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Saturn in 4th House

Saturn in the fourth house makes the native traditional as they toe the fixed line. They are opposed to changes as they want to remain in a comfort zone. It makes them hanker after financial security. They are very attached to their material possessions and assets like property and land. They like to deal in the business of real estate as they have good knowledge about the investment in property. They can suggest which sector is profitable at that particular time. They are good at heart but lose their patience often, which makes them ill-tempered and unpredictable. They own many vehicles if Saturn is strong here.

The natives with Saturn in the fourth house are devoted towards their family. They display dual behavior in their attitude towards their family members. On the one side, they cater to the needs of their family and try to provide every comfort to them. While on the other hand, they try to dominate them and control their decisions. They enforce discipline of the military type, which puts their family members in constant fear of reprimand. Their adamant attitude poses problems for their spouse and children and it disturbs the happiness of the family.

The natives with Saturn in the fourth house feel that they are burdened with family responsibilities, which becomes difficult to handle sometimes. They are attached to and protective about their mother. One thing that separates them from others is their patriotic spirit. The strong Saturn here makes them a mass leader. People belonging to the lower sections of the society and the working class are their major supporters, or vote bank as they say in political terms. They learn astrology and may make it their profession. If Saturn and fourth lord are debilitated, their public reputation suffers a jolt and their family life gets disturbed. They need to abstain from drinking alcohol.

Jupiter in 4th House

Jupiter in the fourth house makes the native bighearted, friendly and nationalistic by temperament. Their mother plays a great role in shaping their character and destiny because they obey her like a devoted son, without ever questioning her decisions. Their parents believe that they will not leave them after their marriage. Such natives take their parents for pilgrimages. They make every possible effort to keep their parents and everyone else happy because they derive pleasure from seeing others in high spirits. They are inclined towards spirituality from childhood.

The natives with Jupiter in the fourth house are interested in reading religious scriptures and holy books. The exalted or well-placed Jupiter here makes them to delve into and earn a living through practicing predictive astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. They get interested in the art of ‘vastu shastra’ and apply it in their work, if they are an architect or an interior designer. They have more than one personal residence. They get the comfort of luxury conveyances right from their childhood. They usually live in big bungalows/houses. Even as a tenant, they prefer to live in a spacious accommodation. They are fond of their home and take pleasure in redecorating it every now and then.

The natives with Jupiter in the fourth house want to do something concrete for the people, either by forming charitable organizations or by helping them secretly. Fourth house also represents masses/people. If Jupiter is strongly deposited here and the lord of the fourth house is not in conjunction with weak planets, they become the darling of the masses, even revered by them. Since Jupiter aspects the eighth and twelfth houses from here, they may travel abroad regularly. They will be the guiding figures at their workplace due to the Jupiter’s aspect on the house of profession. Weak Jupiter in the fourth house takes away the happiness related to home while strong Jupiter enhances it.

Venus in 4th House

The natives with Venus in the fourth house find pleasure in their home. They want to make their house look beautiful. While constructing their house, they look for the nitty-gritty of interior decoration and designing. They want to make changes in their house every now and then and spend a lot of amount on it. They get a chance to live in posh colonies or luxurious apartments. Their mother is very beautiful. They take care of their mother till last and provide her a comfort zone. They are deeply rooted to their native place and devoted to their parents.

The natives with Venus in the fourth house are patriotic by temperament. But their patriotism is not violent or fanatical. They would rather do small things to make big contribution; like planting a tree, cleaning their surroundings, following traffic rules, obeying law etc. They observe more and react less. They get the comfort of conveyances throughout their life. They want the best models of vehicles to be parked in front of their gate. If Venus gets debilitated here, they may not get enough chances to stay in their own house. They may have to go to distant places to work. They may not gel well with their parents or spouse if Venus is in conjunction with malefic planets.

Venus in the fourth house generates the interest of the native in studying scriptures like Veda, Purana, Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayan etc. They can remember the religious couplets easily. They derive strength from their devotion towards God. They want to tread on the path of ‘Bhakti Yoga’. They can excel in professions related to religion like astrology, palmistry etc. They become the darling of the masses if Venus is strong and lord of the fourth house is placed with benefic planets. Exalted Venus blesses the native with more than one house and many vehicles. They may be successful in automobile or transport business.

Mars in 4th House

Mars in the fourth house makes the native a home bird. They are attached to their family, especially to their mother. They feel best in the secure environs of their home and are very protective about their family. They, however, dominate their family as their writ runs at home. Their impulsive behavior causes clashes with their family members and makes them poignant. Then, they try to run away from the idea of marriage and contemplate to live alone all their life. They can overcome depression by adhering to the wise counsel of their mother and by becoming good listeners.

The natives with Mars in the fourth house are patriotic by temperament. They are attached to the heritage and culture of the motherland and defend the ideology of their nation with full force. They dream of sacrificing their life in the service of the motherland and join armed forces or police services to satisfy their ambition. But, if Mars is debilitated or afflicted here and the fourth lord is weak, the native may adopt the wrong path and become a terrorist or a naxalite. They may hold gun against the law and citizens. They should not feel jealous for the achievements of other people.

The natives with Mars in the fourth house have strong physical appearance even in their later years as well. They should avoid being rude to the people younger than them. If Mars is strongly placed here, the native receives inheritance from the parents and from the maternal relations. They may own more than one house and they change their vehicles frequently. They have landed properties on their name and may deal in the real estate business. If Mars is weak or afflicted, the native may not have a house of their own. They may face problems regarding their property and vehicles. Their mother may face health problems for a long period.

Mercury in 4th House

The natives with Mercury in the fourth house are deeply attached to their mother. Their family is like oxygen for them and they pour affections on their family members. They are also emotionally involved with their family traditions and follow the customs with utmost devotion. They are just interested in thriving in the happy and peaceful atmosphere of their home. They find a suitable job near their home so that they don’t have to move outside. They resist transfers and are not very interested in going abroad. Their mother plays an important role in transforming their life because they seek her counsel in every situation.

The natives with Mercury in the fourth house are blessed with intuitive and analytical abilities. They can sense the mood of others and can gauge their character by analyzing their behave, tenor and style. The fourth house represents our ancient scriptures and religious texts. Such natives study the holy books and scriptures and come up with their own view on that, whether it is for or against it. They gain recognition for their research related to the welfare of the masses. They should not become ‘fault-finding types’ because of their urge to analyze others from tip to toe. They are fond of traveling, but with their family.

The natives with Mercury in the fourth house buy vehicles very often. They look for new models of the vehicles and sell the old ones. If Mercury and the lord of the fourth house are strong, they live in a very big bungalow. They own many houses and lands. They can prosper in the business of real estate. If Mercury and the lord of the fourth house are weak and afflicted, they may not own a house during their lifetime and will live in a rented accommodation. They may have to spend a lot of money in maintaining their vehicles.

Moon in 4th House

The natives with Moon in the fourth house are family-oriented people and they are very attached to their mother. It seems that their existence resides in their mother. For them, the bond of the family is far above the materialistic chase. They are attached to the memories of the past, especially their childhood. Their personality forms by the kind of treatment they got in their childhood and yesteryears. They are emotionally connected to their native place, ancestors, family traditions and religious doctrine. Strong Moon in the fourth house makes the native interested in studying scriptures and astrology.

The natives with Moon in the fourth house are blessed with pure heart. They vie for emotional security, while finances take back seat in their scheme of things. They are faithful in their relationships and people trust them blindly. Women play a major role in their professional and personality development. They like to follow their own culture and resent following the western culture or things that are not in resonance with their ideals. They retain childlike innocence throughout their life. If Moon is exalted or strongly placed here in association with Jupiter, the native may shine like a star in the field of education and research.

Moon in the fourth house gives many vehicles, lands and properties to the native, if Moon is strong. They can build their residence at more than one place. But, if Moon is debilitated or weak in the fourth house, the results are reversed. The native suffers on account of debauchery. They may have illicit relations with many women and may earn a bad name on this count. Their mother may remain sick throughout her life or may have a short span of life. They may have to sell their house in order to pay their loans. Their vehicle may need maintenance over and over again.

Sun in 4th House

The natives with Sun in the fourth house are deeply rooted to their family, especially their mother. They are the followers of their family traditions, culture and mythological studies. Their primary goal is to make the life of their family members comfortable and tension-free. The exalted Sun in fourth house gives big home, many vehicles and luxuries to the native. They are very affluent and leave huge wealth behind for their children. The presence of Mercury in the fourth or tenth house makes them very successful businessmen, while the presence of Jupiter here bestows them riches through the business of jewelry.

The natives with Sun in the fourth house can take the wrong side of the law if Sun is debilitated here. They may indulge in immoral acts like theft and afflicted Sun can make the native impotent and weak. Benefic Sun in the fourth House gives immense respect and recognition in the society. They live a disciplined life right from their childhood and devote a lot of their time in studies. The native, through his/her good acts, brings laurels to the family. Their mind is structured towards fame and glory, which they want to achieve with self-efforts.

The natives with Sun in the fourth house are imposing in their thoughts and actions. Once they stick to a belief, they don’t budge from their stand in spite of pulls and pressures. They can’t be restricted to doing a single work all their life. They want to explore new fields of work and try their hand at different businesses to get more profit. And, they generally succeed in their endeavors. They don’t hesitate to move away from their home or native place in order to make their mark in their career. Spiritual conquests are like oxygen for them and they follow this path to grow as a good human being.