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Saturn in Gemini

The natives with Saturn in Gemini possess good memory and concentration skills. They maintain their mental balance in all situations and are appreciated for their organizing abilities. They come up with practical solutions for difficult problems. Their mind is always filled with innovative ideas but they hesitate to try those ideas. They are very particular about plans and details before undertaking any project. They are fascinated with the things of past, historical monuments, archaeology, heritage and culture. They may look for a career in these fields. They also do well in professions like writing and teaching. Since they are proficient in reasoning, they perform well in subjects like science and mathematics.

The natives with Saturn in Gemini like to learn new things. In childhood, they may encounter problems related to communication and they may fear to stand up on public podium to speak. They need to improve their communication skills to succeed in life. They possess business acumen because they plan well and are capable of producing good results in short time. They mold themselves according to the situation and rely upon logic and reasoning to carry out the tasks. They don’t lose their composure in adverse circumstances. They don’t like to indulge in gossip and keep distance from people who display fake emotions.

The natives with Saturn in Gemini have to cope up with health issues related to nervous tension, which leads to the problem of oxygenation of blood. Sufficient oxygen is needed in the lungs to avoid this health issue. They need to take utmost care of lungs and throat. They should sleep in an airy room. They also need to guard themselves against negative thinking, cynicism and depression. They should accept the challenges instead of avoiding them. They find it difficult to connect emotionally with others. They are well advised not to doubt their abilities.

Jupiter in Gemini

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini are inquisitive and talkative by nature. They don’t shy away from putting their hand in tasks that others avoid to do. Their strength lies in their communicative nature and their interest in learning something good from everyone. They can gel with others instantly and can converse on the intellectual subjects at length. They are avid readers and pen down their emotions in a soul stirring way. They can relate to different set of opinions because of their nonjudgmental nature. They like to meet new people and get to know their beliefs because inspirational acts of others motivate them to perform better.

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini can become great mentors and counselors. They put more emphasis on learning than earning. They like to share their knowledge, resources and skills with other people for the benefit of mankind. They want to live a life that is vibrant, peaceful and packed with wide-ranging experiences. Their friendly disposition helps them to gain new acquaintances and contacts. They remain unbiased and neutral in analyzing people’s behavior and situations. It makes people, especially conflicting groups, to come to them to solicit advice. They steal the show in social gatherings by their eloquent speech and humorous punches.

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini excel in professions where they can serve the humanity. Occupations like information and broadcasting, communications, publishing, media management excite them. Intellectual status matters more to them rather than the financial status. They are capable of doing many tasks simultaneously as their mind works in many directions at a time. They want to travel across the globe as life becomes dull if they are asked to stick at one place. They look forward to get transferred to new places during their jobs because it gives them a chance to explore another place.

Venus in Gemini

The natives with Venus in Gemini get attracted by someone’s intellect, communication skills and sense of humor. They don’t get bowled by someone’s attractive looks only. They value mental agility. They want a partner who can stimulate their mind by challenging the opinions, keeps them away from boredom and exhibits curiosity. They want to share ideas, speak at length, go to different places and learn new things. They like to flirt with charming and friendly people. Sometimes, they can be fickle in matters of love and romance as they desire more than one partner at a time. They enjoy the fun of love and run away from its responsibilities.

The natives with Venus in Gemini are blessed with creative muscle. They perform better when they put their thoughts on paper. They express their feelings effectively through poetry or comprehensive pieces of writing. They can also create beautiful things with their hands. They follow their mind rather than succumbing to their emotions. They get attracted to that person whose mind downpours creative juices and who don’t get over-emotional. They want partner who gives them ample space and freedom to evolve professionally. They take a long time to commit in a relationship as they think that there are so many attractive propositions that it is difficult to pick one.

The natives with Venus in Gemini like to flirt and catch the attention of others by the magic of their tongue. They enthrall others with the finesse of their language. They want to live a life that is entertaining, tension-free, detached and full of interesting activities. They don’t want to stick to a stagnant routine or lose their freedom. They want flexibility in their schedule. They consider themselves broadminded and are ready to debate on contentious issues. People who are intelligent and witty grab their attention right away.

Mars in Gemini

The natives with Mars in Gemini are the embodiments of high energy level. They have the capacity to handle many projects at the same time. They are skilled in making witty and sarcastic comments. They are unpredictable and avoid even practical suggestions at times. They like to work in a changed atmosphere. They have sound oratorical skills which help them in outshining others in debates and arguments. The energetic atmosphere at work encourages them to perform better. The horses of their mind can run in different directions at the same time. They like to participate in the academic discussions.

The natives with Mars in Gemini are very good communicators. They can convince others to agree to their viewpoint. They feel good in the company of many people. They prefer group talks to one-on-one conversation. They like to participate in public gatherings and parties. They are blessed with good speech and analytical skills. They are also good in research works. They can become good teachers, writers, researchers, news reporters and public relations officers. They are fascinated by subjects that enhance their intellectual stimulation. Their imagination and creativity makes them illustrate ideas and vision, which others wouldn’t have thought of.

The natives with Mars in Gemini move from one project to another in a short span as they frequently get bored with one task. They are criticized for not being very focused about their goals. They are attracted to a partner whom they find matching them in intellect and knowledge. They are not considered very loyal in love because of their habit of trying something new in relationships too. For them, short term commitments are far attractive propositions. They get uninterested in places, people and things in short duration. Their partner needs to come up with interesting surprises to catch their attention. They seek attention from people and remain happy if the spotlight is on them.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury is in its own house in Gemini. The natives with Mercury in Gemini are bestowed with the aptitude to think quickly. They communicate clearly and use their language as a skill. They pass on the information which they gain through persistent efforts. They can convince people to change their opinions and can sway opinions in someone’s favor. Their major hobbies are reading and writing. They get bored easily but learn the facts quickly. Fast-paced situations excite them as it satisfies their passion for thrill and mystery. They pass on the information too quickly while teaching or delivering professional lessons.

The natives with Mercury in Gemini put more emphasis on accurate facts and figures and not on emotional patterns. This makes them appear emotionless and cold in others’ opinion. The people who are less sensitive find their company interesting but emotional people consider them discourteous and uncaring. Their curiosity propels them to focus on new things as they can’t sustain in boredom. They have a knack for collecting facts, figures and knowledge and they surprise people with their grasp on subjects on which they deliver lessons. For them, life is a puzzle which they want to sort out.

The natives with Mercury in Gemini ask questions and dig information most of the time. They are very good observers and look for the logic behind any decision. They want to give their opinion on every issue. If someone contradicts their points with logic and convinces them that they are wrong, they readily accept their fault and change their opinion. Their willingness to listen to arguments creates the perfect scenario for a good debate. They put up a good show in debates by using wit and placing incomprehensible facts. Their witty and academic discussions keep the audience spellbound and people don’t get bored when they are around.

Moon in Gemini

The natives with Moon in Gemini are charismatic, spontaneous and have sense of humor. They are intellectually observant and adept to any situation as it demands. They are amicable and people enjoy being in their company. But sometimes they are directed by their mood swings which make them unpredictable for others. They can be very happy one moment and disenchanted the next one. One of their greatest strength is to excel in multitasking. They are proficient to carry the burden of many tasks at the same time. They are always updated with the latest information. They are ready to give their best shot at any task they are assigned.

The natives with Moon in Gemini are very good communicators and people love to listen to them. They get bored with one task and are always on the move. They like to attend the social gatherings and meet new people. Their major strengths are naturalness, pulsating imagination, writing and oratorical skills. They need a constant partner with whom they can share their feelings and plans. They are adaptable by nature and can adjust according to the situations, be it in personal life or professional duties. They are interested in learning new crafts.

The natives with Moon in Gemini find it difficult to stay at one place or tie with one task, owing to their impatient temperament. They analyze things, situations and people according to their intellect and in the process overrule the feelings of others sometimes. It makes them emotionally disconnected with the people and the surroundings. In love too, they want their partner to be more vibrant intellectually which takes away the shine from the romantic aspect of a relationship. Their restlessness makes them vulnerable to poor decision-making. It creates tension in their mind and they get down with health problems like hypertension and nervous disorders.

Sun in Gemini

The natives with Sun in Gemini are temperamental, sociable and lively. They are excellent orators and people love to listen to them. They have mastery over language and are voracious readers. They are always curious about learning something new. They like to mingle with strangers and increase their contacts. They turn out to be very proficient analysts, translators, commentators and entrepreneurs. They often come up with visionary ideas and extraordinary solutions for the long-standing problems.

They are not cut-out for long term relationships. They are not ready to wait for long to marry. They want to straightway tie the knot if they like someone, rather than spending some time to know more about their partner. This attitude makes their relationships unsteady and people find it difficult to repose faith on them.

The natives with Sun in Gemini are like children. They want to explore new things, play games and attend parties. They find it difficult to focus on one thing or work for long. Their curiosity and restlessness pushes them to try something new every time. They are intellectually stimulated and very creative. They can become good writers, lecturers and spokesperson because they convey their views in an interesting and captivating manner.

The natives with Sun in Gemini are also known for evading responsibilities. Their habit of jumping to new assignment without completing the current task makes them unreliable in eyes of other people. They tend to ignore the needs of other people. They are unable to connect with others emotionally. They are not adept at self-restraining and are susceptible to display of possessions. They need to discipline themselves to attain the confidence of friends and supporters. They need to shun reckless spending. They need to safeguard themselves from diseases of nervous system, respiratory system, lungs and bronchitis.