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Saturn in 6th House

Saturn in the sixth house can bring health problems if its position is weak. Such natives suffer from poor digestive system. They need to take proper care of their diet as bad dietary habits make them obese and diseased. Only after falling ill they understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. Such natives may have to depend upon a regular dose of health supplements like proteins, vitamins etc. to protect their immune system. If Saturn is strong, it controls over the diseases and makes one physically fit. Such people hit the gym regularly and are fond of running/jogging.

The natives with Saturn in the sixth house are workaholics. Since sixth house signifies work, Saturn’s presence here makes the native a tireless worker. They give their best shot in every task. They should, however, keep in mind that overwork leads to exhaustion and disturbs the health. Useless anxieties about work may cause them hypertension. They encounter difficulties at the workplace due to their expectations that others too perform as hardly as they do. When others fail to match up to their expectations, they make the atmosphere tense at work. Even their admirers desert them. They want the workplace to adorn strict and disciplined impression. This curtails the fun factor and makes work boring and dull.

Saturn in the sixth house crushes the enemies of the native, if it is strongly placed here. Houses such as third, sixth and eleventh are conducive for the placement of malefic planets like Saturn. Such natives don’t fear their enemy, however powerful they may be. This confidence emanates from Saturn’s determined and rigid approach amidst adversity. However, weak Saturn in the sixth house may cause tensions to the native on account of loans. Burgeoning debts and shrinking income disturbs their peace of mind. Such natives should never employ dishonest means because it infuriates Saturn.

Jupiter in 6th House

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house are admired for their flexible attitude and helpful nature. They shine at their workplace, owing to their knowledge and desire to learn something always. In spite of being very intelligent and proficient at work, they never display arrogance or demean others. Their emphasis is on doing their work earnestly while showing gratitude to the God for giving them an opportunity to work. They exhilarate when they can provide any sort of help to the needful. The good placement of Jupiter here makes them spiritual, charitable and honest. They are loyal and dependable in relationships.

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house generally remain healthy throughout their life, barring conditions when the sixth lord is severely afflicted and Jupiter is debilitated. The weak Jupiter disturbs their eating habits by increasing their over-indulgence in rich food and alcohol. They are then guided by their tongue and ignore health concerns. Too much addiction to alcohol damages their liver and they are hospitalized time and again. Overeating disturbs their digestive system and they are troubled by the problem of acidity. They need to remain careful about the blood-circulation diseases. Weak Jupiter makes the native careless about health, hygiene and nutrition. They need to guard themselves against obesity.

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house triumph over their rivals, if Jupiter is free from any affliction and the lord of the sixth house is well deposited. But the bad placement of Jupiter causes troubles through hidden enemies, who plan secretly to pounce on them. The sixth house also signifies debts and loans of any kind. Weak Jupiter drops bombshell on the natives by engulfing them in the vicious circle of debt. If sixth lord is also afflicted, they may have to sell their property, jewelry and other assets to pay their loans.

Venus in 6th House

Venus in the sixth house makes the native hardworking and dexterous. They display their caring side at their workplace by being tolerant and kind towards their fellow employees. Their charming persona and smiling face attracts others to talk to them. They are appreciated by their bosses for completing their tasks sincerely and on time. They are so endearing that they rarely have any enemies. Their competitors too respect them for their honesty. They are driven by the desire to bring about constructive changes and improvements in their work arena. They easily slip into the role of a negotiator if differences crop up between the employees in the office. For this, they get pat on the back by their superiors.

The natives with Venus in the sixth house keep up their spirits high when faced with difficult situations. They don’t blow their own trumpet and instead let their work speak for them. They are appreciated for their selfless actions and rewarded for their integrity. They need to take care of their body by avoiding over-indulgence in food and sweets. Consumption of excessive sugar leads to diabetes is a known fact, but they have to remain alert from diabetes, which creeps in their body faster than in other people.

The natives with Venus in the sixth house believe that sharing is caring. They are ready to part away with their possessions if that can make someone happy. If Venus is weak and the lord of the sixth house is strong, the native will have to face many enemies and they may be attacked by diseases. If the sixth lord is weak, they will triumph over their enemies, however powerful they might be. They should avoid the company of women having bad character or else they may be prone to sexually transmitted diseases.

Mars in 6th House

Mars in the sixth house gives very powerful results in relation to one’s valor and control over the enemies. If Mars is well deposited here, the native may trounce the enemy in the war. Such natives are characterized by their commanding nature and killer instinct. They are adept in handling tough situations. This makes them opt for career in the armed forces. They have a lot of energy, which they channelize by participating in sports and adventurous tasks. Some of the greatest athletes and sportsperson emerge from this planetary placement. They are passionate in work and play but they should give prominence to teamwork rather than being satisfied in individualistic glory.

The natives with Mars in the sixth house are tireless workers. Other people find it difficult to match them step by step. They are very sincere towards their work and dislike those people who are lethargic or inefficient. This makes people inimical to them, though they are right in their approach. They get impatient quickly when they notice that others are not working as per their expectations. They become inflexible and adamant to the point of estrangement with their colleagues or business partners. They get angry if their seniors or bosses don’t appreciate their efforts and work.

The natives with Mars in the sixth house face problems if Mars gets situated here in the company of its enemy planets. The presence of Rahu or Saturn here may cause diseases like rheumatism, hyperacidity and body pains. They may suffer problems through their maternal relations. They may roll under debt and may incur government’s wrath for not being able to pay up their bank loans. They may suffer from diseases related to blood and may be operated upon for the same. If Mars is strongly placed here, they will conquer enemies, debts and diseases.

Mercury in 6th House

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house have strong exterior but soft interior. They are firm and determined but they have a tender heart. They like to do things in textbook style i.e. everything is organized, precise and clear. At workplace, they are helpful towards all but they want the work to be completed in the set time frame. They can’t tolerate lethargy or imperfection and this makes them critical of others. They are admired as good employees as they are disciplined and efficient, but they are considered as tough employers and hard taskmasters. They take unnecessary tensions related to their work, which affects their health and they face problems like hypertension, nervous disorder and body pains.

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house conquer the problems that come in their educational and professional path with hard work and determination. They can earn money through the publishing business, like setting up a printing press or books and stationery shop. They are very systematic in their lifestyle. They keep clothes, books and other things at appropriate places meant for them. They don’t like disorder of any kind, be it in office or at home. The files are always neatly kept and the office desk is clear.

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house are health conscious, if Mercury is well placed. They take proper care of their diet and physical endurance. They exercise regularly and eat less. They overpower their enemies. But if Mercury is weak, afflicted or debilitated here, the native faces problems through their rivals and government. They fall sick often and suffer from diseases like leprosy or other skin diseases. Their harsh speech lands them in trouble and they are not able to achieve targets in work due to their lethargic conduct. They should refrain from pompous attitude.

Moon in 6th House

Moon in the sixth house makes the native hard working and sincere. Work is worship for them and they feel troubled if they are not able to live up to their own expectations in performing their duty. Their tendency to change their jobs frequently adds to their cup of woes because they lose important opportunities and faith of employers. They are supportive to their colleagues and subordinates at work. They face health problems related to tension as they take a lot of pressure regarding their work. Sometimes, they blow their own trumpet and overstate their achievements. Their face displays their state of mind.

The natives with Moon in the sixth house are inclined towards self improvement and are interested in religious acts. They may learn the art of tantric practices. The strong Moon here pushes the native towards meditation and yogic acts. Bad placement of moon in the sixth house disturbs the mental equilibrium of the native. They lose hope about life and may take the extreme step of committing suicide. They may suffer from many diseases, especially stomach ailments. They may have a weak constitution and poor appetite. They may be operated upon to get rid of the disease. They may face threat to life at watery places.

The natives with Moon in the sixth house are confrontational and poor, if Moon is debilitated or afflicted. They may have powerful enemies and may suffer due to the hurdles created by their enemies. They may not have brothers or many friends to support them at critical junctures. They may roll under debt and may have to sell their property or gold for raising money to clear the medical expenses. But, if Moon is well placed here, the native can breathe the sigh of relief. They may conquer their enemies and recover from illnesses soon.

Sun in 6th House

Sun in the sixth house makes the native sincere, hard working, determined and aggressive. They look for perfection in every work and come across as strict and demanding bosses. They are respected for their industrious temperament, while they are also criticized for being too harsh and adamant in dealing with their colleagues and subordinates. Sun in sixth house prevails over enemies. They are very sensitive to the criticism by others. They need to guard themselves against arrogance. They should realize that nothing is perfect in the world and people do commit mistakes, unintentionally. The need is to understand the emotions of others and help them overcome their weaknesses.

Sun in the sixth house makes the natives very conscious about their image in public. They want their work to be appreciated by others. They plan things properly before working on a new assignment. Once they chart out their course, they remain focused and immersed in it. Challenges and difficulties motivate them rather than pushing them down. They display exceptional leadership qualities in tough times. Their desire to serve people guides them to become social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers etc. They give importance to their health and involve themselves in regular physical regimen like yoga, pranayam, jogging, exercising, gym and weight training.

Sun in the sixth house blesses the native with good health if it is exalted, well deposited and if the lord of the sixth house is benefic, strong and placed in a good house. On the contrary, weak Sun in sixth house creates health problems, especially related to eyes, and forces the native to spend his/her money in paying the medical bills. They may face problems from the enemies but ultimately they triumph over them. They believe in the power of chanting of spiritual texts and mantras. The bad placement of Sun here creates problems for the maternal relations of the native and puts the native under the burden of loans.