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Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is in its own house in Capricorn. The natives with Saturn in Capricorn are ambitious and disciplined enough to succeed in life. Their patience and perseverance makes them cross the difficult barriers in life. They attain rewards in life as they never shy away from hard work. They take every duty seriously and relax only after fulfilling their responsibilities. They believe that life is not all about attaining happiness only. Difficulties and sufferings also serve a purpose by making us stronger and better human beings. They get so engrossed in their work that their life becomes ‘all work and no play’.
The natives with Saturn in Capricorn have the ability to convert abstract notions into tangible solutions. The feeling of lonesomeness and inadequacy induces them to focus on their work for a longer duration. They also work harder to gain prestige and social standing. They tempt to attain power at any cost and display selfishness in such matters. Their main focus is to take their career to greater heights. They believe more on their abilities than others and thus show reluctance to delegate work to others. They go by the rules and prefer to work in an unemotional and structured environment.
The natives with Saturn in Capricorn are overwhelmed with the desire to control their professional setting. They rarely spare time to relax and enjoy. They persuade others to fall in line, though in a charming way. Their communication skills make them very good speaker. They are fair and impartial in their judgments and in dealing with others. They get satisfaction from serving others. They crave for attaining financial security as it gives them self-assurance and peace of mind. They should behave politely when they attain very high and powerful position. They may face health problems related to skin, knees and bones.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn are filled with optimism towards their life because they accept the black and the white with equal ease. They make a mark by following the golden principles of life. They don’t shy away from working hard in life as they understand that they have to slog to achieve something in life. They have the staying power to pass through difficult times. They believe in the customs of past. They like to follow a disciplined routine. They have a penchant for preparing their schedule and then moving in steps towards their goals.

The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn have a strong drive for attaining powerful status. They want to assume an important role so that they are recognized by others. They work hard to earn their place in the world, whether it is business, job, creative pursuit, bureaucratic role or politics. They want to earn a lot of money and sometimes take recourse of the unethical means to amass wealth. However, they lose their fortune when they deviate from the right path. They have an intense and serious disposition but they can surprise others with their sense of humor. They know how to make the best of a challenging situation.

The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn demonstrate tightfisted nature but they will do well by becoming generous and sharing their resources with others. They don’t invite criticism due to their strong moral code. They achieve success by following the path of righteousness and conventional wisdom. They crave for accumulating materialistic assets, which shakes their mental balance. The fear of failure makes them timid. They want to make a contribution in the development of other people. They excel in professions like finances, planning, architecture, administration, environment and politics. They take calculated risks to achieve their goals.

Venus in Capricorn

The natives with Venus in Capricorn are serious in disposition and express love in a very guarded and reserved way. They feel hesitant to lay bare their feelings. Although they look aloof and detached, they care a lot about what others think of them. They seek people’s attention and desire appreciation and affection of others. Superficial emotions, casual relationships and one night flings don’t generate interest in them. They take their relationships seriously and get satisfaction only in a long term commitment. They look for a partner who can nurture their emotions and give them long lasting and pure love.

The natives with Venus in Capricorn are conservative in matters of love and marriage. They follow the norms established by the society or family. They remain devoted to their partner in good as well as bad times. There are high chances that they may get attracted to or fall in love with someone who is older than them. They feel that a mature and reliable person can provide them shelter of love and emotional security. They respect people older than them because they think that knowledge and worldly wisdom comes with age and experience.

The natives with Venus in Capricorn feel that the choice of life partner will impact their life to the highest degree. The wrong choice will make their life hell and the right choice will put them on a higher pedestal. That’s why they may marry for financial security and elite status. They get attracted to someone who is wealthy and has earned fame or respectable position in the society. They can’t sustain with people who are not interested to raise their social and financial status. Although they long for true love in life, yet they don’t overlook the nitty-gritty of pragmatic approach towards marriage. They may not show their softer and emotional side to others but they are very sentimental and devoted in love.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars gets exalted in Capricorn. The natives with Mars in Capricorn are willing to work hard to achieve their goals because they believe that nothing in life comes easily in the lap. They are realistic and don’t believe much in destiny. They are pleasing to others due to their down-to-earth nature. They step into a relationship or situation only if they are convinced that they can give their best to it. Temperament wise, they are patient, mature and unrelenting. They exhibit methodical approach in performing their duties and even push themselves against their will in order to complete the task.

The natives with Mars in Capricorn are not deterred by setbacks or roadblocks which they face in the journey towards their goal. Actual results matter more to them than making grandiose plans. They are not hardhearted but they don’t let emotions come in between them and their goals. They get impatient when others hold them back due to their personal interests. They welcome suggestions and support of others and are good in guiding and motivating people. They like to remain low-key while performing their tasks and are not crazy about getting recognition or importance. They believe in letting their work speak for them.

The natives with Mars in Capricorn keep their anger in check. They want to attain materialistic comforts and luxuries for the better survival of their family. They are skeptical about new-fangled proposals and come up as unimaginative beings in others eyes. This makes them pessimistic and traditional as they remain tied to old beliefs and rituals. They look for a partner who can provide them long-term security. They can suppress their emotional and physical needs in order to focus on their livelihood. They take time to open up but enjoy the pleasure of senses once they get into a relationship.

Mercury in Capricorn

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn speak seriously and have weight in their conversation. They like to discuss issues of global importance that impact the lives of many people. They don’t want to chat about their personal or emotional issues. They choose their words with caution and like to convey the message in short possible words. They consider it wastage of time to discuss trivial issues and loose talks. They respect the importance of time and try to do things effectively and quickly to avoid even minimal wastage of time. They move forward by formulating plans and strategies beforehand. They are methodical performers who don’t like to move out of the predetermined arrangement.

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn get their work done in stipulated time for which they want to do things at their own pace and without external pulls and pressures. This way they can surpass the expectations of other people. They don’t want to let down others with incompetence of any kind. Their confidence and competence shows up in their communication. Their self-confidence drives them to assume leadership role in any collective endeavor, which, sometimes, dissociates them with their team. Their over-rational view of issues makes them pessimistic as they ignore the hidden bright shades. They don’t believe in too optimistic visions or wishful sounds.

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn are mentally very alert in memorizing facts and figures. They want to put their hands in tasks where there are chances of substantial results. They dislike people who don’t keep up their promises. They become short-tempered in the company of people who perform below expectations. They take time to learn new things but once learned; they retain the information for a long time. Their serious disposition often lands them in the zone of negativity and depression. They excel in the works that require timely completion.

Moon in Capricorn

The natives with Moon in Capricorn keep their calm even in the difficult situations. They believe in setting practical targets and go after their goals in a planned and organized way. They chart out their strategies cautiously and play safe and sound. They avoid risks and change their track if they are forced to move out of their security zone. They don’t want to reveal their softer side to others because they want to portray themselves as hard nuts to crack. They are willing to listen to their criticism and ready to make amendments, if necessary. They are concerned about proving their capability in the tasks they are assigned.

The natives with Moon in Capricorn work tirelessly till they achieve their goals. The power to sail through the troubled waters comes from their inherent determination and patience. They can be relied upon, once they are given any responsibility. They want to fulfill their commitments. They have a brilliant mind and use it for the benefit of the society. They become very active and productive when they are bestowed with any responsibility on public platform. They value the importance of time and dignity of labor. They strive towards their goals with utmost dedication and concentration. For them, actions are more important than words.

The natives with Moon in Capricorn put a lot of burden on themselves by undertaking additional responsibilities. They feel downhearted when people are not able to match their dedication in work. They find it difficult to adjust with people who are on a different emotional wavelength than theirs. In relationships, they worry thinking whether their partner would stand by them in difficult times or not. They feel insecure if they are asked to tread out of their comfort zone. They get angry when things drift away from their hand, which affects their health adversely.

Sun in Capricorn

The natives with Sun in Capricorn have great hopes about future as they are not very contented with their present. They have a strong competitive spirit. They have the tenacity to rise from their defeats and crush their obstacles. They are hardworking, avid listeners, modest and prudent. They try to keep their calm in difficult situations and avoid getting embroiled in clashes and controversies. They achieve their goals persistently because they value the importance of time. They follow the family traditions and rituals, even if they are personally not in favor of them. They are guided by their intellect, not by their senses.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are too serious in temperament. They are not gifted with sense of humor but they are honest, sensitive and speak in measured words. They are the ones who like to perform silently. They are passionate about earning more money and attaining material possessions. They happily carry the responsibilities of family or profession on their shoulders, without getting perturbed. It seems they are always in control of the situations. They like to work in a disciplined way by calculating their each and every move.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn have very few negative traits. Their persona is characterized by serious and restrained temperament. They lack sense of humor. It makes them dull and boring in eyes of other people. Sometimes, they are too concerned about following the traditions and adopt inflexible attitude if others don’t cooperate. They are prone to the diseases of digestive system, intestines, constipation, cold and cough.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are very practical in matters of love. For them, their love life should not interfere with their professional life. Their suspicious nature sometimes creates misunderstanding with their partner. Their marriage is stable as they are ready to help and forgive. The well-being of their children is their priority.