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Saturn in Virgo

The natives with Saturn in Virgo are hard-working, efficient, organized and disciplined. They have a scientific bent of mind and are practical by nature. They know how to manage people and get them to their side. They concentrate on the work in hand and don’t think too much about future. They analyze the people and situations very well. They are very concerned about hygiene and cleanliness and frown at the sight of dirt and messy ambience.

They like to stay busy and occupied in something as boredom makes them restless. Their precedence for perfection makes them critical of others’ works.
The natives with Saturn in Virgo are proficient in keeping accounts and records. They don’t crave for limelight and prefer to work behind the curtains. They don’t want to deviate from the set routine and orderly life. Their shy nature makes them uncomfortable in the public forum. They feel good when they are in the driver’s seat and in control of things. They need to learn the art of distinguishing the important tasks from the insignificant ones. It will make them effective in their work and bring in better results for them. They should avoid criticizing others and become more sociable.

The natives with Saturn in Virgo perform well in science, engineering, medicine, mathematics and other such subjects which require precision and accuracy. They have a sharp and analytical mind which enables them to remember facts and figures for a long time and calculate the numbers on the tips of their hands. They are health conscious and are concerned with healthy diet and nutrition. They should protect themselves from ailments related to digestive system, abdominal area and small intestine. They should not put too small a price on their skills. They can repair the old things like an astute mechanic. They can achieve big goals if they stop being too critical.

Jupiter in Virgo

The natives with Jupiter in Virgo are critical by nature. They are concerned about sorting out the treasure from the junk. They set high standards for self and others and want to see the things done in an orderly manner. They praise others only when they genuinely deserve it. They also don’t expect false appreciation from others. They get irritated when others don’t perform as per expectations or when others show lack of moral values. They remain calm and exercise good judgment in challenging situations. Their intense nature helps them to gain wisdom and maturity at a young age. They can’t be lured easily into dishonest means.

The natives with Jupiter in Virgo have to work harder than others. They can be called more hardworking and less lucky. As a consequence, they have a practical understanding of life. They want to become prosperous by undergoing and overcoming the tough experiences of life. They should be appreciated for the reason that they maintain their integrity against all odds. However, they must avoid being too critical, fixated and too judgmental of others. They should take on that much work which they can carry easily without harming their health. They make great progress in life because they stick to their moral principles.

The natives with Jupiter in Virgo get motivated by a set routine and disciplined approach towards work. They spread harmony in the society and help others to improve their lives and live happily. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to the needy. They are good in finding solutions for the problems of others. Their concern for perfection and details gets in the way of quick completion of any task. They prefer to live an austere life and the pleasures of senses or materialistic things can’t entrap them. They excel in the fields of science, literature and technical enterprises.

Venus in Virgo

Venus gets debilitated in Virgo. The natives with Venus in Virgo are very devoted by nature. They are faithful to their loved ones and take pleasure in serving others. They are true to their words and do their best to fulfill the promises they have made to others. They feel shy to express their feelings for others. They have a tendency to expect too much from their partner and criticize them if they lack perfection in their attitude or work. Their never-ending search for a perfect partner makes them discontented and delays their marriage. They want everything to be neat and organized around them.

The natives with Venus in Virgo get attracted to people with delicate and gracious personality. They are very calm and cultured and dislike people who are rude or nasty. They look for the inner beauty in themselves and others as for them the real meaning of life lies in goodness of human conduct. They dislike people who show-off and act differently than their real nature to impress others. They like people who behave appropriately and live a clean life. They want a partner who is decisive, follows the moral code and remains composed in difficulties.

The natives with Venus in Virgo sincerely want to help others by showing them the right path. They feel offended when others respond to their help with resistance and rebuttals. They want others to appreciate their caring ways. They are very practical and sensible. They know that the sugar-coated emotional compliments are abstract. They prefer concrete actions to statements. The people who speak gently and have pleasant manners grab their attention. They are not the ones who get swayed by huge promises. They want their partner to remain hygienic and truthful. They make it their mission to bring alcoholics, drug addicts and strayed people on the path of righteousness.

Mars in Virgo

The natives with Mars in Virgo are disciplined, practical and rational in approach. They have a keen eye on detail. They analyze the merits and demerits of a proposal in detail before taking up that task. They are proficient in multitasking. Ask them to handle diverse responsibilities at a time and they will not shy away from throwing themselves into new assignments. They don’t want to sit idle. They derive pleasure from getting involved in their work or hobbies. They know the tricks of their trade and do their work with perfection. They spare no effort to achieve their goals. They are always eager to learn new things and improve their knowledge.

The natives with Mars in Virgo display restrained behavior in matters of love and romance. They look for a partner who is organized, non-critical and who maintains good hygiene. They want their partner to be responsive to their goals and ambitions. They are reserved by nature and they look for a partner who can understand their expressions. They get pleasure from helping others. They are modest about their achievements. They manage to get the work done in stipulated time. They prefer logical thinking to emotional drama.

The natives with Mars in Virgo become difficult to handle if others take their work casually. They want perfection in efforts and dislike those who show laziness. They are peace-loving people but they show aggression and inflexibility in order to get the work done in their desired way. Their only concern is to finish one task and move on to another. They get impatient by any kind of delay in their work. This makes them susceptible to hypertension and nervous breakdown. They need to relax and enjoy rather than taking their work too seriously. They want to leave their imprint as a good human being.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury is at home in Virgo. Mercury gets exalted in its own sign. The natives with Mercury in Virgo are eloquent speakers. They have high energy level while speaking but speak in a leisurely way. They speak to the point with measured words. For them, quality of speech is more important than the quantity of words. They encounter the views and information with good judgment and subjective interrogation. Before settling down on any issue, they try to figure out the pros and cons from every angle. They like to plan out things well before initiating the action. They want to avoid errors or discrepancies by planning well in advance to avoid wastage of time and resources.

The natives with Mercury in Virgo are polite and calm while speaking but can adopt critical attitude to convey their point without regarding that it may hurt the feelings of the other person. They don’t intend so but get carried away by their communication skills. It’s just their nature to state the fact as they perceive it. They perform very well in debates and arguments because they keep their cool even when others provoke them. They don’t get rattled by verbal onslaught of others. They can convey their point even in the nerve-racking debates.

The natives with Mercury in Virgo lack zeal and forcefulness, so the aggressive people can trample them with high tenor, vibrancy and drama. Although they are proficient in vocabulary and facts but they don’t show off their knowledge. They excel in tasks where they are given freedom to bring their creativity to the core. They have a passion for learning new things and activities and can ably handle wide-ranging subjects. They enjoy reading, puzzle and word games, playing chess etc. because they get charged when they are challenged. They are adjusting, systematic, self-reliant and disciplined.

Moon in Virgo

The natives with Moon in Virgo are down-to-earth and like to live a life away from publicity. They derive happiness from little things in life like cooking food for others, doing the home decoration, spending some time in the garden etc. They like to follow a disciplined life with set routines. They are always concerned with the well-being and happiness of others. They have an inherent desire to provide help to the needful and to wipe the tears of the sufferers. They are very concerned with their privacy and avoid displaying their emotions in public. They are self-critical if they think that they have hurt someone’s feelings or done something wrong.

The natives with Moon in Virgo are analytical of situations and things. They want to analyze and plan before treading on a new path. Assign them any task and they will come up with flying colors. People can count on them in times of need or distress. They prove to be the best counselors and psychologists. They grasp the facts and situations with ease and are able to give relevant suggestions to others. They react to any calamity with great urgency and planning which enables them to overcome any bad situation in less time than others. For them, the real happiness in life derives from the good deeds rather than materialistic possessions.

The natives with Moon in Virgo live a modest life which others consider as their lack of self-confidence. They are not able to achieve big materialistic goals because they don’t set such targets for them. They live a predictable life of set routines. They live a secluded life and rarely diverge from their comfort zone. They are timid, intimidated and not able to take the bold stance whenever the situation demands. They suppress their emotions which affects their health adversely.

Sun in Virgo

The natives with Sun in Virgo always vie for knowledge, security and inner peace. They are very determined to finish the task in hand before moving on to the next assignment. They speak less and work more. For them, life is duty first and enjoyment later. They are humble, practical, hardworking and workaholics. They are the ones who will buy cheaper things rather than taking loans to satisfy their needs. They are sensitive to unconstructive criticism. They are not inclined to take risks. They are very balanced in self-assessment.

The natives with Sun in Virgo shine in businesses or even jobs, owing to their exceptional managerial skills and diligent approach. Instead of delegating work to others, they prefer to do it themselves as they are very convinced about their working style. They like to pay attention to the minutest of details before proceeding to execute the task. They are very concerned about their diet, hygiene and health. They get irritated by others’ impoliteness, insensitivity, vulgarity and unhygienic disposition.

The natives with Sun in Virgo are not very self-confident. They sometimes give undue importance to unimportant tasks. They are very fussy about cleanliness and dietary rules which irritates others. They come down heavily on those who don’t work according to their set plan. They have weak intestines and digestive organs and are prone to health problems like vomiting, dysentery, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn etc.

The natives with Sun in Virgo are very practical in matters of love too. Their idea of love is mutual support and compatibility. They have less or no fascination for romance. The things that they look in their partner are good character and financial independence. They demand fidelity from their partner and are ready to part ways if things don’t work well. They are the ones who prefer divorce to regular conflicts in marriage.