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Saturn in Pisces

The natives with Saturn in Pisces are sensitive but pragmatic. They are blessed with creative, spiritual and psychic abilities. They find security in religion. They are more tolerant than others can imagine. They are ready to sacrifice their possessions for the welfare of others. They find it intricate to become disciplined and organized. They get so absorbed in their work that they lose touch with people and things around them. Sometimes, their imagination gets blurred and they are not able to decide what is good for them and what is not. Their self-pitying nature makes them feel like a victim or a martyr in adverse situations.

The natives with Saturn in Pisces believe in the concept of destiny and rebirth and feel that their troubles in the present life have occurred as a result of the bad actions they might have committed in their past life. They believe that Saturn comes to take account of the seeds that they had sown in the previous lives. This line of thinking makes them sorrowful and glum. They perform well when they work behind the scenes, away from the limelight and public eye. They feel duty-bound to help those who are in any difficulty. They feel happy when they teach others on the basis of their individual experience.

The natives with Saturn in Pisces can make career in fields where extensive research is needed. They can excel in social work, medical field, teaching and religious pursuits. They need to overcome their mood swings and indecisiveness. Failure in professional endeavors makes them feel utterly depressed and helpless, which they can overcome by developing faith in the future. Their over-involvement in the sorrows and troubles of others adds to their cup of woes. Health wise, the feet and the foot bones may pose problems for them. Issues related to lymphatic system may also cause them pain. They need to go for walk regularly.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is in its own house in Pisces. The natives with Jupiter in Pisces have inclination towards spirituality and supernatural concepts. They want to find their path by experiencing the Truth of life. They are kindhearted, generous, humble, calm and farsighted. They are blessed with intuitive powers, which is a part of their persona. They tickle the funny bones of people with their subtle sense of humor. They believe that all can grow together in this world and there’s no need to develop animosity or enmity with each other. They want to travel on a higher spiritual plane and want to help others in getting a feel of divinity.

The natives with Jupiter in Pisces sometimes draw themselves back from people, including their dear ones, to spend time in solitude. They find it good for their mental conditioning. It is their inherent desire to help those who are not as fortunate as them. They become sad to see the plight of depressed sections of the society. They take the initiative to serve others in hospitals, orphanages, old age homes and even jails to help others overcome their worst phase in life. They light the candle of hope in the hearts of people who have lost zeal for life.

The natives with Jupiter in Pisces become hypersensitive over frivolous issues. They don’t take much time to become over-emotional and too sentimental. They are generous but extravagant too. There is an exceptional aura in them that other people get attracted by their magnanimous nature. They connect instantly with others because they pay attention to others’ feelings and needs. They are very good listeners and don’t interfere when others are speaking. They feel lighthearted when they immerse themselves in spiritual practices. They spent a lot of time in meditation to overcome their mental pain. They are not crazy about remaining in limelight and prefer working quietly behind the scenes.

Venus in Pisces

Venus gets exalted in Pisces. The natives with Venus in Pisces are softhearted and kind by nature. They selflessly throw themselves in service of those whom they love or who ask for any favor from them. People come to them with their sob stories and ask for their opinion in such matters. They are idealistic in matters pertaining to love and are ready to sacrifice their interests to keep someone happy. They connect emotionally with people who are sensitive, creative and artistically disposed. They yearn for a partner with whom they can build a profound spiritual relationship.

The natives with Venus in Pisces are easy-going and docile. They don’t correlate with people who don’t honor their feelings. They value empathy above everything else. They understand the sufferings of other people by feeling their pain. They have the ability to figure out the sentiments of people by reading their expressions. They are ready to accept the eccentric ways of people but don’t burden them with theirs. Sometimes, they think one thing but express it in other way which creates an impression that they are absentminded and their vision is blurred. Sometimes, they talk in circles about their situations and expect people to read between the lines the hidden meaning of their remarks.

The natives with Venus in Pisces make every possible effort to ensure that they don’t hurt the feelings of any living being. They convey the bad news to someone in such a way that it doesn’t look bad. If any general conversation or debate turns ugly, they leave the place so that their mental equilibrium is not disturbed. When someone injures their tender heart, they retreat to aloofness by distancing themselves from others. If someone empathizes with them, they open up their heart to them. Artistic endeavors inspire them to leave their mark in their field of work.

Mars in Pisces

The natives with Mars in Pisces are affected by mood swings. Their goals in the morning can be totally different with their thoughts in the evening. They don’t accept that they shuffle their plans too often. Their fluctuating nature makes them appear confusing and directionless in the eyes of other people. If they show interest in pursuing a goal, they should be given ample time to make sure whether they stick to their decision or not. They can pursue a goal seriously only if they have deep emotional attachment towards it. They go round the boundaries before pitching into the center.

The natives with Mars in Pisces need emotional drive to involve them in a group effort. They don’t jump the bandwagons just for the sake of it. Their unstable disposition gives them whopping ups and downs in life. Power, money and security can’t drive them crazy if they are not inspired about the work or cause. They are basically gentle and docile. They like when life flows in its own momentum as they don’t want to flow against the tides. They are very creative and use their instincts to make right moves. They may seem to possess saint-like calmness on their face but lots of undercurrent floats inside their minds.

The natives with Mars in Pisces are enormously romantic by nature. Romantic fantasies always stimulate their passion. Their thoughts are encompassed with the imagination of an ideal lover. They give prominence to emotional union with their partner, more than the physical union. Their compassionate nature makes them endearing to their partner as they shower love and affection on them. They also want to develop spiritual bonding with their partner because self-development and inner growth are more important to them than materialistic comforts. Their partner is enamored by their easygoing and accommodating nature.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces. The natives with Mercury in Pisces primarily get carried by their emotions. They are very gentle communicators and speak as if they are reciting a poem. They have such delicateness attached to their voice. They are unpredictable too. It is difficult to gauge how they will behave in a certain situation. For them, the world is a beautiful place to live in and not a battle zone. While making crucial decisions, they follow the voice of their heart and they get some accurate insights from their sixth sense.

The natives with Mercury in Pisces are one of the best listeners and make others so comfortable that they pour out their heart in front of them. They go into hypnotic state of mind when they listen to others. It seems that they are totally engrossed in others’ stories. They don’t judge or calculate others’ feelings; they just visualize and experience their feelings by getting immersed in it with all their heart. Their eyes seem to get awakened from a meditative state after they had gone through someone’s narrative. Then they provide them with such accurate feedback as if it was their personal story. They enlighten others with their deep understanding of any problem.

The natives with Mercury in Pisces are inclined towards artistic pursuits. They can excel in theatre, movies, music, poetry, writing etc. They are fascinated by mysticism, occult and paranormal activity. They live through the power of meditation and prayers. They believe that someone up there listens to them with apt attention. Their communication gets blurred due to their unorganized thinking. While explaining something, they may leave out the important details or change the discourse according to their mood. They often retreat to the world of their fantasies and dreams. They are imaginative but they should learn to translate their thoughts into actions.

Moon in Pisces

The natives with Moon in Pisces are very sensitive, especially towards the needs and problems of others. They can experience the emotional pains, sufferings and dilemmas of other people. They want to wipe tears from the eyes of suffering mankind which makes them endearing to people. Their greatest asset is their benevolent and humanitarian character. They are very imaginative and creative by spirit. They like to plan things first before starting any new work. They are enamored by the thought of romance and love. They want to forge an intense and passionate relationship with their partner and look for long term commitments. They want a partner who can also become their best friend.

The natives with Moon in Pisces are blessed with creative abilities. They are driven by the vision of a meaningful life where they can play a role in the emancipation of suffering souls. They are elated in sharing deep emotional bond with their partner and worldly comforts are not enough to make them blissful. They appreciate the beauty of nature and goodness in life. Their creativity, if utilized properly, can make them good artists, painters, actors, writers, musicians, singers etc. Once they form a close relationship with someone, they dedicate themselves to make that relationship last longer.

The natives with Moon in Pisces are so sensitive that they immerse themselves in the problems and pains of other people with whom they are associated. It makes them vulnerable to exploitation and deceit. They remain submerged in their fantasies and dreams and turn their back towards the practical aspects of life. Their health gets adversely affected by the emotional ups and downs of life as they are unable to cope up with reality. They escape from the unpleasant circumstances rather than putting up a brave fight. They easily get disheartened if they are criticized and indulge in self-pitying in such circumstances.

Sun in Pisces

The natives with Sun in Pisces are characterized by virtues like sympathy, kindness and sacrifice. They are known as eternal dreamers. They like to inhabit in the world of their dreams and illusions. They are keen to connect with paranormal world. They have a lot of faith in religion and God. They are very compassionate and help the unfortunate people to come out of their bad spell. They have a vibrant imagination which helps them excel in creative fields. They make good actors, musicians and painters. They can also become great healers, priests and doctors. They have weak constitution and should guard themselves from tuberculosis.

The natives with Sun in Pisces are able to develop close bond with other people due to their poignant outlook. They are not interested in judging other people; they accept them with their strengths and weaknesses. They prove to be very efficient peacemakers as they love people and understand their emotions. They want to win over others by love, not by fights. They trust others blindly due to which others want to fool them sometimes. They are sympathetic towards all living creatures and can feel their pain.

The natives with Sun in Pisces are prone to laziness. Their blind trust on others makes them the victim of deceit as selfish people crush their kindness after getting the work done. Confidence and self-discipline are not their assets. They take the resort of self-pitying rather than changing the unfavorable circumstances for the better. Sometimes they isolate themselves from their surroundings and become inaccessible to others.
The natives with Sun in Pisces are very good lovers. They are forever ready to do something novel for their lover and sacrifice their happiness for the sake of their partner. They close their eyes on the shortcomings of their partner. They shower love on their children and encourage them to be more creative and expressive.