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Saturn in 5th House

Saturn in the fifth house attacks the emotions of the native. They may feel that they are not duly loved and appreciated. This perception turns them into a reticent persona and they respond to others in cold manner. This makes them unpopular in their circle. Their aloofness reflects in their behavior towards their children if Saturn is debilitated or weak. They put on too many restrictions on their children and take parenthood as a burden or liability which has to be fulfilled somehow. In spite of being emotional and caring, they fail to show affection towards others. This attitude drifts away their children from their hold.

The natives with Saturn in the fifth house experience coldness in their love affairs too, if Saturn is afflicted and fifth lord is in conjunction with malefic planets. Their partner complains that they don’t pay adequate time and interest in the relationship, making it dull and one-sided. They need to learn that love is expressed by sharing and understanding the feelings and not by just bequeathing the partner with gifts etc. They need to let go of their self-centeredness, and should generate a spell of love and warmth. They need to shed somberness and become romantic and energetic to rekindle their love relationship.

Saturn in the fifth house gives good results when it becomes strong along with powerful fifth lord. Such natives find no roadblocks in their education and are able to pursue successfully the course they wish to take on. They derive happiness through children as they become more like a friend to them, rather than adopting strict attitude towards them. Their mind becomes much focused and they can remember facts and figures accurately. They should not become pre-determined in interpreting someone’s behavior. Rigidness causes them much harm as they lose many opportunities due to this. They should set a benchmark for themselves rather than wasting time in comparisons.

Jupiter in 5th House

Jupiter in the fifth house bestows the natives with knowledge and art of self-expression. They want to become a source of information by passing their knowledge to others. They are happy in making others learned like them. If Jupiter is exalted or in its own sign in the fifth house; they may write ‘thesis or a book’ on some subject, which becomes a reference point for future scholars. Their intelligence radiates in their conversation, which is thorough and meaningful. They study in an organized way and can complete even the toughest of research assignments in the fixed time. Their room, sometimes, looks like a library.

The natives with Jupiter in the fifth house derive happiness through children. The strong Jupiter, without any afflictions, blesses them with children who add shine to their ancestors’ name and fame. They prosper after the birth of their first child, in terms that they get a new job or a promotion or a profitable business deal. Their children are healthy and intelligent. But if Jupiter is debilitated and the fifth lord is weak too, they may have to undergo abortion/s before the delivery of their children, especially the first child. The conjunction of Jupiter with malefic planets here denies the happiness from progeny.

Jupiter in the fifth house gives ample opportunities to the native for dating and romance. The connection of the fifth lord with the seventh or the second lords/houses boosts the chances of having an affair and love marriage subsequently. They may get the partner of their choice. But if the fifth lord is debilitated and the seventh lord is also afflicted, there are chances of disappointments in love affairs. The natives with weak fifth lord or afflicted Jupiter should refrain from gambling and the desire to earn easy money. They can earn a lot of wealth just through their intellect.

Venus in 5th House

The natives with Venus in the fifth house are affectionate by nature. They prove to be friends for life. They radiate child-like innocence as they have a very loving heart. Beauty is an inherent part of their persona. They are very good looking and easily get attracted to the members of opposite sex. But they form relationship with good-natured people only and remain loyal to them. They are romantic and flirty but remain devoted to their partner when they find one. Ask them to lead the course if you want to arrange a party. They will come up with fancy ideas and put life into the social gatherings.

Creativity is the hallmark of the natives with Venus in the fifth house. They display their talents from a very young age. They are interested in acting, singing and dancing; these don’t just remain their hobbies but they can make a career too in these arts. They don’t have the stage fear and come out with flying colors when they are on any stage. They get their fuel by delivering breathtaking performances. They show creativity even in the role of a teacher because they do not use the textbook format to make students learn something. They bring into play innovation and interest-generating methods to make their pupils learn better.

The natives with Venus in the fifth house remain engaged by dreaming about their lover. They can’t thrive without a relationship that is romantic and compassionate. If Venus is strongly placed here and forming a relationship with seventh lord, they marry the person they dream of. They get happiness through children and get more daughters than sons. Their children outclass them if Venus is in conjunction with benefic planets. But, if Venus gets debilitated or afflicted here, they may have to face disappointment in love affairs. They may face difficulty in begetting children.

Mars in 5th House

The natives with Mars in the fifth house are people of strong grit. Their nature is defined by their daredevilry. They come across as natural leaders who hold the torch of leadership in difficult times. They attract the eyeballs when a tough decision needs to be taken because they are more ready than others to take immediate and correct decision. They are straightforward in their dealings and need a bit of restraint and articulation to avoid conflicts with others. Sometimes, their adamant and sarcastic attitude annoys people. They need to learn that ego can make their personal relationships sour.

The natives with Mars in the fifth house have a manly and muscular persona. They suffer on account of their impatience and rashness. They are fond of materialistic comforts and make efforts to get the things of their choice as early as possible. They are possessive about their partner and take time to settle in life. It may take some time before they beget children but their children are a source of great joy for them. They may be blessed with children whose birth brings them affluence and luxuries. They need to be cautious about getting involved in the relationships outside their wedlock.

The natives with Mars in the fifth house face hurdles if Mars is debilitated or afflicted here. Such natives are poor from birth and face injuries in their childhood. They may walk on the path of immorality and may not have any children, due to which their married life gets disturbed. However, if Mars is exalted or in its own sign or strongly placed in the fifth house, the native will be intelligent, blessed with children and may get a high position in government. If Mars is debilitated in the fifth house but if Moon also sits here, Cancer being Moon’s own sign, then the debilitation of Mars gets cancelled and it gives very good results.

Mercury in 5th House

Mercury in the fifth house provides formal education and sound learning to the natives. They have sharp mind and logical leaning. They believe in rational approach towards learning. Their view is that things should not be learned just for the sake of learning but with interest. For them, education is a tool of flowering as a human being; and without education and learning, one remains as good as an animal. They consider life and the world as a laboratory where you have to perform various tests to reach at some logical conclusion. They observe things, look for logic behind everything, ask questions and are not satisfied till they get appropriate answers.

The natives with Mercury in the fifth house develop good knowledge of ‘mantras or tantric shastra’. They can attain proficiency in the art of hypnotism. They may be well-versed in ‘vastu shastra’, which is an art of construction based on the elements of nature. Ability to prepare faultless sketches helps them shine in architecture and designing. If Mercury is exalted or strong here, they may get a job related to public treasury. They may opt for career in finance and banking. The bad placement of Mercury here forces the native to leave their education halfway. They may be ridiculed for their lack of knowledge.

The natives with Mercury in the fifth house face hurdles regarding progeny. They may face difficulties in begetting children and if Mercury and the fifth lord are severely afflicted, they may not have a child at all. Then, they are left with no other option than to adopt a child. If Mercury is exalted in the fifth house or if Jupiter and Sun aspect it or are in conjunction with it, the native may be blessed with healthy and intelligent children. They derive happiness as their children are well-mannered.

Moon in 5th House

Moon in the fifth house aggravates the sensitiveness of the native and makes their mental balance delicate. They are attached to the family from the core of their heart and can’t survive without their emotional support and love. They are very protective about their children and put many restrictions on them, although the reason is their love and fear of losing them. They give unselfish love to others, without caring if the other person is responding in the same way or not. They are guided by their emotions and lack practical sense. They suffer because they can’t keep their secrets to themselves. Their strength is their sparkling imagination.

The natives with Moon in the fifth house are blessed with good progeny if Moon is well placed here or exalted. Their children excel in creative pursuits. The combination of Moon with other planets of creativity like Mercury and Venus in the fifth house takes the native to the heights of artistic glory and they become celebrated musicians, poets, painters and actors. The combination of Moon with Jupiter here makes the native a versatile writer, teacher or media personality. They become too dependent on others emotionally, which harms their self-respect and decision-making ability. They need to maintain balance between heart and mind.

The natives with Moon in the fifth house spend a lot of time in meditation and spiritual acts. If the Moon is strong here, the native enjoys all the worldly pleasures, becomes learned, performs pious deeds and derives happiness from children. They possess a sense of contentment and detachment. They may get more female issues than male issues. However, if Moon is debilitated or afflicted in the fifth house, the natives may suffer from shortage of finance. They may not be able to receive higher education. Their wife may be short-tempered and they may face problems regarding child birth.

Sun in 5th House

Sun in the fifth house gives excellent academic skills and intellect to the native. This is the house of education and Sun here infuses the spirit to excel in studies, especially examinations. It has a vociferous impact on their consciousness and they get inclined to do research work in spiritual studies. They are the ones who are passionate about attaining first position in their class or getting awards in the competitions. They, however, lack in working with team spirit. Their individualistic style, even in the group works, creates imbalance and dissonance. They become rigid in following the schedule set by them.

Sun in the fifth house makes the natives original thinkers. They are driven by the desire to impress others with their innovative ideas. They can excel in varied subjects, ranging from science to pure arts. Their fields of interest are literature, medical studies, numerology and statistics. They attain expertise in various subjects and multi-tasking, which makes them important members of their organization. They are creative but they tend to show-off their knowledge by demeaning others. If the Sun is exalted here, the jewels of wisdom flow from their mouth and they can captivate others by giving spiritual discourses.

Sun in the fifth house plays an important role in shaping the destiny of the children of the native. The exalted Sun gives happiness to the native on account of their progeny. Their children take forward the name and fame of their ancestors. The fifth house is ninth from the ninth house, thus becoming the super destiny house. The strong fifth house lord and exalted Sun here makes the native renowned in educational field and they may get national and international awards, like Nobel Prize, for showing a new path to the world. But if the Sun is debilitated or afflicted here, the native may be childless or may suffer on account of children and lack of education.