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Mercury in Pisces

Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces. The natives with Mercury in Pisces primarily get carried by their emotions. They are very gentle communicators and speak as if they are reciting a poem. They have such delicateness attached to their voice. They are unpredictable too. It is difficult to gauge how they will behave in a certain situation. For them, the world is a beautiful place to live in and not a battle zone. While making crucial decisions, they follow the voice of their heart and they get some accurate insights from their sixth sense.

The natives with Mercury in Pisces are one of the best listeners and make others so comfortable that they pour out their heart in front of them. They go into hypnotic state of mind when they listen to others. It seems that they are totally engrossed in others’ stories. They don’t judge or calculate others’ feelings; they just visualize and experience their feelings by getting immersed in it with all their heart. Their eyes seem to get awakened from a meditative state after they had gone through someone’s narrative. Then they provide them with such accurate feedback as if it was their personal story. They enlighten others with their deep understanding of any problem.

The natives with Mercury in Pisces are inclined towards artistic pursuits. They can excel in theatre, movies, music, poetry, writing etc. They are fascinated by mysticism, occult and paranormal activity. They live through the power of meditation and prayers. They believe that someone up there listens to them with apt attention. Their communication gets blurred due to their unorganized thinking. While explaining something, they may leave out the important details or change the discourse according to their mood. They often retreat to the world of their fantasies and dreams. They are imaginative but they should learn to translate their thoughts into actions.

Mercury in Aquarius

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius can be rigid and flexible at the same time. They listen to others views but they don’t fluctuate from their principles and predetermined opinions. There is no end to the range of topics on which they can converse upon. They listen carefully to others and mix up their conversation with humor to make it livelier and appealing to people. They are sharp thinkers who form their firm opinion based on logical thinking. They have an inherent desire to help others and serve the society. They become very good writers and some of their ideas are considered ahead of time.

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius consider every possible aspect of an issue before arriving at a conclusion because they want to avoid making any biased or incorrect decision. They go by ethics and thus are very confident about their decisions and approach towards work. They are quick learners because they always want to apply their mind in innovative and productive tasks. They like to participate in mind games like chess, word puzzles, quiz etc. and readily accept the challenges thrown by others. They excel in the subjects of science; discovery and inventions.

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius are friendly by heart and enjoy conversing with people, even strangers. It doesn’t mean that they chat endlessly or meaninglessly. They prefer to discuss topics that carry some weight and which challenge the brain power. They like to involve more people in such discussions to get a comprehensive view of the subject discussed. They might have made up their mind on an issue beforehand, but still they keenly listen to others views. They make a delightful company but sometimes people get offended by their superiority complex which arises out of their knowledge and over-confidence. They can read a person’s intentions from his/her expressions.

Mercury in Capricorn

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn speak seriously and have weight in their conversation. They like to discuss issues of global importance that impact the lives of many people. They don’t want to chat about their personal or emotional issues. They choose their words with caution and like to convey the message in short possible words. They consider it wastage of time to discuss trivial issues and loose talks. They respect the importance of time and try to do things effectively and quickly to avoid even minimal wastage of time. They move forward by formulating plans and strategies beforehand. They are methodical performers who don’t like to move out of the predetermined arrangement.

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn get their work done in stipulated time for which they want to do things at their own pace and without external pulls and pressures. This way they can surpass the expectations of other people. They don’t want to let down others with incompetence of any kind. Their confidence and competence shows up in their communication. Their self-confidence drives them to assume leadership role in any collective endeavor, which, sometimes, dissociates them with their team. Their over-rational view of issues makes them pessimistic as they ignore the hidden bright shades. They don’t believe in too optimistic visions or wishful sounds.

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn are mentally very alert in memorizing facts and figures. They want to put their hands in tasks where there are chances of substantial results. They dislike people who don’t keep up their promises. They become short-tempered in the company of people who perform below expectations. They take time to learn new things but once learned; they retain the information for a long time. Their serious disposition often lands them in the zone of negativity and depression. They excel in the works that require timely completion.

Mercury in Sagittarius

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius are blessed with visionary mind. They like to think and dream big. They envisage ideas which others can’t imagine. They thrive on the theory that everything is possible. The constraints, difficulties and challenges can’t put them down. They are good conversationalists and speak candidly. They like the company of honest people and avoid those who are manipulative and immoral. They don’t shy away from discussing or debating any topic under sun. They listen to others views with apt attention but don’t concede the ground when they think that their opinions are concrete.

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius have a philosophical bent of mind and they like to discuss and converse on religion, philosophy and anything that deals with ethics. They set high standards for themselves and others to adhere to the societal rules. They enforce moral policing on others but sometimes stumble themselves. They try to live up to the benchmark they set but their fluctuating nature pose problems to them. This creates an impression that they don’t practice what they preach. Their focus is distracted by boundless thoughts and their habit of diving deep in details. They are sociable and mix up easily with one and all.

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius don’t have the patience to perform well when multitasking. They are imaginative people who need freedom and time to explore new ideas and enhance their vision. By working in relaxed and unhindered atmosphere, they can surprise people by coming up with brainstorming proposals. They have good sense of humor but they can be sarcastic too. They evaluate the issues from very wide perspective and can understand the emotions of other people. They express their opinions in an insightful and entertaining way. They back up their viewpoints with logical reasoning and expect the same from others.

Mercury in Scorpio

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio focus on the reasons behind the decision. They want to probe deeper that why the things are what they are. They believe that things are not exactly how they appear. They have a fine-tuned instinct to unravel the mysteries. They work silently and patiently to get the facts uncovered. They have the disposition of an investigator. They can read from the mannerisms of the people that what they might be thinking about. They understand the emotions of the people and make out from the body language of others if they are cooking something fishy.

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio can assess by looking into someone’s eyes if they are lying. They can frustrate others with persistent questioning to get the answers they are looking for. They end up successfully extracting the information they need. They take a lot of time in arriving at the decisions. Their probing nature makes them ideal for the jobs of detectives, interrogators, psychologists, investigative journalists and the like. Their inquisitive nature leads them to the bottom of nuances of human psyche. They are secretive and introspective but if someone shares his/her feelings with them, they patiently listen to their problems and try to come up with a concrete solution of their problem.

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio aren’t afraid to speak on the topics that others may consider taboo. They accept the dark side of the life as natural part of our existence. They can go into the deep, dark corners of human mind to resolve their mental dilemmas. They aren’t talkative and speak only when the situation demands. They take every interaction seriously and are very careful about the inferences of their words. They are the human surveillance camera and no one can escape from their prying eyes.

Mercury in Libra

The natives with Mercury in Libra are considered to be the best judges of debates and other such literary contests because they excel in evaluating the issues by looking at both the sides of the coin. They are the perfect candidate for playing the role of devil’s advocate. They love to get involved in conversation with others as they are excited by mental stimulation. They make the conversation interesting by appreciating others’ views and even taking their side in any argument. They are always for healthy debates and leave the place if debate turns into ugly arguments and derogatory tenor.

The natives with Mercury in Libra are genteel, diplomatic and elegant in their speech. Their speech is furnished with pleasant tone and measured words. They never come across as crass communicators. Their ideas revolve around the spirit of justice and fairness. They are open to debate on wide-ranging issues and never shy away when they are challenged by more knowledgeable contestants. They always maintain a conduct that radiates self-control and respect for other person’s views. Even when they disagree with others’ views, they give them a chance to express their opinion.

The natives with Mercury in Libra give an impression that they are thinking something else and speaking something different. They get pleasure in kick starting the debates, throwing up issues, weighing up the facts, opinions and ideas. People who come in their contact feel that they are conversing with an encyclopedia of knowledge because they cover all the angles of any issue. They are fascinated by literature and arts. They are broad-minded but stick to their ideology firmly if they are convinced about its good points. They have big social circle because of their warm, caring and understanding disposition. They become the centre of attraction in the parties and social gatherings as people like them and come to listen to their views.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury is at home in Virgo. Mercury gets exalted in its own sign. The natives with Mercury in Virgo are eloquent speakers. They have high energy level while speaking but speak in a leisurely way. They speak to the point with measured words. For them, quality of speech is more important than the quantity of words. They encounter the views and information with good judgment and subjective interrogation. Before settling down on any issue, they try to figure out the pros and cons from every angle. They like to plan out things well before initiating the action. They want to avoid errors or discrepancies by planning well in advance to avoid wastage of time and resources.

The natives with Mercury in Virgo are polite and calm while speaking but can adopt critical attitude to convey their point without regarding that it may hurt the feelings of the other person. They don’t intend so but get carried away by their communication skills. It’s just their nature to state the fact as they perceive it. They perform very well in debates and arguments because they keep their cool even when others provoke them. They don’t get rattled by verbal onslaught of others. They can convey their point even in the nerve-racking debates.

The natives with Mercury in Virgo lack zeal and forcefulness, so the aggressive people can trample them with high tenor, vibrancy and drama. Although they are proficient in vocabulary and facts but they don’t show off their knowledge. They excel in tasks where they are given freedom to bring their creativity to the core. They have a passion for learning new things and activities and can ably handle wide-ranging subjects. They enjoy reading, puzzle and word games, playing chess etc. because they get charged when they are challenged. They are adjusting, systematic, self-reliant and disciplined.

Mercury in Leo

The natives with Mercury in Leo are impressive orators. They speak in a voluble tone and use their hands and gestures to convey their words. They are confident about their ideas and can persuade others to come on board with them. Mercury in Leo denotes creativity and eloquence. They become juggler of words and use them effectively in their writing and speech. They have a desire for presenting their creative ideas and knowledge with dramatic appeal so as to spellbind the audience. They speak passionately and honestly without any intention of hurting feelings of others. They perform exceptionally well in debates and come hard on their competitors with precise facts and figures.

The natives with Mercury in Leo have the patience and concentration to learn something new. They don’t like to get engaged in too much detailing and prefer to keep things short and simple. They get immense pleasure from learning something new and innovative and like to let others know about their achievements. Their thoughts move on a grand scale and they always visualize the long term implications of their decisions. Sometimes, there is bias in their views as they think that their opinions are far better than the opinions of others.

The natives with Mercury in Leo are very conscious about getting approval of other people as they want to be liked by one and all. If they realize that their speech and tenor are hurting people’s sentiments and turning people away, they promptly change their tone and calm down their speech. They make it a point to acknowledge the viewpoints of others. They may appear egotistical due to their usual aloofness. People get hooked up to listen to their views with interest and intensity. They look convincing even while exaggerating. They enjoy jobs where they are allowed to give creative inputs.

Mercury in Cancer

The natives with Mercury in Cancer are blessed with deep and meaningful thought processes. Their thoughts and words are linked with their sentiments. There is meaningful objective in each of their thought. They have excellent memory and can remember facts for a long time. When they recall something they can even recollect the feelings that they experienced at that particular situation. They remain calm and quiet and are not boastful by nature. They tend to speak slowly and with a delicate tone. They believe in observing the situations rather than jumping the gun with their suggestions. They prefer to learn through feelings and emotions rather than just memorizing the facts.

The natives with Mercury in Cancer are very cautious with their words because they understand that offensive speech is like unguided missile, which hurts and alienates people. They react emotionally to ideas and opinions. They become defensive about their viewpoint and overreact to opposition. But they are not always wrong in opposing others because they can very well read between and beyond the lines. People who speak rudely cannot gel with them. They like to converse with people who are gentle in speech and are good listeners. They filter new information with their emotions.

The natives with Mercury in Cancer focus more on their family, friends and feelings. They can’t connect with someone immediately as they find it difficult to trust people in just one go. They can act diplomatically and can get their work done without hurting others. Sometimes, they are so shy that they choose not to talk or express their feelings. They are very focused on their work and hate distractions. They are interested in reading poetry and prose. They become great writers and speakers. They are patriotic by nature. They appreciate and associate with the things of past, cultural and heritage monuments and archaeological excavations.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury is in its own house in Gemini. The natives with Mercury in Gemini are bestowed with the aptitude to think quickly. They communicate clearly and use their language as a skill. They pass on the information which they gain through persistent efforts. They can convince people to change their opinions and can sway opinions in someone’s favor. Their major hobbies are reading and writing. They get bored easily but learn the facts quickly. Fast-paced situations excite them as it satisfies their passion for thrill and mystery. They pass on the information too quickly while teaching or delivering professional lessons.

The natives with Mercury in Gemini put more emphasis on accurate facts and figures and not on emotional patterns. This makes them appear emotionless and cold in others’ opinion. The people who are less sensitive find their company interesting but emotional people consider them discourteous and uncaring. Their curiosity propels them to focus on new things as they can’t sustain in boredom. They have a knack for collecting facts, figures and knowledge and they surprise people with their grasp on subjects on which they deliver lessons. For them, life is a puzzle which they want to sort out.

The natives with Mercury in Gemini ask questions and dig information most of the time. They are very good observers and look for the logic behind any decision. They want to give their opinion on every issue. If someone contradicts their points with logic and convinces them that they are wrong, they readily accept their fault and change their opinion. Their willingness to listen to arguments creates the perfect scenario for a good debate. They put up a good show in debates by using wit and placing incomprehensible facts. Their witty and academic discussions keep the audience spellbound and people don’t get bored when they are around.