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Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is in its own house in Aquarius. The natives with Saturn in Aquarius possess practical common sense. They get energy from their inner strength which comprises of faith and devotion. They are friendly towards others but they need to be more tolerant and understanding in dealing with people. They must develop sense of forgiving. They can think ahead of time and plan well for the contingencies. They look at things in a complete new way and come up with suggestions that change the equations dramatically. They are serious, detached and cold by temperament.

The natives with Saturn in Aquarius have a scientific and innovative mind. They are reliable and committed in friendships and relationships. They want to become sociable but find it difficult to connect emotionally with someone instantly. People keep them away as they ooze superiority complex. They need to accept their shortcomings and perk up their behavior to attract people and develop personal bonds. They need a forum where they can share their vision and ideas with others, however fanciful or pragmatic they may be. When they form their firm opinion on any issue, they become vindictive against those who oppose them.

The natives with Saturn in Aquarius need to apply their skills in practical applications. They need to be vigilant about health issues related to circulatory and nervous system. Problems in the circulatory system can produce life-threatening ailments. Snags in the nervous system can cause numbness and loss of vision. They prefer long term commitments in matters of love and marriage. They remain loyal towards their partner and make friends with someone with common interests. They have an intuitive mind and they think a lot about future. They take pride in the fact that they have immense knowledge of different subjects. They adopt moral approach towards life as they are spiritual and truth-seeking.

Jupiter in Aquarius

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius are humanitarian by nature and are concerned with the wellbeing of everyone. They have faith in the brotherhood of mankind. They are fascinated by assignments that bring into play their hidden talents and give them a chance to broaden their vision. They are easy to work with due to their friendliness, impartial attitude and problem-solving temperament. Innovative ideas emerge out of their inventive mind. They have a knack for managing big groups of people. Their greatest strength is their sensitiveness which enables them to understand the feelings and problems of others with a sympathetic attitude.

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius believe in the principle of ‘Live and let live’. They show tolerance towards the religious and general views of other people. They look at the positive side of any issue and it makes them the people to talk to when others find themselves clueless. They attract people because they radiate positive energy. Even when they achieve high positions of success and fame, they don’t forget their less fortunate companions. They are always eager to do their bit to emancipate the downtrodden folks. They excel in fields like technology, philosophy, social work, science and spiritual pursuits.

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius can’t be tied at one place or in one job. They like to tread on paths that are less travelled. They accept people as they are because they know that everyone is unique in some way. They don’t accumulate enormous wealth because they are not lured by the materialistic things. They draw many admirers because no one feels threatened by them. They lack in discipline sometimes. They can shake the system by their revolutionary acts, which surprise others as no one expects them to break the regulations. They are brilliant in uniting people to fight for a larger cause for the betterment of humanity.

Venus in Aquarius

The natives with Venus in Aquarius are inclined towards rational and balanced relationships. They are attracted to people who can stimulate their thinking process and who have high standards of probity in public life. They want their partner to behave in a measured way and have restraint over emotions. They don’t want to deviate from the set of rules they have framed for themselves. They consider their opinions and beliefs better than the intellectual verdicts of people or organizations. Their deadpan intellectual way of thinking makes them appear packed with superiority complex. They come across as broad-minded people having an all-embracing point of view.

The natives with Venus in Aquarius can’t establish a close bond with people who are selfish and who put their personal interests over the combined interests of other people. They are turned off by the company of self-absorbed and over-emotional people. They become rebellious if they are forced to follow rules or directions against their wishes and conscience. They behave in a calm and gentle manner until someone tries to play with their tolerance. They express their intentions in a detached and candid way. They like to extend their social network by bringing more people in their circle. They are not content to sit at home and like to indulge in outdoor activities.

The natives with Venus in Aquarius can’t cope up with partners who are possessive and stick like a glue. They are free birds who can’t be kept in a cage. For them, forming a spiritual and intellectual bond with their partner is more important than having an intimate affair or emotional attachment. They want a partner who gives them freedom to remain the kind of person that they are. Their detached nature is good for their partner because they don’t become domineering, over possessive or emotionally demanding.

Mars in Aquarius

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are the campaigners of freedom, equality and brotherhood in society. They uphold the higher ideals while pursuing their worldly duties. They want to maintain their freedom while working selflessly for a larger cause that is beneficial to the society. They have the maturity, patience and perseverance to turn the tides in their favor. They generally make unbiased decisions because they prefer using their intellect for taking decisions rather than using emotional schemes or brute physical power. They use reasoning power and logic to convince people or win arguments and keep emotional entanglements out of the equation.

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are well mannered, judicious and fair in their dealings. They need freedom to chalk out their course and in the process they ignore others’ counsel sometimes. They are so obsessed with their line of reasoning that they don’t budge from their stand. They give the impression of boasting their intellectual superiority. Inflexible adherence to self-opinion makes them rigid and difficult to get on with. They become rebellious if they found themselves trapped in a situation. But they value independence and individuality of others too. They have the guts to stand against the system or establishment if they feel that people’s rights are infringed upon.

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are dominant in their personal relationships although they give space to their partner to blossom. They go in for intellectual communications rather than emotional chit-chats. They take time to express their sentiments to others and open up only after they have become friendly with them. They lay more importance in establishing intellectual connection with their partner before forming emotional and physical connection. Sometimes, they show aloofness in the intimate relations which bothers their partner. They are very happy to back the intellectual pursuits of their partner as it gives them a sense of superiority.

Mercury in Aquarius

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius can be rigid and flexible at the same time. They listen to others views but they don’t fluctuate from their principles and predetermined opinions. There is no end to the range of topics on which they can converse upon. They listen carefully to others and mix up their conversation with humor to make it livelier and appealing to people. They are sharp thinkers who form their firm opinion based on logical thinking. They have an inherent desire to help others and serve the society. They become very good writers and some of their ideas are considered ahead of time.

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius consider every possible aspect of an issue before arriving at a conclusion because they want to avoid making any biased or incorrect decision. They go by ethics and thus are very confident about their decisions and approach towards work. They are quick learners because they always want to apply their mind in innovative and productive tasks. They like to participate in mind games like chess, word puzzles, quiz etc. and readily accept the challenges thrown by others. They excel in the subjects of science; discovery and inventions.

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius are friendly by heart and enjoy conversing with people, even strangers. It doesn’t mean that they chat endlessly or meaninglessly. They prefer to discuss topics that carry some weight and which challenge the brain power. They like to involve more people in such discussions to get a comprehensive view of the subject discussed. They might have made up their mind on an issue beforehand, but still they keenly listen to others views. They make a delightful company but sometimes people get offended by their superiority complex which arises out of their knowledge and over-confidence. They can read a person’s intentions from his/her expressions.

Moon in Aquarius

The natives with Moon in Aquarius are sociologists by temperament. They have sharp observational skills and are fascinated towards studying human tendencies. They exhibit twofold behavior while dealing with people. On the one hand, they are friendly with people and surround themselves with acquaintances, while on the other hand they remain innately aloof from inside. They display maturity in dealing with people and in understanding their emotions and fears. They want others to act according to their whims and fancies. They want to possess a personality which is different from the rest of the tribe because of their desire to look different from others.

The natives with Moon in Aquarius are good-looking and attract people with their facial and verbal expressions. They are optimistic and can cast their spell on the dejected souls. They are always willing to help out someone in distress. They don’t have any selfish interests attached in their endeavors to help others. They are very confident about their relationships and give their partner ample space to blossom. They are liked in their social circle due to their helping nature, optimistic attitude and sharp sense of humor. They mesmerize others with their charisma and child-like innocence. They prove to be loyal partners in love and marriage. They are dreamers who fascinate others with their vision. They like to roam in the world of their dreams.

The natives with Moon in Aquarius keep some emotional distance from their friends and social circle because of their aloofness. They act adamantly when they want to get things done according to their desire. They demonstrate their temperamental side when others show reluctance to follow their orders. They get upset and maintain distance from others if they are criticized, even for the right cause. They don’t open up instantly with their partner and take time to vent out their feelings.

Sun in Aquarius

The natives with Sun in Aquarius are determined but unconventional and unpredictable. They are packed with a lot of ideas but are not good at presenting their views. They have good intellect which makes them good inventors and helps them to explore new things. They are always eager to use the newest technology and gadgets. They are friendly with people and enthrall others with their communication skills. They are very inclined towards spirituality and enlightenment. They can very quickly orient themselves in new jobs or businesses.

The natives with Sun in Aquarius have strength of will to create their own course, even if it means breaking the conventions or ties of the past. They go by the voice of their head rather than following their heart. They are fair and impartial in judging the people and circumstances. Once they make up their mind about something, they are not ready to budge from their position. They are interested in participating in public forums and donning the role of coordinator and administrator.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are stubborn and have inflexible attitude. The bluntness in their speech turns people away from them. They are not ready to leave their security zone in order to achieve something new. Their lack of seriousness and freedom-loving nature alienates other people. They are not ready to accept the opinions of other people once they have decided on something. Sometimes, they don’t practice what they preach.

The natives with Sun in Aquarius look for a good-looking partner. They want a partner who is fun-loving and who can endure their mood swings and unpredictable behavior. They are attracted to one who comes up with innovative ideas. Family is very important in their scheme of things and children are very dear to them. They want their children to be aware of advanced technologies.