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Saturn in Scorpio

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio are blessed with administrative ability. They like to plan and organize things first before rushing to start the work. They become spiritual from an early age and tend to possess intuitive powers. People find their nature secretive and take time to open up with them. They remain cool, calm and collected even under the most difficult circumstances. The foresight of Saturn gets combined with the energy of Mars, when Saturn is in Scorpio. It is a wonderful disposition for action with intensity. They are fascinated by the occult and are inclined to connect emotionally with powers that are beyond the realm of human race.

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio don’t feel relaxed until they fulfill their aspirations. They are full of energy and are ready to work overtime to realize their goals. They can’t forgive or forget the person who treats them unjustly or stabs them in the back. When they retaliate, the others get scared by their approach. Issues related to relationships may cause them emotional pain, sometimes. They keep their ambitions and plans hidden in their heart and strike only when the iron is hot. They fear the pain of emotional rejection and feel incomplete until they get united with their partner.

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio may seek to attain power and wealth through unscrupulous means which harms their reputation in society. They need to ensure that their boldness doesn’t turn into stubbornness or arrogance. Health wise, they need to take care of their reproductive system and digestion. Bowel obstructions, constipation and hemorrhoids may cause problems. They have to guard against development of stones in gall bladder or kidneys. Holding on to anger makes their emotions burst inside, which affects their health adversely. They should talk about their pain and anguish with their loved ones to overcome emotional disturbances.

Jupiter in Scorpio

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio are people of mystery. Darkness, shadow and secrecy are the focus of their existence. They believe that dark elements of Nature are as natural and necessary as the bright elements. They want others to accept the truth of life and understand this fundamental. They can connect with the insecurities, anxieties and fears of other people. They can scare others as they are masters in creating atmosphere of horror. They like to discuss issues that are considered taboo. They want to bring forth issues that remain hidden due to societal pressures. They want people to face it, accept it, discuss it and get transformed by it.

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio give high priority to self-expression. They don’t want to be guided by someone else’s or societal barometer of what is right or wrong. Their goal is not to do work to please others or gain their approval or appreciation. Instead they stand for what is rightful and honest. They understand the importance of secrecy and never share their or others secrets. They want people to evolve by overcoming their fears, insecurities and weaknesses. They can become icons, thanks to their raw magnetism and sex appeal. They become good investigators, spies, criminal reporters, police officers and scientists.

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio attain power and high status which makes people to fear from them. They become detrimental to themselves and others when their vision gets shrouded by obscurity. They want to prove to others how strong, fearless and intimidating they can be. This attitude pushes them towards vicious acts. But when they mould their personality with positive energy, they become defenders of truth; redefine the old-fashioned customs; stand by the downtrodden and ill-treated folks. When they tread on the path of uprightness, no one can dare stop these soldiers of truth.

Venus in Scorpio

The natives with Venus in Scorpio crave for an intense and profound relationship. They have too high aspirations in love and nothing satisfies them less than the merger of souls. They want their love story to attain the status of a legend or folk tale. They want to forge a strong, passionate and eternal bond with their partner. But over-possessiveness and unrestrained jealousy ruins their relationship with their partner. They can hold on to one person or relationship for a lifetime. They are very suspicious about even the platonic friendships of their partner. If they are betrayed, they hate that person with as much intensity as they once loved.

The natives with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to people who have a special charm and aura around them. Although their feelings are deep-rooted, they feel inhibited to express them. They don’t give a second chance to the person who betrays them once. Either they are totally involved or totally cut-off. They delve into spirituality to overcome the pain of emotional burn down. They consider physical intimacy as ultimate means to bring about emotional bonding. They want their lover to understand their feelings just by an intent look. They want to form a relationship in which both the partners are able to read each other’s heart without using words.

The natives with Venus in Scorpio fall in a weak position due to their desire of controlling their partner. When they try to get emotionally too close to their partner, they end up hurting their partner as no one wants to be driven like a puppet. They inflict pain on themselves and their partner by ordering them to behave in the way they desire. If they are opposed, they pull the punches in retaliation. They are like an examiner who checks even the minutest of details in relationships.

Mars in Scorpio

Scorpio is the own sign of Mars. It is, thus, at home and strong in this placement. The natives with Mars in Scorpio are determined to win at any cost. They hate to lose. They invest their passion and intensity in getting towards their goal. They don’t mind using bad tricks in order to accomplish their goals. They are difficult opponents to handle. They are very aggressive but they don’t show their emotions to others. They like to test their ability from time to time. They challenge themselves by setting goalposts that look distant. They believe in the saying that everything is fair in love and war.

The natives with Mars in Scorpio have intense desire to make a mark in the field they are involved. They are high on energy and confidence. They possess qualities like self-sufficiency, discipline and good organizational skills, that are needed to achieve something big in life. They don’t get annoyed normally but when they get angry, others run for cover. They are self-righteous, imposing and indomitable. Their memory is sharp and they don’t forget the good deeds or wrongdoings done to them by others. They like to play with dangers. They are fascinated with mysteries, life after death theories and paranormal activities.

The natives with Mars in Scorpio possess attractive personality. They look for passion and intensity in love and romance. They easily get attracted to the members of opposite sex, without enquiring about their past and social status. However, they don’t disclose their secrets or feelings to others quickly. They are very possessive about their partner. They are not above manipulations and tricks. They don’t hesitate to employ shady means if others don’t play by the rules. They strive for victory and not for appreciation or glory. They quietly move towards their goals because they want their opponents to remain off-guarded.

Mercury in Scorpio

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio focus on the reasons behind the decision. They want to probe deeper that why the things are what they are. They believe that things are not exactly how they appear. They have a fine-tuned instinct to unravel the mysteries. They work silently and patiently to get the facts uncovered. They have the disposition of an investigator. They can read from the mannerisms of the people that what they might be thinking about. They understand the emotions of the people and make out from the body language of others if they are cooking something fishy.

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio can assess by looking into someone’s eyes if they are lying. They can frustrate others with persistent questioning to get the answers they are looking for. They end up successfully extracting the information they need. They take a lot of time in arriving at the decisions. Their probing nature makes them ideal for the jobs of detectives, interrogators, psychologists, investigative journalists and the like. Their inquisitive nature leads them to the bottom of nuances of human psyche. They are secretive and introspective but if someone shares his/her feelings with them, they patiently listen to their problems and try to come up with a concrete solution of their problem.

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio aren’t afraid to speak on the topics that others may consider taboo. They accept the dark side of the life as natural part of our existence. They can go into the deep, dark corners of human mind to resolve their mental dilemmas. They aren’t talkative and speak only when the situation demands. They take every interaction seriously and are very careful about the inferences of their words. They are the human surveillance camera and no one can escape from their prying eyes.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio, which is ruled by its friendly planet, Mars. Thus, the bad effects of this placement are negated to some extent. The natives with Moon in Scorpio are psychologically intense which gives an impression of secrecy in their behavior. They have an inborn instinct of decoding the sentiments of other people. Their mysterious persona puzzles the people. Their emotional temperament pushes them to look out for long term relationships. They are not cut out for casual relationships. Their attractive and enigmatic personality attracts others towards them. They are blessed with intuitive powers and are also inclined towards enlightenment. They can be described as a free spirit, who doesn’t want to get confined in the web of rituals and societal norms.

The natives with Moon in Scorpio are well-versed in judging the emotional behavior of other people. They are very loyal to their partner, friends and family. Their trustworthy disposition, along with their eye-catching personality, makes them an instant hit with the people of opposite sex. They look for a partner with whom they can share an intense and passionate romantic relationship. They set higher goals for themselves, sometimes far difficult than they can actually attain but they spare no effort to go after their desired ambition. Their never-say-die spirit makes them a class apart.

The natives with Moon in Scorpio are emotionally affected by their reticent attitude. They find it difficult to trust others quickly. They are apprehensive about their partner’s loyalty and may spy on them to ascertain if the partner is faithful or not. The feeling of jealousy and over possessiveness spoils their chemistry with their partner. Sometimes, their stubborn and intimidating behavior draws people away from them. They don’t forget the emotional pain inflicted on them by others. They don’t take criticism sportingly.

Sun in Scorpio

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are very strong in character. They are generous, unambiguous and compassionate. They do everything with enthusiasm and underline their individuality. They don’t like being compared with others. They lose patience if they find others to be complacent in performing their duties. They defend their viewpoints rudely and lose their patience when they are hurt. It is difficult to understand them as they don’t let others to peep inside their inner self. They develop sense of ownership over those who are closed to them.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio can become very good surgeons, scientists, detectives and researchers. They are not scared to do things that other people are generally afraid of. They have highly developed sixth sense and intuitive powers. They give their best in all their relationships and expect others to behave in the same way. They like mysteries, displaying innate interest in hidden things and secrets. They are more prone to skepticism than idealism.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are ruthless, cruel and merciless on their enemies. If they are offended, they wait for the opportune time when they can strike back. They never forget the insults hurled on them and rarely forgive the wrongdoer. They can turn out to be fanatics in some cases. They have passion for fights and clashes. They sometimes are inconsiderate towards others’ feelings, which drive people away from them. They need to learn the art of self-restraint. They should be attentive towards health problems like infections, allergies, fractures, hemorrhoids, heart diseases, throat diseases and alcoholism.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are passionate lovers. They either love someone intensely or do not show interest at all. They will give their best to nurture a relationship but they won’t look back after they break up with someone. The one thing that they can’t forgive in a relationship is infidelity. They want their children to become self-dependent.