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Saturn in Libra

Saturn gets exalted in Libra. The natives with Saturn in Libra are very tactful which makes them succeed in diplomatic endeavors. They make balanced judgments and people trust them for this reason. They need to develop a cooperative approach in relationships rather than forcing their will on others. They seek security through friendships and marriage. They may marry someone very younger or older than their age to get financially secured. They may marry late, only after getting sure that their partner will live up to their expectations. Their desire to get the perfect mate makes them too demanding in marriage.

The natives with Saturn in Libra are conventional and old-fashioned. If the Saturn is afflicted or badly placed, they may consider marriage as a bondage and don’t burden themselves with responsibilities in such scenario. They need to mix up well with people and be sympathetic towards them. They need to make their relationships a source of growth and not of suffering. They need to be flexible, tolerant and reliable to attain people’s support and social status. They take decisions based on merit and not on emotions. They look at both sides of the coin before finalizing something. They need to understand emotions and love people.

The natives with Saturn in Libra may face health problems related to lower back, intestines and kidneys. The problem is created when the filtering action of the kidneys is obstructed, allowing toxic elements to intoxicate the body. They need to drink distilled water to protect their kidneys. They may get troubled by urinary problems. They need to live in harmony with others to avoid being getting isolated. They teach lessons of morality and civilized behavior to those who need them. When the Saturn in Libra is placed well in the horoscope, it has the potential to bestow the native with unprecedented wealth, status and political fame.

Jupiter in Libra

The natives with Jupiter in Libra adopt happy-go-lucky approach in life. They possess good looks and often become popular in their society or in their group. Many of the celebrities, film stars, models and artists have the placement of Jupiter in Libra in their individual horoscope. They tend to be lazy but get lucky breaks in their life. They are desperate to get luxuries easy in life. They look for an escape route to free themselves from the burden of responsibilities and practical problems. They want to look smart, stylish and well-liked in their circle. They can remain unruffled in tense moments.

The natives with Jupiter in Libra ought to learn that life is not just the bed of roses. There are thorns and flowers; pain and pleasure; shadow and light; failure and success. They need to learn to give back to the society what they get from it. When they learn to detach themselves from one-sided perspective of life, they can understand and live life better. They become wise and mature in their old age. They have the ability to remain impartial when they analyze people or issues. They maintain the perfect balance of their mind and body. They remain physically fit and smart and fine-tune their mind by gaining knowledge.

The natives with Jupiter in Libra like to mingle with people, even strangers. They are diplomatic but possess sense of justice. They try to solve the problems of the people they come in contact with. They are civilized and lead noble lives. They wish to create beautiful and harmonious environment in the society. They excel in careers like fashion designing, beauty parlors, interior decoration and artistic works. They are good in creating jovial atmosphere in social gatherings. They like things around them to be visually gratifying. They need to save themselves from getting egotistical, greedy and snobbish.

Venus in Libra

Venus is in its own house in Libra. The natives with Venus in Libra are well-mannered, sensible and diplomatic. They look elegant and dress in style. They find it difficult to say ‘No’ to others because they are very generous and want to please everyone. It makes them vulnerable to peoples’ guiles. They can be pragmatic too as they know how to make others fall in line by taking action that fits the situation. They convince people to follow their instructions. They want peace and harmony in life and make every possible effort to attain it. They avoid discussing issues that may hurt people or result in friction with them. They sweep the controversial issues under the carpet.

The natives with Venus in Libra want a partner who matches their passion and balances their persona. They are attracted to someone who is stylish, gracious and forward-looking. They detest people who are ill-mannered and insensitive. They have color sense and knowledge of music and fine arts. They are lazy and opt for an easy way to get the work done. They depend a lot on other people and feel confident only in the company of their loved ones. Their indecisiveness robs them of many good opportunities.

The natives with Venus in Libra advocate equal treatment in relationships and marriage. They can live happily only in a committed relationship. They treat their partner with fairness and gentleness. When the goddess of love is in the sign of love, the results can only be magnificent. Their relationship with someone can turn sour if the other person doesn’t reciprocate their warmth of love with kindness. They don’t mind speaking an odd lie if that makes their partner happy or keeps the relationship strong. They feel complete when they are united with their partner. They are attracted to beautiful people but they hunger after the inner beauty in others.

Mars in Libra

The natives with Mars in Libra are attractive and sensual. They are tactful in dealing with people. They convey their feelings to people by maneuvering the situation rather than stating their intentions in a clear-cut way. They are sociable creatures who have guests flocking to their house time and again. They are praised for their personal hygiene, table manners and social etiquettes. They are adept in finding solutions for the intricate problems. They avoid discords with people and instead win over them by manipulating the situation. They are not so emotional and flow with the favorable tides. They always want to remain in the good books of other people.

The natives with Mars in Libra are crazy about their partner. They are the eternal lovers who seduce their partner with style and grace. They are expert in making the settings conducive for romantic moments. They know how to love, tease and get cozy with their partner. They expect their partner to understand their heart and mind. They feel happy when others shower them with praise regarding their looks and style. They induce others to fall in the trap of their magical persona. They know how to use charm, beauty and sex appeal to lure people. They convince others to abide by their wishes.

The natives with Mars in Libra are unable to make up their mind in decisive moments. They look towards others for approval as they feel low in confidence during tough times. They take a long time in deciding their strategies. They break down when they are unable to ensure justice and fair sense of play in their dealings with others. They get annoyed and impatient when things don’t move according to their intentions. In such circumstances, they move away gnashing their teeth. They need to stay away from manipulations.

Mercury in Libra

The natives with Mercury in Libra are considered to be the best judges of debates and other such literary contests because they excel in evaluating the issues by looking at both the sides of the coin. They are the perfect candidate for playing the role of devil’s advocate. They love to get involved in conversation with others as they are excited by mental stimulation. They make the conversation interesting by appreciating others’ views and even taking their side in any argument. They are always for healthy debates and leave the place if debate turns into ugly arguments and derogatory tenor.

The natives with Mercury in Libra are genteel, diplomatic and elegant in their speech. Their speech is furnished with pleasant tone and measured words. They never come across as crass communicators. Their ideas revolve around the spirit of justice and fairness. They are open to debate on wide-ranging issues and never shy away when they are challenged by more knowledgeable contestants. They always maintain a conduct that radiates self-control and respect for other person’s views. Even when they disagree with others’ views, they give them a chance to express their opinion.

The natives with Mercury in Libra give an impression that they are thinking something else and speaking something different. They get pleasure in kick starting the debates, throwing up issues, weighing up the facts, opinions and ideas. People who come in their contact feel that they are conversing with an encyclopedia of knowledge because they cover all the angles of any issue. They are fascinated by literature and arts. They are broad-minded but stick to their ideology firmly if they are convinced about its good points. They have big social circle because of their warm, caring and understanding disposition. They become the centre of attraction in the parties and social gatherings as people like them and come to listen to their views.

Moon in Libra

The natives with Moon in Libra are the problem solvers of top class. They promote the feelings of brotherhood and harmony. They are very happy in the company of people. They deal with others in a polite and considerate manner. They are sympathetic towards others and are very good listeners. In debates and arguments, they put up their views in a convincing and gentle way. They possess magnetic persona and good manners which attracts people of opposite sex. They display concentration and alertness in going after their goals. Their strength is their good planning for any project and their weakness is the weak execution of that plan.

The natives with Moon in Libra are very diplomatic in handling the team-work and complex affairs. They can act as peacemakers between two hostile groups. They know how to persuade people to come on the table for negotiations. Their bosses turn to them for preparing plans and proposals. They become a source of inspiration for their family and friends. They are affectionate towards their partner and seduce them with their charm and sensuality. They want a partner who is attractive, good-humored and who can match their passion in romance.

The natives with Moon in Libra are indecisive and waste their time in calculating the merits and demerits of any issue. They are flirts and try to seduce the opposite sex with their charisma. Sometimes, their over indulgence in love affairs brings them disrepute. They indulge a lot in criticizing other people which makes them distrustful in the eyes of their friends. They adopt confrontational attitude sometimes and want to win every argument. This makes them incompatible and impractical. They take a lot of time in making up their mind regarding important issues concerning their life which irritates other people who have to deal with them.

Sun in Libra

Sun gets debilitated in Libra. The natives with Sun in Libra are honest, well-dressed and tactful. They are guided by their intellect and are very good communicators. They give more importance to aesthetics, civilized manners and perfect dress sense. They like to look their best from tip to toe. Everything has to be pleasing to their eyes. They are sociable but maintain distance from people. They are adept at reconciliation and thus prove to be very competent interlocutors. They get satisfaction in portraying the roles of counselors and negotiators. They are the first to say sorry if they realize that they have done anything wrong.

The natives with Sun in Libra create a harmonious atmosphere around them because of their pleasing and relaxed nature. They enjoy the successes of others, which makes them endearing to all. They look for spiritual learning and personal development. They can mould themselves according to the needs of other people. They believe in winning over others with charm rather than using force. They don’t like fanaticism or lurking in the extremes.
The natives with Sun in Libra often lack in concentration. When their mental balance is disturbed, they commit a lot of mistakes in frustration. They become too dependent on others while making crucial decisions. They often get carried by the sensual pleasures.

The natives with Sun in Libra are the lovers of beauty, which they yearn for in their partner. They like to flirt which sometimes leads to intimacy. They are romantic at heart and want their partner to be equally passionate in love. They look for a partner who is on equal wavelength with them in matters of emotional bonding, physical love and intellectuality. They want their partner to be decent, sharp-witted, well turned-out and worthy of note. They want their children to be brought up with comforts and independence.