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Saturn in 8th House

Saturn in the eighth house makes the native hardworking, tolerant and disciplined. They, however, get so carried away with the thought of self discipline that they start inflicting self torture. Their quest for attaining a secure financial position pushes them to suppress their social network and personal gratification. The childhood may bring some problem to the father of the native. Either their father may suffer from a long illness or may be short-lived. The native may fail to get any heritance which may cause them mental pain because they are primarily concerned about their financial security. They may encounter problems related to their taxes, shares and bonds, insurance policies and the money they give to others or take from them.

The natives with Saturn in the eighth house have a serious approach towards life. They are sincere and determined but sometimes they adopt inflexible attitude and rigid approach. This drifts them away from other people. It brings troubles to them in their professional arena as well as in personal life. Saturn here may drag them hard to teach them a good lesson in life. Negativity is the word such natives need to watch out for and try to remove from their life. The pessimism that dwells in them causes despair to their family members, friends and spouse.

Saturn in the eighth house is said to bestow the native with painful death. There are no fixed principles, yet it signifies that such natives have to overcome their internal strife to maintain their emotional and physical health. They may die at a distant place, far away from their native place or home. Such natives can prosper only by accepting the law of the Nature and enjoying all its seasons, by accepting the good and learning from the bad. They must shed their rigidity and accept that only one thing is fixed and that is ‘change’.

Jupiter in 8th House

The natives with Jupiter in the eighth house are blessed with affluence and esteemed financial status. The biggest source of their gains is inheritance. They also prosper through joint ventures. They may take money from other people for investment, which may increase manifold subsequently. They are intelligent and may go abroad for study and research purpose. They may earn huge amount for the research work that they do in their favored subject. They prove to be very able investigators who can get to the bottom of any mystery. They are accomplished in preparing war plans and other strategies.

The natives with Jupiter in the eighth house get engrossed in spiritual pursuits, if Jupiter is exalted, in its own sign or is in the sign of a friendly planet. Eighth house is not a very auspicious place for Jupiter. The ill effects of Jupiter’s placement here can be countered by immersing oneself in the devotion of God. The native must become morally upright to avert dangers on life and finance. The native has an average or short life span, if Jupiter gets debilitated there and the eighth lord is afflicted or deposited in an inauspicious house. However, the native will live a healthy and long life, if Jupiter is exalted or strongly placed here.

Jupiter in the eighth house doesn’t let the natives to live in their ancestral house for long. Weak Jupiter in the eighth house makes the native poor and they earn money by serving others. They may get involved in sinful acts and may have to suffer humiliation on account of having illicit relations with widows or the women of low status. However, if Jupiter is strong here, the native bears a saintly persona and is well versed in religious scriptures like ‘Vedas and Purana’. It is said that such people go to heaven after their death.

Venus in 8th House

Venus in the eighth house proves good or bad depending upon the strength of the lord of the eighth house. Though Venus is not considered very well here, but there are no fixed rules. It can bless the natives in certain aspects of their life if Venus is strong. Venus here indicates financial benefits emerging through spouse, either through their hard work or through the accumulated money of their spouse. They enjoy materialistic comforts due to the efforts of their spouse. They may also receive money through inheritance which makes their life easier. They don’t reach great heights in professional life owing to their lazy attitude and lack of self-discipline.

The natives with Venus in the eighth house are characterized by their happy-go-lucky approach in life. They enjoy each day of their life without worrying about the future. They keep distance from the hardships and walk on the flowery path only, by side tracking difficult issues. They are blamed by others for being insincere and laid-back. They are possessive about their relationships and feel insecure due to the fear of betrayal by their partner. Their spouse may be short tempered. Sometimes, their prophesy comes true, so they should not speak anything negative. They need to avoid thinking about sensual pleasures always.

Venus in the eighth house generates the interest of the natives in doing research in occult practices and magic. They are fascinated by metaphysical issues and psychic analysis. Eighth house represents deep research and if Venus is strong there, the natives can come up with their version on any subject related to astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. Afflicted or debilitated Venus in the eighth house bequeaths the native with vices like lust, jealousy and cunningness. Strong Venus here blesses the native with majestic speaking skills. They need to appreciate the beauty in others rather than being self-absorbed only.

Mars in 8th House

The natives with Mars in the eighth house are said to have fire in their belly. They are hungry for success, fame, wealth and recognition. Their single point agenda is to reach the higher pedestal of success, where they are able to prove to the world that they are unique and matchless. Once they decide on something, they go after the goal with their full might. They are intelligent and good decision makers. Their deeply inquisitive nature makes them shine the careers related to investigation and research. They can become good lawyers, doctors, investigation officers and crime reporters.

The natives with Mars in the eighth house succeed in their professions because they value hard work and ethical approach. However, they undergo ups and downs in their personal relationships, the reason being their careless attitude in showing love and warmth towards their partner. If Mars is weak here, they may face financial setbacks and losses through business partnerships or joint ventures. They may become jealous and scheming. They want to make their own rules because they can’t part away with their freedom. They don’t hesitate to challenge the family traditions. Their inflated ego comes in between them and their dear ones.

The natives with Mars in the eighth house prick the hearts of other people with their harsh and insulting language. They need to exercise control over their tongue. Weak Mars in the eighth house causes eye troubles and problems for father. If Mars is exalted or strongly placed here, they may be blessed with intuitive powers. They may be inclined towards spirituality and may involve themselves in tantric practices or studying astrology and occult sciences. They become good counselors and psycho analysts and help people overcome their depression and mental agonies. If Mars is in conjunction with benefic planets, they will enjoy good health and will be long lived.

Mercury in 8th House

Mercury in the eighth house gives penetrating eyes and curious vision to the natives. They look to investigate the matters beneath the surface. They want to unravel the mysteries that surround our life. They don’t just want to explore the factors that govern our life, but they are also interested in knowing that what happens after death. Their personality is a blend of mystery and spirituality. Their thirst for resolving hidden secrets is supported by their intuitive spirit. They are first-rate strategists because they don’t lose their hold on even the minutest of the details. They come up with workable solutions for the most intricate problems. Every step of theirs is well planned.

The natives with Mercury in the eighth house suffer from health problems and financial constraints if Mercury is debilitated or afflicted here. Diseases related to blood, veins, eyes and teeth emerge, causing them much agony and pain. It leads to financial crunch as most of their income is spend on getting medical treatment. Conjunction of weak Mercury with Rahu here can land them in prison. They are advised not to take law in their hands and pay the taxes properly. The weak Mercury can cut their span of life if the eighth lord is also afflicted.

Mercury in the eighth house gives them the ability to read others’ faces. They can read between the lines and can analyze people like a trained psychologist. They like to discuss issues that are considered unmentionable. If Mercury is exalted here, they live a long life. They earn money through many sources and may even get money or property from an issueless couple. Strong Mercury makes them an authoritative figure like a Judge or a Collector. They can go to foreign countries to complete their research in some subject. They may work in a hospital, prison or a rehabilitation centre.

Moon in 8th House

The natives with Moon in the eighth house have weak inner strength as they fear for their life and security. Fear has two effects on them; they become careful about everything and they immerse themselves in spirituality to overcome their weaknesses and fears. They can achieve anything because of their conviction in the Almighty. They seek to attain the hidden knowledge related to mystery and divinity. The only thing that fails them is their impatience. They are inherently generous but if Moon is weak or debilitated here, they may turn jealous, wicked and immoral. If Moon is strong here, they are loyal in relationships, reserved by nature and humanitarian by approach.

The natives with Moon in the eighth house don’t get the good results if the lord of the eighth house and the lord of the ascendant are weak, debilitated or afflicted. In such circumstances, there is threat to the life of the native or they may have a short life span. They may fear of drowning. Weak Moon separates the natives from their relatives and friends. But, if Moon is exalted, strong or in its own sign here, the native will get a long life and success in research and educational pursuits.

Moon in the eighth house causes many diseases to the native, if it is debilitated or afflicted. They may have to spend a lot of their money on recovering from the diseases. They fear from their enemies and face obstacles in dealing with them. But, if Moon is associated with Jupiter, the native will get abundant riches and comforts. The negative effects emerging in their horoscope crash and they become fortunate. Their sixth sense is well developed and they make use of their intuitive powers to guide people. They somehow comprehend what is going to happen in future. They explore tantric practices and the power of mantras.

Sun in 8th House

Sun in the eighth house instills wisdom and positive approach in the native. Eighth house has a deep impact on one’s life and Sun’s placement here makes the native to view life from the prism of mystery and divinity. They adopt humanitarian approach towards others and wish to add something positive to the society. Their imagination runs deep and they contemplate on issues like death, consciousness and the eternal truth. Their investigative and research-oriented approach makes them shine in professions like shares business. They spare a lot of time to polish their inner knowledge. They attain benefit from the government and get powerful position in their organization.

Sun in the eighth house generates the interest of the native in subjects related to human psyche and paranormal activity. They may learn the art of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra. They study astrology and its allied subjects to know more about the people around them. They do research work in science and religion to demystify the hidden secrets and using them in the pursuit of human happiness. The powerful placement of Sun and the eighth lord brings inheritance and sudden windfalls to the native. They may get property from an issueless couple.

Sun in the eighth house causes friction in family and bad relations between the father and the son if Sun is weak or afflicted here. Their feet are always moving from one place to another. They may change jobs or shift residence without any hitch. They are not averse to settling abroad if it satisfies their intellectual and financial dreams. They need to guard themselves against head injuries and chronic ailments. The eighth house denotes longevity and powerful Sun here enhances the life span of the native. If the Sun is debilitated or afflicted here, the native may suffer from defective eye sight, loss of money, loss of longevity and misunderstanding with the friends.