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Moon in Pisces

The natives with Moon in Pisces are very sensitive, especially towards the needs and problems of others. They can experience the emotional pains, sufferings and dilemmas of other people. They want to wipe tears from the eyes of suffering mankind which makes them endearing to people. Their greatest asset is their benevolent and humanitarian character. They are very imaginative and creative by spirit. They like to plan things first before starting any new work. They are enamored by the thought of romance and love. They want to forge an intense and passionate relationship with their partner and look for long term commitments. They want a partner who can also become their best friend.

The natives with Moon in Pisces are blessed with creative abilities. They are driven by the vision of a meaningful life where they can play a role in the emancipation of suffering souls. They are elated in sharing deep emotional bond with their partner and worldly comforts are not enough to make them blissful. They appreciate the beauty of nature and goodness in life. Their creativity, if utilized properly, can make them good artists, painters, actors, writers, musicians, singers etc. Once they form a close relationship with someone, they dedicate themselves to make that relationship last longer.

The natives with Moon in Pisces are so sensitive that they immerse themselves in the problems and pains of other people with whom they are associated. It makes them vulnerable to exploitation and deceit. They remain submerged in their fantasies and dreams and turn their back towards the practical aspects of life. Their health gets adversely affected by the emotional ups and downs of life as they are unable to cope up with reality. They escape from the unpleasant circumstances rather than putting up a brave fight. They easily get disheartened if they are criticized and indulge in self-pitying in such circumstances.

Moon in Aquarius

The natives with Moon in Aquarius are sociologists by temperament. They have sharp observational skills and are fascinated towards studying human tendencies. They exhibit twofold behavior while dealing with people. On the one hand, they are friendly with people and surround themselves with acquaintances, while on the other hand they remain innately aloof from inside. They display maturity in dealing with people and in understanding their emotions and fears. They want others to act according to their whims and fancies. They want to possess a personality which is different from the rest of the tribe because of their desire to look different from others.

The natives with Moon in Aquarius are good-looking and attract people with their facial and verbal expressions. They are optimistic and can cast their spell on the dejected souls. They are always willing to help out someone in distress. They don’t have any selfish interests attached in their endeavors to help others. They are very confident about their relationships and give their partner ample space to blossom. They are liked in their social circle due to their helping nature, optimistic attitude and sharp sense of humor. They mesmerize others with their charisma and child-like innocence. They prove to be loyal partners in love and marriage. They are dreamers who fascinate others with their vision. They like to roam in the world of their dreams.

The natives with Moon in Aquarius keep some emotional distance from their friends and social circle because of their aloofness. They act adamantly when they want to get things done according to their desire. They demonstrate their temperamental side when others show reluctance to follow their orders. They get upset and maintain distance from others if they are criticized, even for the right cause. They don’t open up instantly with their partner and take time to vent out their feelings.

Moon in Capricorn

The natives with Moon in Capricorn keep their calm even in the difficult situations. They believe in setting practical targets and go after their goals in a planned and organized way. They chart out their strategies cautiously and play safe and sound. They avoid risks and change their track if they are forced to move out of their security zone. They don’t want to reveal their softer side to others because they want to portray themselves as hard nuts to crack. They are willing to listen to their criticism and ready to make amendments, if necessary. They are concerned about proving their capability in the tasks they are assigned.

The natives with Moon in Capricorn work tirelessly till they achieve their goals. The power to sail through the troubled waters comes from their inherent determination and patience. They can be relied upon, once they are given any responsibility. They want to fulfill their commitments. They have a brilliant mind and use it for the benefit of the society. They become very active and productive when they are bestowed with any responsibility on public platform. They value the importance of time and dignity of labor. They strive towards their goals with utmost dedication and concentration. For them, actions are more important than words.

The natives with Moon in Capricorn put a lot of burden on themselves by undertaking additional responsibilities. They feel downhearted when people are not able to match their dedication in work. They find it difficult to adjust with people who are on a different emotional wavelength than theirs. In relationships, they worry thinking whether their partner would stand by them in difficult times or not. They feel insecure if they are asked to tread out of their comfort zone. They get angry when things drift away from their hand, which affects their health adversely.

Moon in Sagittarius

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are full of optimism and positivity. They are the extroverts, who can’t stay enclosed for long. They possess good physical stamina and are inclined towards sports and other such vocations where physical endurance is required. They are always eager to learn something and meet new people. The adverse situations can’t break their grit and pessimistic people can’t steal their enthusiasm. New goals and changed surroundings boost their spirit. Their self-regulating temperament makes them unreliable and prone to negligent behavior. They are also marred with the habit of acting first and thinking later. They remain happy if they are allowed to work without any interference.

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are liked by people for their unrelenting attitude in times of crisis. They are always ready to face hard times straight on. The qualities that make them rise in life are their positive attitude, logical mindset and physical strength. Their philosophy in life is to come up with solutions to any and every problem. Their creativity often surprises the people as they do tasks which others have not expected of them. Their communication skills bring success to them in the fields of public relations and selling. They love to infuse confidence in other people. They love traveling and exploring new things.

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are taken advantage of by other people due to their carefree nature. They can be misled by others as they repose their faith even on the strangers. Sometimes, their optimism turns into over-confidence because they believe that they can do anything. They become very harsh and impulsive, once they decide to do something in their own way. Then they ignore even the good advice given by others and display emotions of insensitivity. People feel offended by their immodest and self-obsessed behavior.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio, which is ruled by its friendly planet, Mars. Thus, the bad effects of this placement are negated to some extent. The natives with Moon in Scorpio are psychologically intense which gives an impression of secrecy in their behavior. They have an inborn instinct of decoding the sentiments of other people. Their mysterious persona puzzles the people. Their emotional temperament pushes them to look out for long term relationships. They are not cut out for casual relationships. Their attractive and enigmatic personality attracts others towards them. They are blessed with intuitive powers and are also inclined towards enlightenment. They can be described as a free spirit, who doesn’t want to get confined in the web of rituals and societal norms.

The natives with Moon in Scorpio are well-versed in judging the emotional behavior of other people. They are very loyal to their partner, friends and family. Their trustworthy disposition, along with their eye-catching personality, makes them an instant hit with the people of opposite sex. They look for a partner with whom they can share an intense and passionate romantic relationship. They set higher goals for themselves, sometimes far difficult than they can actually attain but they spare no effort to go after their desired ambition. Their never-say-die spirit makes them a class apart.

The natives with Moon in Scorpio are emotionally affected by their reticent attitude. They find it difficult to trust others quickly. They are apprehensive about their partner’s loyalty and may spy on them to ascertain if the partner is faithful or not. The feeling of jealousy and over possessiveness spoils their chemistry with their partner. Sometimes, their stubborn and intimidating behavior draws people away from them. They don’t forget the emotional pain inflicted on them by others. They don’t take criticism sportingly.

Moon in Libra

The natives with Moon in Libra are the problem solvers of top class. They promote the feelings of brotherhood and harmony. They are very happy in the company of people. They deal with others in a polite and considerate manner. They are sympathetic towards others and are very good listeners. In debates and arguments, they put up their views in a convincing and gentle way. They possess magnetic persona and good manners which attracts people of opposite sex. They display concentration and alertness in going after their goals. Their strength is their good planning for any project and their weakness is the weak execution of that plan.

The natives with Moon in Libra are very diplomatic in handling the team-work and complex affairs. They can act as peacemakers between two hostile groups. They know how to persuade people to come on the table for negotiations. Their bosses turn to them for preparing plans and proposals. They become a source of inspiration for their family and friends. They are affectionate towards their partner and seduce them with their charm and sensuality. They want a partner who is attractive, good-humored and who can match their passion in romance.

The natives with Moon in Libra are indecisive and waste their time in calculating the merits and demerits of any issue. They are flirts and try to seduce the opposite sex with their charisma. Sometimes, their over indulgence in love affairs brings them disrepute. They indulge a lot in criticizing other people which makes them distrustful in the eyes of their friends. They adopt confrontational attitude sometimes and want to win every argument. This makes them incompatible and impractical. They take a lot of time in making up their mind regarding important issues concerning their life which irritates other people who have to deal with them.

Moon in Virgo

The natives with Moon in Virgo are down-to-earth and like to live a life away from publicity. They derive happiness from little things in life like cooking food for others, doing the home decoration, spending some time in the garden etc. They like to follow a disciplined life with set routines. They are always concerned with the well-being and happiness of others. They have an inherent desire to provide help to the needful and to wipe the tears of the sufferers. They are very concerned with their privacy and avoid displaying their emotions in public. They are self-critical if they think that they have hurt someone’s feelings or done something wrong.

The natives with Moon in Virgo are analytical of situations and things. They want to analyze and plan before treading on a new path. Assign them any task and they will come up with flying colors. People can count on them in times of need or distress. They prove to be the best counselors and psychologists. They grasp the facts and situations with ease and are able to give relevant suggestions to others. They react to any calamity with great urgency and planning which enables them to overcome any bad situation in less time than others. For them, the real happiness in life derives from the good deeds rather than materialistic possessions.

The natives with Moon in Virgo live a modest life which others consider as their lack of self-confidence. They are not able to achieve big materialistic goals because they don’t set such targets for them. They live a predictable life of set routines. They live a secluded life and rarely diverge from their comfort zone. They are timid, intimidated and not able to take the bold stance whenever the situation demands. They suppress their emotions which affects their health adversely.

Moon in Leo

The natives with Moon in Leo are authoritative by temperament and want the spotlight to be placed on them always. They are proficient in organizing the events. They are interested in giving orders and deputizing others for the tasks which they could have handled themselves. Their sociable nature and dynamic personality makes them the center of attraction in social events and public gatherings. They always want to get surrounded by admirers, followers and subordinates so that they can boss around. They want people to display gratitude if they do any favor to them. Success matters a lot to them and their actions are planned only if there are chances to succeed. Their pride gets hurt if they are defeated or lose something in front of the people.

The natives with Moon in Leo are people-centric and their actions spring to establish their dominance over others. They love to display their benevolence in public and are forever ready to argue their cause. They are ready to sacrifice for a higher cause. They perform their duty with utmost sincerity. They have sense of fair play and justice. Tough situations can’t beat their morale and they face the adversity with resolve and everlasting stamina. They feel happy in sharing their success and prosperity with others.

The natives with Moon in Leo are very self-obsessed. They want to remain the centre of attraction and don’t like when others outshine them. They show severe resentment if others don’t accept their leadership or follow their orders. It makes them behave in an arrogant manner. They are prone to overstating their role in the team and become stubborn when a role against their wishes is entrusted to them. They boast about their societal status and look down upon those who don’t match with their social standing.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is Moon’s own house. The natives with Moon in Cancer are very emotional by nature. They are governed by their heart and not by their head. They consider their feelings as their greatest treasure. They are blessed with excellent memory and intuitive powers. They are peace-loving creatures who find pleasure amid their family, friends and home. They are gifted artists and they appreciate the good feelings and skillfulness of other people. They feel uneasy in unfamiliar terrain and are prone to mood swings in such circumstances.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are loving, caring and kind. They are sensitive and can very well read the emotions of other people. Those people who feel down and depressed in life find their company as a new ray of hope. They value people’s feelings and apply their sense of humor to provide happy moments to the sobbing faces. They are very hospitable and prove to be the best hosts. Once they develop bonding with someone, they give their all to nourish the relationship. They easily slip into the domestic role and prove their worth in tasks like cooking, home decoration and gardening.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are so nurturing that they can talk with even plants. They are family-oriented and yearn for a partner who can become their soul mate and not just spouse. They are the eternal romantics but casual relationships or flirts are not their cup of tea. They look for a partner who can match them emotionally and with whom they can share their feelings, fears and ambitions.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are prone to mood swings and insecurity. They feel helpless in the absence of a trustworthy companion. They can’t forget easily if someone hurts them. They hold grudges for long which causes them self-afflicted pain. They are extremely dependent on their partner and become possessive about them.

Moon in Gemini

The natives with Moon in Gemini are charismatic, spontaneous and have sense of humor. They are intellectually observant and adept to any situation as it demands. They are amicable and people enjoy being in their company. But sometimes they are directed by their mood swings which make them unpredictable for others. They can be very happy one moment and disenchanted the next one. One of their greatest strength is to excel in multitasking. They are proficient to carry the burden of many tasks at the same time. They are always updated with the latest information. They are ready to give their best shot at any task they are assigned.

The natives with Moon in Gemini are very good communicators and people love to listen to them. They get bored with one task and are always on the move. They like to attend the social gatherings and meet new people. Their major strengths are naturalness, pulsating imagination, writing and oratorical skills. They need a constant partner with whom they can share their feelings and plans. They are adaptable by nature and can adjust according to the situations, be it in personal life or professional duties. They are interested in learning new crafts.

The natives with Moon in Gemini find it difficult to stay at one place or tie with one task, owing to their impatient temperament. They analyze things, situations and people according to their intellect and in the process overrule the feelings of others sometimes. It makes them emotionally disconnected with the people and the surroundings. In love too, they want their partner to be more vibrant intellectually which takes away the shine from the romantic aspect of a relationship. Their restlessness makes them vulnerable to poor decision-making. It creates tension in their mind and they get down with health problems like hypertension and nervous disorders.