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Saturn in 2nd House

The natives with Saturn in the second house are frugal and sensible in spending their money. They guard their money as a faithful trustee or watchman. They handle their finances very efficiently. People accuse them of being miser but they value money and save for the bad days. It is good to save money for future but they should learn to enjoy their present as well. They feel down in the dumps if financial dealings don’t go as per their expectations. They can remain happy and composed only if they learn to share their wealth and possessions with others.

The natives with Saturn in the second house put much emphasis on materialism. They shrink themselves in a shell because they don’t want others to breach their financial security and secrets. And when they move away from the people, they feel other way round. They think that they are neither loved by others nor appreciated for their qualities. They need to love and respect themselves first before others feel the same for them. They are ever ready to work like a bull to earn money. Dexterity and hard work are instilled in them from a very young age. They value the dignity of labor and teach the same to their family members, especially children.

The natives with Saturn in the second house don’t invest money in risky ventures like shares etc. They believe that their hard-earned money is too precious to be frittered away in dicey options. If Saturn and the second lord are weak, the natives find it difficult to earn money. They may lose part of their income in lotteries or betting. Their voice may be harsh and they may have unstable family life. The strong Saturn here makes them act like a judge in their family and others follow their orders without much resentment.

Jupiter in 2nd House

Jupiter in the second house brings financial rewards. When the planet of wisdom steps into the house of money, it ensures flow of money through right means. The natives with such disposition don’t agree to let in underhand income in their house. They might never face shortage of money, but they have to undergo tough circumstances to earn money because Jupiter impels you to understand the value of each penny. They can be very good orator, more in the mould of a preacher or philosophical guide. Even those who sit at the high echelons of power and authority take their advice very seriously. People rush to them in hour of crisis.

The natives with Jupiter in the second house spend a lot in attaining things related to comfort and luxury. Their prime concern is to accumulate wealth and assets for their family, and they can cut their own expenses to meet the needs of their family. If Jupiter is well deposited here, they will be fond of rich food, but not necessarily wine. They will have a sweet tooth and would like eating out. But if Jupiter gets debilitated here, they may develop bad eating habits and may become addicted to alcohol and non-vegetarian food, which in long run may cause serious health issue to them related to mouth and digestive system.

The natives with Jupiter in the second house are good foretellers by instinct. If Jupiter is strong, many of their predictions may come true. They are admired for their virtues and administrative skills. They are good in studies and poetry. They have a good family life and spend their money on pilgrimages and donations. If Jupiter is in conjunction with malefic planets here, the native faces hurdles in achieving good education. They may become immoral and speak in an offensive way. They may lose money on account of gambling.

Venus in 2nd House

The natives with Venus in the second house are sweet tongued. They may excel in poetry and people are hypnotized by their oratory. Their speeches have the power to arouse the passions of masses. They are modest in their speech and their tone is very delicate. They dress up in style. They can become renowned singer, professor or debater. They impress others with their hold on language, grammar and vocabulary. They are fond of good food, especially the sweet dishes, and wine. You can see a mini bar created in their home. They leave no stone unturned in serving their guests.

The natives with Venus in the second house are fortunate regarding wealth if Venus is strong and the second lord is well placed. In such case, they get money and materialistic comforts at regular intervals, and without hard work. They may earn through business partnerships. They spend money on items related to music, arts, food stuff and luxuries. They make the most of their intellect and creative mind to generate money. Their communication has a long lasting effect on others and it soothes the depressed folks. They need to understand that the world is not centered on them and they should be more receptive to others’ opinions.

The natives with Venus in the second house are home birds. They can’t live happily away from their family. They need constant motivation of their dear ones to do something better professionally. They may have love affairs but they are loyal in their relationships. If Venus gets debilitated or afflicted, the native may stay away from their family for long. They may waste their money in useless expenditure. They may develop health issues related to mouth and right eye. They need to avoid excessive alcohol and unhealthy food to ward off the bad effects created by weak Venus.

Mars in 2nd House

Mars in the second house sheds the ego that it attained in the first house, but the fire in the heart to go after the ambitions is as strong as it can be. The natives with such placement of Mars don’t build castles in the air. They are pragmatic and plan according to their maximum potential because they want to achieve something in the end instead of moving in the circles. They are most concerned about their physical stamina and go to gym and do weight training, jogging, exercises etc. to maintain strength and staying power.

The natives with Mars in the second house want to enrich their soul as well by feeding it with good thoughts and spiritual lessons. They consider learning as the biggest earning. Their voice seems to be bit harsh because of their loud tone and fast accent. They become very angry if someone tries to play with their self-respect or maligns their family or friends. They are not greedy about money but they want to earn a lot to prove their competency. They need to control their tongue and temper to succeed in life because people spot their weaknesses and exploit them. The strong placement of Mars and the lord of the second house endows the native with wealthy in-laws.

The natives with Mars in the second house suffer from eye problems if Mars is placed with the lord of the sixth house. However, the aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter saves the native from deep medical troubles. In Pisces ascendant, Mars in the second house, being the lord of second and ninth houses, gives enormous wealth. If Mars is weak, afflicted or debilitated in the second house, the native eats unhealthy food and suffers from bad speech. If Mars is strong, the native becomes a ‘kuldeepak’ or shining star of the family.

Mercury in 2nd House

The natives with Mercury in the second house employ ethical means to earn money. There is stability in their financial set up because of their belief in hard work and truth. They know that they require money to get materialistic comforts, but they don’t compromise with their principles to attain wealth. They are expert in managing their finances as they know where to put their money like in shares, properties, lands, bank deposits etc. Their urge for investment makes their future secure financially. They accumulate so much wealth in their lifetime that they leave inheritance for their succeeding generations.

The natives with Mercury in the second house are blessed with the power of speech. They are eloquent speakers and can generate mass hysteria with the impact of their speeches. They are very good orators from their little age onwards. During their education period, they excel in debates and poetry competitions. When they grow up, they take interest in subjects related to mass communication. Writing comes easily to them and they pen down their thoughts and ideas in beautiful words. Their voice is so soft and sweet that others get mesmerized just by their sweet tone. They can be good radio jockeys, announcers, anchors and reporters.

The natives with Mercury in the second house are also skilled in striking deals between estranged groups by convincing them to come on the table for negotiations. They can be seen in the libraries turning the pages of books that others don’t care to read. They plan and analyze situations quickly and come up with solutions instantly. They can write on science as well as fiction. If Mercury gets debilitated they will remain uneducated and poor. If Jupiter aspects Mercury, they become renowned mathematicians. They have a large family and derive happiness from their children. They may be fond of rich food and wine.

Moon in 2nd House

Moon in the second house impacts the finances of the native in a positive way, if Moon is exalted or in own sign. There can be financial instability too, if Moon is weakly placed or debilitated in the second house. The lord of the second house should either be very strong or compatible with Moon to reap the best effects regarding money. They tend to spend unrestrainedly on attaining things of luxuries and other material comforts. They look to find peace in financial security and cling to their possessions like glue.

The natives with Moon in the second house thrive in the secure and comfort zone of their family. They are attached to their family members and respect women. Others like their company because they shower them with abundant love and care. They spend a lot of money in designing and decorating their house. They are habitually extravagant and overgenerous. They are mostly on some shopping spree and fill their wardrobes more than required. This trait of their personality lands them in trouble as it dries up their finances. They don’t let differences with someone to linger on. Although they are temperamental, yet they move ahead with time, leaving bad memories behind.

The natives with Moon in the second house are excellent orators. Most of the great political leaders are born with either Moon or Venus in the second house as these make them capable of attracting masses with the power of their speech. They are fluent in their speech and have soft tone. If Moon is very well placed here, the native can become a renowned singer, advocate and professor. They earn money through their speech. They are beautiful too as they have attractive face and stunning features. If Moon is weak or afflicted in the second house, the natives may face problems of speech or mouth and they may also go bankrupt.

Sun in 2nd House

The natives with Sun in the second house crave for learning in life. They are interested in literature, science and poetry. They are willing to lead a disciplined and regimented life. The presence of Sun in the second house fattens up the wallet of the native. If the Sun is exalted here, the native receives money from different sources. New channels of fiscal benefit open up and bring opulence and assets to the native. They seek to attain financial independence so that they can let the liquidity flow like liquid to attain material comforts. The native faces financial hardships and setbacks if the Sun gets debilitated or badly afflicted in this house of finance.

The natives with Sun in the second house are first-rate speakers. They have good command over the subject as well as the language. Their leaning towards scientific research enables them to leave their imprint in the field of education. They speak with authority, which sometimes is perceived as harsh language. They live up to their words and fulfill their promises. There are chances that they may receive inheritance or a financial windfall through sheer luck. They care a lot about their relationships because they believe that a happy family life is the necessary ingredient of the recipe of bliss.

The natives with Sun in the second house may suffer from the diseases of mouth if Sun is afflicted or debilitated here. They may face the wrath of the government in relation to monetary factors like taxation. If the lord of the second house is placed well and Sun is strong in the horoscope, the native has deep knowledge of ancient scriptures, astrology and astronomy. The native is blessed with good eye sight and talks clearly, without stammering. Their neighbors are helpful and servants faithful. They are widely respected for their good judgment.