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Moon in 12th House

Moon in the twelfth house is a sensitive planetary placement. The natives with this disposition go through emotional turbulence in their life. They are introvert by nature and judge their persona in comparison to their peer group. They don’t forget their past and revere their professional journey if they have made big after struggling a lot. They don’t accept criticism sportingly and condemn the person who pinpoints their faults. They want plans and people to fall in line according to their command. Imaginary fears perturb them and they worry a lot about their future. They are short tempered but kindhearted.

The natives with Moon in the twelfth house become sensitive to others’ needs. They listen compassionately to others and try to solve their problems. Most of the bad effects in this house of expenditure get cut-off if benefic planets aspect this house and Moon is not afflicted. Moon’s association with benefic planets shifts the natives to the foreign lands and they generally succeed in the business of import and export. They have few but faithful friends and their relatives stand by them in their difficult times. It is said that if Moon is exalted or in its own sign here or associated with Jupiter, the native goes to heaven after death.

Moon in the twelfth house gives bad results if it is severely afflicted here in association with malefic planets. Such natives are lazy, unhappy and envious of other people. They are humiliated in public for their misdeeds. They suffer from eye troubles and their relationship with their mother is dicey. They waste their money in immoral acts. But, if Moon is strongly placed here, the natives guard their money and take account of every penny they spend. They need to overcome their mood swings and anger to establish harmony at workplace and home. Strong Moon strengthens their quest for enlightenment.

Moon in 8th House

The natives with Moon in the eighth house have weak inner strength as they fear for their life and security. Fear has two effects on them; they become careful about everything and they immerse themselves in spirituality to overcome their weaknesses and fears. They can achieve anything because of their conviction in the Almighty. They seek to attain the hidden knowledge related to mystery and divinity. The only thing that fails them is their impatience. They are inherently generous but if Moon is weak or debilitated here, they may turn jealous, wicked and immoral. If Moon is strong here, they are loyal in relationships, reserved by nature and humanitarian by approach.

The natives with Moon in the eighth house don’t get the good results if the lord of the eighth house and the lord of the ascendant are weak, debilitated or afflicted. In such circumstances, there is threat to the life of the native or they may have a short life span. They may fear of drowning. Weak Moon separates the natives from their relatives and friends. But, if Moon is exalted, strong or in its own sign here, the native will get a long life and success in research and educational pursuits.

Moon in the eighth house causes many diseases to the native, if it is debilitated or afflicted. They may have to spend a lot of their money on recovering from the diseases. They fear from their enemies and face obstacles in dealing with them. But, if Moon is associated with Jupiter, the native will get abundant riches and comforts. The negative effects emerging in their horoscope crash and they become fortunate. Their sixth sense is well developed and they make use of their intuitive powers to guide people. They somehow comprehend what is going to happen in future. They explore tantric practices and the power of mantras.

Moon in 7th House

Moon in the seventh house polishes the communication skills of the native by making them soft-spoken and gentle. They are fond of truth and beauty. They are attached to all their relationships and they share a very intimate relationship with their spouse. They feel emotionally contented after their marriage. They are so understanding and caring that they leave their imprints on the minds of other people. Their aim is to lead a blissful married life and they succeed in it. They provide their shoulders to others to lean on in times of distress. They provide emotional support to others at times when others have discarded them.

The natives with Moon in the seventh house mix up easily with others. Their presence is calming in any public gathering. They make a lot of efforts to project their good image in the society. They give importance to the viewpoints of other people and keep others’ interests above their own. They don’t settle down or marry with someone in life till they are assured that the other person will fill their emotional vacuum and is fully compatible to them. They are youthful in spirit and feel better in the company of young people.

The natives with Moon in the seventh house look younger than their age. They lack in physical stamina and need to build it through proper and nutritious diet. If Moon is exalted and strongly placed here, the native gets the desired spouse. Their destiny changes for the better after their marriage and they attain all comforts. Their spouse will be good looking and affectionate. They also gain from business partnerships and joint ventures. If Moon is debilitated or weak, the marriage of the native gets delayed. Differences may crop up between the couple just after the marriage. Their business partner may cheat on them.

Moon in 6th House

Moon in the sixth house makes the native hard working and sincere. Work is worship for them and they feel troubled if they are not able to live up to their own expectations in performing their duty. Their tendency to change their jobs frequently adds to their cup of woes because they lose important opportunities and faith of employers. They are supportive to their colleagues and subordinates at work. They face health problems related to tension as they take a lot of pressure regarding their work. Sometimes, they blow their own trumpet and overstate their achievements. Their face displays their state of mind.

The natives with Moon in the sixth house are inclined towards self improvement and are interested in religious acts. They may learn the art of tantric practices. The strong Moon here pushes the native towards meditation and yogic acts. Bad placement of moon in the sixth house disturbs the mental equilibrium of the native. They lose hope about life and may take the extreme step of committing suicide. They may suffer from many diseases, especially stomach ailments. They may have a weak constitution and poor appetite. They may be operated upon to get rid of the disease. They may face threat to life at watery places.

The natives with Moon in the sixth house are confrontational and poor, if Moon is debilitated or afflicted. They may have powerful enemies and may suffer due to the hurdles created by their enemies. They may not have brothers or many friends to support them at critical junctures. They may roll under debt and may have to sell their property or gold for raising money to clear the medical expenses. But, if Moon is well placed here, the native can breathe the sigh of relief. They may conquer their enemies and recover from illnesses soon.

Moon in 5th House

Moon in the fifth house aggravates the sensitiveness of the native and makes their mental balance delicate. They are attached to the family from the core of their heart and can’t survive without their emotional support and love. They are very protective about their children and put many restrictions on them, although the reason is their love and fear of losing them. They give unselfish love to others, without caring if the other person is responding in the same way or not. They are guided by their emotions and lack practical sense. They suffer because they can’t keep their secrets to themselves. Their strength is their sparkling imagination.

The natives with Moon in the fifth house are blessed with good progeny if Moon is well placed here or exalted. Their children excel in creative pursuits. The combination of Moon with other planets of creativity like Mercury and Venus in the fifth house takes the native to the heights of artistic glory and they become celebrated musicians, poets, painters and actors. The combination of Moon with Jupiter here makes the native a versatile writer, teacher or media personality. They become too dependent on others emotionally, which harms their self-respect and decision-making ability. They need to maintain balance between heart and mind.

The natives with Moon in the fifth house spend a lot of time in meditation and spiritual acts. If the Moon is strong here, the native enjoys all the worldly pleasures, becomes learned, performs pious deeds and derives happiness from children. They possess a sense of contentment and detachment. They may get more female issues than male issues. However, if Moon is debilitated or afflicted in the fifth house, the natives may suffer from shortage of finance. They may not be able to receive higher education. Their wife may be short-tempered and they may face problems regarding child birth.

Moon in 4th House

The natives with Moon in the fourth house are family-oriented people and they are very attached to their mother. It seems that their existence resides in their mother. For them, the bond of the family is far above the materialistic chase. They are attached to the memories of the past, especially their childhood. Their personality forms by the kind of treatment they got in their childhood and yesteryears. They are emotionally connected to their native place, ancestors, family traditions and religious doctrine. Strong Moon in the fourth house makes the native interested in studying scriptures and astrology.

The natives with Moon in the fourth house are blessed with pure heart. They vie for emotional security, while finances take back seat in their scheme of things. They are faithful in their relationships and people trust them blindly. Women play a major role in their professional and personality development. They like to follow their own culture and resent following the western culture or things that are not in resonance with their ideals. They retain childlike innocence throughout their life. If Moon is exalted or strongly placed here in association with Jupiter, the native may shine like a star in the field of education and research.

Moon in the fourth house gives many vehicles, lands and properties to the native, if Moon is strong. They can build their residence at more than one place. But, if Moon is debilitated or weak in the fourth house, the results are reversed. The native suffers on account of debauchery. They may have illicit relations with many women and may earn a bad name on this count. Their mother may remain sick throughout her life or may have a short span of life. They may have to sell their house in order to pay their loans. Their vehicle may need maintenance over and over again.

Moon in 3rd House

Moon in the third house keeps the native on the move as it is the house of travels and Moon stays for a short period in one zodiac sign. This is also the house of communications. The natives with a strong Moon are well-versed in different forms of communications. They can express their emotions with finesse and can stir the feelings of people through their writing. They are the social butterflies who constantly look to move from one party or celebration to another. They derive happiness from making friendships and enhancing their social circle. They want to embark on a journey, at the physical level as well as the intellectual level.

The natives with Moon in the third house are born artists. They develop interest in learning various forms of dance and music. They can learn traditional and modern forms with equal ease. They can also excel as journalists, actors and radio jockeys. They are interested in sports and prefer games like tennis, archery, swimming, golf etc. They are adored by their family members, friends and relatives as they seem harmless to everyone. They cannot stay at one place for long and constantly move from one place to another.

Moon in the third house blesses the native with more sisters than brothers. If Moon is weak here, the natives may get punishment from the government. They may incur heavy losses. They may indulge in gossiping and backstabbing. They may get intoxicated with power and authority and eventually lose it. If Moon is exalted or well deposited here, the native rises through the support of destiny and siblings. They may become famous for their religious accomplishments. They will be valorous and may join military. They are advised not to get swayed by their emotions. They should believe in what they see from their eyes rather than what they hear from others.

Moon in 2nd House

Moon in the second house impacts the finances of the native in a positive way, if Moon is exalted or in own sign. There can be financial instability too, if Moon is weakly placed or debilitated in the second house. The lord of the second house should either be very strong or compatible with Moon to reap the best effects regarding money. They tend to spend unrestrainedly on attaining things of luxuries and other material comforts. They look to find peace in financial security and cling to their possessions like glue.

The natives with Moon in the second house thrive in the secure and comfort zone of their family. They are attached to their family members and respect women. Others like their company because they shower them with abundant love and care. They spend a lot of money in designing and decorating their house. They are habitually extravagant and overgenerous. They are mostly on some shopping spree and fill their wardrobes more than required. This trait of their personality lands them in trouble as it dries up their finances. They don’t let differences with someone to linger on. Although they are temperamental, yet they move ahead with time, leaving bad memories behind.

The natives with Moon in the second house are excellent orators. Most of the great political leaders are born with either Moon or Venus in the second house as these make them capable of attracting masses with the power of their speech. They are fluent in their speech and have soft tone. If Moon is very well placed here, the native can become a renowned singer, advocate and professor. They earn money through their speech. They are beautiful too as they have attractive face and stunning features. If Moon is weak or afflicted in the second house, the natives may face problems of speech or mouth and they may also go bankrupt.

Moon in 1st House

Moon signifies the heart of the native. The natives with Moon in the first house are emotional and creative people. Their sensitiveness is both a boon and curse for them. It is a boon because it brings out their virtues to the fore and makes them compassionate like a saint. It is a curse too because it makes the native to suffer from emotional upheavals. Some people try to take advantage of their kindheartedness. This makes them feel low time and again. The natives with such disposition adapt to the needs of others and the demand of the situation. But in the process, they lose their identity and others race ahead of them professionally.

The natives with Moon in the first house make an effort to give motherly love to others. They are happy in making others happy. They look for a partner with whom they can share their pain and anguish; their achievements and failures; their strengths and weaknesses; and who is compatible to them morally and physically. They are loyal towards their family and spouse. They need to ensure that their emotions don’t govern their decisions. They should be more practical in their approach. They are proficient in music, dance, painting, poetry and writing.

The natives with Moon in the first house are gentle, honest and good-looking. Their smile is vivacious and their soft speech charms the listeners. Romance runs in their blood and they remain immersed in their fantasies. They are shy, reserved and have hypnotic eyes. If the Moon is exalted or strongly placed in the first house, it gives the native intuitive powers and sharp mind. The debilitation and weak placement of Moon here cause frequent mood swings and unexplained tensions. Moon in Pisces and Scorpio ascendants is powerful because it is the lord of fifth and ninth houses respectively. In Aries and Cancer ascendant too, it is deemed auspicious.