if their enquiries are not answered timely. They are shy, naïve, conservative and reticent in nature. They are independent and know how to get the work done. They like the company of those people who can motivate them. The Virgo rising natives seek excellence in their jobs, businesses or even hobbies and games of interest. They criticize other people when they genuinely find a fault in their behavior. They may seem detached but they are outgoing people. When they feel bad about something, they retreat into their shell.

The Virgo rising natives have innocence marked on their face and are young at heart. They Possess childlike face, long forehead, straight nose, big cheeks and symmetrical bodies. They take measured steps when they walk. They remain polite, soft spoken and calm but their calmness is misinterpreted as their calculating nature. They are very selective in choosing their friends. When they are pleasant and upbeat, they fill their surroundings with positive outlook. They calm people down when the things are not going the right way. They are always occupied in mental activities and tire themselves even without doing any physical work. They are very economical and know how to save the money.

The Virgo rising natives prove to be first-rate employees as they are hard-working and make efforts to increase their knowledge and skills. Career wise, they become very good researchers and interrogators, owing to their analytical bent of mind. They also make good scientists, teachers, editors, police officers, accountants and librarians. In love matters, they are gentle and loyal. They want their partner to live in perfect harmony with them, emotional and physical. They are pure and innocent in nature and candid in love. The only thing that mars their personal bonding is jealousy and competitiveness. They make great parents by encouraging their children to participate in the extra-curricular activities and sports.

The Virgo rising natives are very health conscious. They become alert at the moment they discover symptoms of any disease. Their eating habits are austere and they rarely waver from their diet chart. They are the ones who are sincere in doing meditation and yoga. They are always eager to help their friends and loved ones but they never highlight their charitable deeds. They are inquisitive about everything that happens around them. They follow the family values and traditions which they grow up with.

They often act contemptuous when they are asked to explain the causes for their wrongdoings. They turn rigid and irritating at times. They respond unemotionally when their mood is not good. Sometimes, they are meddlesome in the personal affairs of other people. Health wise, they are prone to problems related to intestines and sexual organs. They should guard themselves against stomach related problems like constipation and digestive disorders; respiratory problems; allergies and anxiety.

Virgo is symbolized by The Virgin and belongs to the Earth element. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Mercury gets exalted and Venus gets debilitated in Virgo. In horoscope, it represents the sixth house. Green and Dark Brown colors are associated with Virgo.

Leo horoscope

The natives who have Leo as their rising sign are recognizable with their dynamic and magnetic personality. They are an assortment of many qualities and are courageous, strong-willed, independent and ambitious. They have a clear cut approach in life and they don’t wander in circles. They pursue their goals with passion and innovative spirit. Their inherent nature is idealistic, humane, generous and broad minded. Temperamentally, they are expressive, intelligent and candid. Like a lion, they get angry when someone tries to encroach upon their kingdom. Trivial provocations can raise their temper but they can be easily pacified too.

The Leo rising natives have average height and their upper body is nicely carved. Their face may be oval-shaped with a high-up chin. They have big and expressive eyes. When they dress-up and move, they appear to be a persona of authority. They are outraged to see injustice done upon anyone and don’t relent until the right person gets justice. The Leo rising natives have an ideological bent of mind and are always willing to debate and explore the current affairs. They like the company of intelligent and honest people who can match them in passion and knowledge. They radiate affection and are big-hearted. When they speak, you just want to listen to them. They delve deeper within their soul to understand the true meaning of life.

The Leo rising natives are driven to do extremely well in their professional arena. They do not stop until the goal is reached. Their administrative style inspires their team as they share with others the finer points of their learning. They handle businesses very effectively as they always seem to be in control of their set-up. They possess amazing leadership quality, be it business or public domain or politics. They are the masters of doing orderly work and finish the tasks in assigned time. They tend to hide the sensitive aspect of their personality. They love praise and flattery. They pamper their friends and don’t hold on to grudges for a long time.

In the matters of heart, the Leo rising natives are very devoted and prove to be loyal mates. They are romantic and sexy and know how to wine and dine. They cherish the doting nature of their partner and prefer to remain in the long-term relationships. Casual flings don’t excite them. They love being showered by the compliments and lavish outings. Praise them often and watch them bloom with delight. Surprise meals in new restaurants or short trips to countryside are ways to win their hearts. Take care not to wound their pride.

The downbeat traits associated with the Leo rising natives are their domineering and melodramatic nature. Sometimes arrogance creeps in their behavior in the guise of self-confidence. They are image-conscious and show off their material possessions and high status in the society. They want the spotlight to remain on them always. Health wise, they should protect themselves from heart diseases, blood infections, spinal problems, back pain, high fevers, eye troubles and problem in the lungs.

Leo is symbolized by The Lion and belongs to the Fire element. Sun is the ruler of Leo. No planet gets exalted or debilitated in Leo. In horoscope, it represents the fifth house. Gold color is associated with Leo.

Cancer horoscope

The natives with Cancer as their rising sign are usually very good human beings. They are helpful, kind and good-natured. At the same time, they are sensitive, emotional and temperamental. They remain insecure about themselves. Sometimes they seem distant as they often withdraw themselves from the world and move to their cocoon. They are emotional to the point of getting perturbed often on small issues. They like to live in the world of their dreams. They are intuitive and possess psychic penchant. Their memory retention skills are so strong that they don’t easily forget insults. They are family-oriented people and remain happy in joint family set-up. They spend a lot in decorating and refurbishing their homes.

The Cancer rising natives have round-shaped facets and become plump as the age advances. Their height is medium. The chin is round, nose small and the eyes protruding. The upper part of the body is broad and the arms long. The Cancer rising natives want assurance in life. They are ready to swap free will with security. They look for emotional and financial stability in their partner in marriage. In love, the cancer rising natives are intensely romantic and like to explore the various facets of love. They are loyal and spend lavishly on their partners. They are so endearing that it is difficult to overlook them.

The Cancer rising natives are very good listeners and it is a pleasure to converse with them. However, they are very easily hurt if faced with criticism. They have interest in architecture, history and heritage. They love to try their hand in kitchen. They are very apt in taking care of others and want others to reciprocate in the similar manner. They are very conscious of maintaining their social standards. They are ready to make amendments in their behavior to make others happy. They are money accumulators and are rarely spendthrifts.

The Cancer rising natives are very good employers. They can micro-manage the diversifications of their ventures with such ease that others are left just in awe of them. They are very cognizant of their designations and status in jobs. They are sympathetic towards their employees, colleague and subordinates and are always eager to lend a helping hand to them. While doing a job, the only thing that concerns them is job security. They spring into action whenever they are asked to complete a project. The Cancer rising natives are very happy in honing their creative skills. They are proficient in creative writing, poetry and other such arts.

The Cancer rising natives have some negative traits too. They are very resentful if they think that they have been maligned. They are unforgiving to the extent of parting the ways forever with those who have offended them. They are afraid of being rejected. Health wise, they are prone to problems like digestive disorders, gastritis, cough and dimness of vision. They must guard themselves against the diseases related to stomach, liver and intestines. When they are emotionally upset, they fall prey to depression, hypertension and likewise emotional disorders.

Cancer is symbolized by The Crab and belongs to the Water element. Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Jupiter gets exalted and Mars gets debilitated in Cancer. In horoscope, it represents the fourth house. Silver color is associated with Cancer.

Gemini Horoscope

The natives with Gemini as their rising sign are one of the best learners. If someone shoots you down with persistent queries, expect that they may be Gemini-governed people. They are always curious to know more about what happens and what has happened. They are one of the most versatile creatures you would come across. They are restless and impatient till they successfully get the answers of their questions. Their mental activities are always on the roll. Their knowledge can overawe other people. They like to debate and exchange ideas with others. They are eloquent and have power over vocabulary, but in the process they forget to show genuine warmth towards other people interacting with them. It happens since they are deeply engrossed in the web of their intellectuality. They want to stay occupied always, either with their professional duties or with their hobbies. They take pleasure in playing word games and puzzles; reading books and magazines; searching for information in the websites.

The Gemini rising natives are well-versed in multi-tasking. They can successfully attempt their hand at diverse tasks at the same time. They are also apt at maintaining their composure while doing many tasks at one time. They may pretend to be listening to others, whereas in reality they might be cooking something else in their mind. They are habitually in search of some information and analyze people and situations. They don’t like to get bound by strict schedules. They are butterflies who flutter from one place to another. They like socializing and connect with most of the people present in a party or a get-together. But they don’t allow everyone to enter their inner circle. Since they are very affable, they encounter many romantic quests. They leave no chance of flirting around but commitment is not their cup of tea.

The Gemini rising natives love their freedom but give others too their space and freedom. Being a sign of duality, they show their dual nature at times. They can be lively, humorous and voluble and at the same time they may be poised and academic. They are witty and captivating and analyze whatever is happening around them. But their inherent nature of jumping over to the next task keeps their interest and attention in anything short-lived. They say things which they think that the other person wants to hear. They are good in creating comical situations and in mimicking other people. They enthrall others with their witty comments.

The Gemini rising natives can become excellent preachers, researchers, writers, teachers and analysts. They possess good business acumen. They are great orators and mesmerize the audience with their speaking prowess. Their analytical nature makes them good astrologers, scientists and news reporters. They also excel in the fields of music and comedy. They are very skilled in crafts work. The natives with Airy zodiac signs gel well with them while the watery sign people may not strike a cordial note with them at the first instance. They should protect themselves from the health problems related to nervous system, lungs, blood and shoulders.

Gemini is symbolized by The Twins and belongs to the Air element. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. According to some astrologers, Rahu gets exalted and Ketu gets debilitated in Gemini. In horoscope, it represents the third house. Green color is associated with Gemini.