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Saturn in Cancer

The natives with Saturn in Cancer form a strong emotional bond with those whom they love. However, they feel hesitant to express their emotions and keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Their only concern is their home and family and they do everything possible to keep their family happy. They can get insecure and depressed easily if they found that their loved ones are in trouble. They feel good when they are reassured time and again that they are loved and appreciated. They don’t want to become dependent on others and want to create their own place under the sun.

The natives with Saturn in Cancer need to triumph over emotional depression. Some thoughts of the past may bump into them often which may stall their current progress. The fear of getting hurt emotionally stops them from forming close bonds and they move very cautiously in making new relationships. They are so involved with their wellbeing that sometimes they fail to pay attention to the needs of others. Their emotional security is related to their financial security as they feel confident if they have wealth and resources to bank upon. They need to break the walls that they create between them and others.

The natives with Saturn in Cancer suffer from problems related to digestive system, stomach and chest. They need to take care of their appetite and avoid drinking water with meals. Any kind of emotional setback harms their physical health too. They need to avoid being hypersensitive and take things lightly to maintain their emotional health. Some emotional disturbances that they might have faced in their childhood stick to their mind in later life as well. If they don’t get love and proper care of their parents then it will reflect in their own parenthood. They may become strict with their children. They want the child inside them to be pampered.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter gets exalted in the Cancer, which is the sign of its friendly planet Moon. This is the best placement for Jupiter. The natives with Jupiter in Cancer are benevolent, soothing and knowledgeable. They set high goals for themselves and are guided by their instincts. They take care of others with utmost dedication and are always willing to heal the wounds of the sufferers. Their memory is sharp and they can remember facts for a long time. Things related to history and heritage fascinates them. On top of their agenda is the desire to build a beautiful home for their family. They are philosophical, when they converse in public domain.

The natives with Jupiter in Cancer can make others feel at home with them. They make people feel special. They are good in making the most of the opportunities that they get. They have a taste for rich food and artistic pursuits. They can make it out easily if the other person is feeling happy or burdened by problems. Their kind and compassionate nature enables them to understand and feel the miseries of others. They use their imagination in finding solutions of the problems faced by their friends and relatives.

The natives with Jupiter in Cancer are God-fearing and devoted by nature. They believe in destiny and the concept that our actions bear fruits not only in this life but in subsequent births too. They are interested in reading the scriptures and religious texts. They can make a mark in astrology, palmistry and other such pursuits. They can excel in trades like real estate, architecture, catering, hospitality business, teaching, research etc. On the negative side, they sometimes cling to old traditions and superstitions. They feel insecure in the unknown zone. They make themselves unapproachable when they aren’t in a good mood.

Venus in Cancer

The natives with Venus in Cancer are shy, sensitive, soothing and romantic. They are deeply attached to their family, friends, home, native place and memories of the past. They are the ones who remember the birthdays, anniversaries and other special days of their loved ones. They are generally the first one to call others on important occasions. For them, love is a long-lasting emotion. They seek emotional security in their relations. They want to reside in a harmonious environment, where everyone cares for the emotions of others. They firmly stand by their relations and sometimes become over possessive about them.

The natives with Venus in Cancer tend to over eat when they are sad and depressed. Their craving for rich food, sweets and wine compound the problem and make them obese. The mental turmoil affects their health adversely. Their caring and sympathetic attitude makes them a natural caretaker of other people. They shower their partner with motherly love. They believe in soft approach towards relationships and strive to make their house a beautiful home. They don’t gel with people who are swollen with pride, frozen emotionally and hurt others with reckless behavior and distasteful comments. They don’t want to enter into relationships that may inflict pain in future. That’s why they approach new relationships with reservation.

The natives with Venus in Cancer prefer to correlate with people who give importance to emotions and possess good character. They judge others by their speech and manners. Having a soft temperament doesn’t mean that they are afraid of others or incapable of dealing with troublemakers. They can fittingly give the wrongdoers a taste of their medicine if they are mistreated continually. They can use harsh words which can pierce far deeper to show the wicked people their place. They become tough when they have to defend themselves and their dear ones.

Mars in Cancer

Mars gets debilitated in Cancer. The natives with Mars in Cancer are sensitive to the feelings and needs of other people. They are creative and possess sharp memory which enables them to remember facts for a long time. They don’t thrust their opinions on others and are always ready to help and protect their loved ones. They have a preference for working according to their plans and policies, without any outside control. They can be relied upon and they look for amicable solutions for settling disputes with others. They look for security in their job and may opt for other job if that brings enhanced security for them.

The natives with Mars in Cancer may appear timid but they are brave and resolute from inside. They are fully aware of their goals and like to pursue them with full concentration of mind. They are very intense by nature which makes them undergo mood swings often. They are affectionate and sensual. They look for a partner who can understand their emotions well because otherwise they feel neglected and alone. They don’t feel bad to cry in front of others when they are overwhelmed with emotions. They are not very demanding or dominating in love. They believe in peaceful co-existence.

The natives with Mars in Gemini are very conventional in approach and want to follow the family traditions. They believe in conveying their emotions through gestures and facial expressions. They remain loyal to the core to their partner and expect the same dedication from their partner as well. At times, they show designs of manipulation and scheming nature. They can be very argumentative and rude when they become adamant on certain issue. They store anger inside them which adversely affects their physical and emotional health. They behave in an irritating way when they are affected by mood swings.

Mercury in Cancer

The natives with Mercury in Cancer are blessed with deep and meaningful thought processes. Their thoughts and words are linked with their sentiments. There is meaningful objective in each of their thought. They have excellent memory and can remember facts for a long time. When they recall something they can even recollect the feelings that they experienced at that particular situation. They remain calm and quiet and are not boastful by nature. They tend to speak slowly and with a delicate tone. They believe in observing the situations rather than jumping the gun with their suggestions. They prefer to learn through feelings and emotions rather than just memorizing the facts.

The natives with Mercury in Cancer are very cautious with their words because they understand that offensive speech is like unguided missile, which hurts and alienates people. They react emotionally to ideas and opinions. They become defensive about their viewpoint and overreact to opposition. But they are not always wrong in opposing others because they can very well read between and beyond the lines. People who speak rudely cannot gel with them. They like to converse with people who are gentle in speech and are good listeners. They filter new information with their emotions.

The natives with Mercury in Cancer focus more on their family, friends and feelings. They can’t connect with someone immediately as they find it difficult to trust people in just one go. They can act diplomatically and can get their work done without hurting others. Sometimes, they are so shy that they choose not to talk or express their feelings. They are very focused on their work and hate distractions. They are interested in reading poetry and prose. They become great writers and speakers. They are patriotic by nature. They appreciate and associate with the things of past, cultural and heritage monuments and archaeological excavations.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is Moon’s own house. The natives with Moon in Cancer are very emotional by nature. They are governed by their heart and not by their head. They consider their feelings as their greatest treasure. They are blessed with excellent memory and intuitive powers. They are peace-loving creatures who find pleasure amid their family, friends and home. They are gifted artists and they appreciate the good feelings and skillfulness of other people. They feel uneasy in unfamiliar terrain and are prone to mood swings in such circumstances.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are loving, caring and kind. They are sensitive and can very well read the emotions of other people. Those people who feel down and depressed in life find their company as a new ray of hope. They value people’s feelings and apply their sense of humor to provide happy moments to the sobbing faces. They are very hospitable and prove to be the best hosts. Once they develop bonding with someone, they give their all to nourish the relationship. They easily slip into the domestic role and prove their worth in tasks like cooking, home decoration and gardening.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are so nurturing that they can talk with even plants. They are family-oriented and yearn for a partner who can become their soul mate and not just spouse. They are the eternal romantics but casual relationships or flirts are not their cup of tea. They look for a partner who can match them emotionally and with whom they can share their feelings, fears and ambitions.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are prone to mood swings and insecurity. They feel helpless in the absence of a trustworthy companion. They can’t forget easily if someone hurts them. They hold grudges for long which causes them self-afflicted pain. They are extremely dependent on their partner and become possessive about them.

Sun in Cancer

The natives with Sun in Cancer are dual-minded in moving on in life. On the one hand they want to move ahead, while they don’t want to part away with the secure zone. They are introverted and find it challenging to gel with others. They keep distance from the strangers but are always ready to lend a helping hand to their friends. They prefer to harp on the glories of the past rather than marching ahead with changing times. They are affable, tactful and punctual.

The natives with Sun in Cancer are blessed with good memory and intuitive powers. They are able to comprehend the minds of other people. They are the ones who get sentimental after listening to a song or gulping a peg of whiskey. They are very judgmental in analyzing the weaknesses of other people. They are affectionate and like to spend time with family. They like outstation trips but they can’t remain without family for long. They like to indulge in vocations that are useful for the society. They are very compassionate about other people’s needs.

In love, the natives with Sun in Cancer give utmost importance to the emotional bonding. Their lover has to win their heart in order to take the relationship ahead. They want their partner to be loyal and humble. They may be docile outside, but at home they like to assert their authority. They shine in the vocations where they are allowed to showcase their creativity. They excel in music, acting and other such arts.

The natives with Sun in Cancer feel neglected if others don’t pamper them. Their statute is frail and they are often attacked by the diseases of digestive system. They are also prone to self-pitying if they feel like neglected. They feel uneasy in breaking the chains of the past. They are guided by emotions, rather than logic. They often succumb to mood swings.