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Saturn in Leo

The natives with Saturn in Leo are tactful and vigilant. They have strong will-power and organizing ability which makes them a great leader. They are very good at their job and rely on their competence to carry out the difficult tasks. They are not the ones who display their emotions which makes them appear emotionless and inaccessible. Their inability to forge emotional bond with others makes them isolated in their social circle. However, they are very concerned with the financial security of their family and provide material comforts and luxuries to them. They have a strong sense of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

The natives with Saturn in Leo vie for the leadership role. Their ego gets pinched if they are assigned the secondary role. They want to attain a position that others recognize and follow them. They live a disciplined life and expect their family members to follow their footsteps. People find it difficult to converse with them because they are reserved and lack humor. They underestimate themselves by comparing them with others. It makes them feel inferior and they tend to become jealous of others. They alienate people by their short-tempered nature and cruel behavior. They don’t mind employing corrupt means to attain their goals.

The natives with Saturn in Leo should learn to express their affections towards others and cooperate with them. They should remember that a person is loved as long as he/she is humble and people start drifting away when arrogance creeps in. They are blessed with creative talents which they should use in the service of mankind. To make their life enjoyable, they should adjust with their family members by accommodating their views and aspirations. They should remain careful regarding the health problems related to heart, back and spinal column. They need to shed their ego and involve themselves in spiritual activities like meditation.

Jupiter in Leo

The natives with Jupiter in Leo are confident and daring. They want to prove their merit and prominence. They want to enjoy every single moment of their life. They want others to see how forceful and commanding they can be. They want to become popular and famous. They focus on their personal reservoir of authority and guts. This attitude makes them egocentric. They believe in their uniqueness and want to prove it to the world. They get enthused to participate in the acts where they can display their boldness, wisdom and maturity. They always aspire for a leadership role and are not ready to become mere followers.

The natives with Jupiter in Leo have a soaring penchant to be ego maniacs as they are so self-obsessed. They always think of the ways by which they can assert their importance on others. They need to overcome this tendency and become more accommodating and mature. They ought to learn to exude confidence without oozing arrogance; to be bold without being domineering; and to move forward without being insensitive. They don’t have the stage fear and can handle the limelight with enriching charm. Sometimes, they become too melodramatic and play to the gallery. They exaggerate their acts to enhance their self-worth.

The natives with Jupiter in Leo can demonstrate to others through their behavior that how one can become confident, happy and full of self-belief. They can make others realize their uniqueness in the world. They have strong personal beliefs and get upset with those who oppose them. Their daring persona pushes them to take risks but they need to give a thought to the possible consequences of any decision. They have good physique and talent in martial pursuits and community service. They get rejuvenated by holidaying and traveling. They are romantic by nature and entice their partner with their good sense of humor.

Venus in Leo

The natives with Venus in Leo are kindhearted, spontaneous and trustworthy. They can’t stand small-mindedness in others. They are high-spirited and look to participate in various activities, academic and sports. They get hurt emotionally when others don’t take the relationships seriously. They pay more attention in toning up their physical appearance. In the process, they forget that inner beauty counts more than the outer beauty. They tend to be pompous and want to remain the centre of attraction in any social gathering or party. They are vulnerable to flattery and adulation. They want others to make them feel special by splattering appreciation and kind words on them.

The natives with Venus in Leo fall in love with the idea of love. They are romantic and dreamy as they fantasize a lot about their lover. They want their love life to run parallel with the reel-life drama. They yearn for a partner who is the Prince or Princess of their dreams, who sweeps them off their feet in the first sight. They are on cloud nine when their partner exhibits romantic gestures and spends generously on them. They get attracted to famous people. Their partner should be flamboyant, witty and outgoing.

The natives with Venus in Leo are good judges of genuineness of intentions in a person and are turned off by those who try to exploit their feelings. They appreciate the creativity of other people and try to hone up their skills by learning from others. They get bored if things don’t move as per their expectations. They want to remain faithful to their partner because they want a fairy-tale romance with a happy ending. The simple way to make them happy is by telling them that they are breathtaking and special. They always reciprocate the good gestures of others by paying back with desired compliments.

Mars in Leo

The natives with Mars in Leo have great physical stamina and people appreciate their liveliness. They are pragmatic, assertive and self-assured. They have in-born qualities of a successful leader. They know how to get things done from others. They are blessed with good sense of humor and can entertain people with their solo acts. They shine as fine actors in dramas and stage shows. They are full of affection towards others which helps them to lead and guide others. They want to stamp their authority at public forums. They want to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of those who came into contact with them.

The natives with Mars in Leo have a charismatic personality and charm others with their flamboyance. They are very conscious about their self-respect and strike back with vengeance if someone attacks their dignity. They can’t tolerate disloyalty from their partner or friends. They get impulsive when things don’t go their way. They are caring and understanding in relationships. They are excited with the idea of falling in love with someone. They may test the loyalty of their partner if they develop any suspicions about them. They take time to open up with others and don’t reveal their feelings in one go. They look for a partner who doesn’t hurt their ego and with whom they can have fun and laughter.

The natives with Mars in Leo are let down by their arrogant behavior. Their dominant attitude keeps people at bay. They become jealous if someone in their circle outshines them publicly. They can’t bear the fact that they too can lose. Their egocentric approach creates misunderstandings with their partner. In household matters too, they want to assert their dominance. They can be exploited and deceived by sycophants because whoever polishes their ego is a well-wisher in their eyes.

Mercury in Leo

The natives with Mercury in Leo are impressive orators. They speak in a voluble tone and use their hands and gestures to convey their words. They are confident about their ideas and can persuade others to come on board with them. Mercury in Leo denotes creativity and eloquence. They become juggler of words and use them effectively in their writing and speech. They have a desire for presenting their creative ideas and knowledge with dramatic appeal so as to spellbind the audience. They speak passionately and honestly without any intention of hurting feelings of others. They perform exceptionally well in debates and come hard on their competitors with precise facts and figures.

The natives with Mercury in Leo have the patience and concentration to learn something new. They don’t like to get engaged in too much detailing and prefer to keep things short and simple. They get immense pleasure from learning something new and innovative and like to let others know about their achievements. Their thoughts move on a grand scale and they always visualize the long term implications of their decisions. Sometimes, there is bias in their views as they think that their opinions are far better than the opinions of others.

The natives with Mercury in Leo are very conscious about getting approval of other people as they want to be liked by one and all. If they realize that their speech and tenor are hurting people’s sentiments and turning people away, they promptly change their tone and calm down their speech. They make it a point to acknowledge the viewpoints of others. They may appear egotistical due to their usual aloofness. People get hooked up to listen to their views with interest and intensity. They look convincing even while exaggerating. They enjoy jobs where they are allowed to give creative inputs.

Moon in Leo

The natives with Moon in Leo are authoritative by temperament and want the spotlight to be placed on them always. They are proficient in organizing the events. They are interested in giving orders and deputizing others for the tasks which they could have handled themselves. Their sociable nature and dynamic personality makes them the center of attraction in social events and public gatherings. They always want to get surrounded by admirers, followers and subordinates so that they can boss around. They want people to display gratitude if they do any favor to them. Success matters a lot to them and their actions are planned only if there are chances to succeed. Their pride gets hurt if they are defeated or lose something in front of the people.

The natives with Moon in Leo are people-centric and their actions spring to establish their dominance over others. They love to display their benevolence in public and are forever ready to argue their cause. They are ready to sacrifice for a higher cause. They perform their duty with utmost sincerity. They have sense of fair play and justice. Tough situations can’t beat their morale and they face the adversity with resolve and everlasting stamina. They feel happy in sharing their success and prosperity with others.

The natives with Moon in Leo are very self-obsessed. They want to remain the centre of attraction and don’t like when others outshine them. They show severe resentment if others don’t accept their leadership or follow their orders. It makes them behave in an arrogant manner. They are prone to overstating their role in the team and become stubborn when a role against their wishes is entrusted to them. They boast about their societal status and look down upon those who don’t match with their social standing.

Sun in Leo

Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac sign. Sun in Leo is like a King sitting in his palace. The natives with Sun in Leo are quintessential leaders. They are the center of attraction in the public places. They are strong-minded, decisive, logical and self-assured about their strengths. They maintain calmness even in the trickiest of situations. Their greatest strength is their organizational ability and they know how to get the work done from their team.

The natives with Sun in Leo mesmerize the crowds with their magnetic persona. They grab a lot of attention and people love to listen to them. They are very generous but it is difficult to defeat them in arguments or debates. They are freedom-loving people and can remain happy in professions where they can exercise full control. They are not ready to stand in the last row or become someone’s followers. They like to dream big and go after their goals with firmness of action and enthusiasm.

The natives with Sun in Leo are not able to withstand criticism. They are sometimes ruthless in exercising their powers. They may forgive someone’s offense but they will not forget it. They are not very punctual and their lethargic attitude does a lot of harm to them. Since they are always surrounded by lots of people, they should become more adept in differentiating between true admirers and sycophants.

The natives with Sun in Leo are bighearted in matters of love. They are very loving, caring and affectionate. They don’t like to lose self-esteem even in the matters of heart and love. What they demand from their partner is absolute loyalty. They fall in love with the idea of romance. They protect their lover and family like a lion protects his cubs. They don’t like to spoil their children. They have a strong constitution which is resistant to diseases. Still, they should protect themselves from blood and heart related diseases.