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Mercury in 12th House

Mercury in the twelfth house gives mixed results. The lord of the twelfth house ought to be strong and well placed in order to reap the good results from the placement of Mercury in the twelfth house. If Mercury is exalted here or in its own house, in Libra and Cancer ascendants respectively, the natives may have a strong foreign connection which will help them in realizing their goals. In some cases, their fortune rises only when they leave their native place and go abroad. They may have to live in a hostel in a boarding school to get education. They may have to go abroad for higher studies.

The natives with Mercury in the twelfth house are intelligent and always eager to share their knowledge. In the house of expenditure, strong Mercury encourages the native to disburse their information and wisdom. They will be fond of distributing a part of their assets and wealth to the needy people. Spirituality guides them to serve mankind through sharing. Strong Mercury makes them spend a part of their income on charity. They may also form their own charitable organization to serve poor and sick people. They are blessed with God’s Grace due to their generous nature and many a times some unknown powers help them in times of distress.

The natives with Mercury in the twelfth house are prone to mood swings and short temper if Mercury gets debilitated here. Lack of peace of mind will disturb their sleep which in turn will affect their work productivity. They may suffer from hypertension, headaches and migraines. They may lose their temper often and may become adamant on petty issues. Mercury’s conjunction with malefic planets like Mars may make them chain smokers. They may spend more than their income, thereby becoming penniless or even bankrupt.

Mercury in 8th House

Mercury in the eighth house gives penetrating eyes and curious vision to the natives. They look to investigate the matters beneath the surface. They want to unravel the mysteries that surround our life. They don’t just want to explore the factors that govern our life, but they are also interested in knowing that what happens after death. Their personality is a blend of mystery and spirituality. Their thirst for resolving hidden secrets is supported by their intuitive spirit. They are first-rate strategists because they don’t lose their hold on even the minutest of the details. They come up with workable solutions for the most intricate problems. Every step of theirs is well planned.

The natives with Mercury in the eighth house suffer from health problems and financial constraints if Mercury is debilitated or afflicted here. Diseases related to blood, veins, eyes and teeth emerge, causing them much agony and pain. It leads to financial crunch as most of their income is spend on getting medical treatment. Conjunction of weak Mercury with Rahu here can land them in prison. They are advised not to take law in their hands and pay the taxes properly. The weak Mercury can cut their span of life if the eighth lord is also afflicted.

Mercury in the eighth house gives them the ability to read others’ faces. They can read between the lines and can analyze people like a trained psychologist. They like to discuss issues that are considered unmentionable. If Mercury is exalted here, they live a long life. They earn money through many sources and may even get money or property from an issueless couple. Strong Mercury makes them an authoritative figure like a Judge or a Collector. They can go to foreign countries to complete their research in some subject. They may work in a hospital, prison or a rehabilitation centre.

Mercury in 7th House

Mercury in the seventh house strengthens or weakens the marriage of the native, depending upon the placement of Mercury there and the power of the lord of the seventh house. If Mercury is exalted in the seventh house, the native will get a wise and intelligent life partner. They will have a strong bond with their partner, as the mental wavelength of both will be same. The native gets a partner who is youthful in outlook and romantic at heart. There may be age gap between the couple but they look good as a pair, on account of their young at heart spirit. Their spouse will belong to a very rich family.

The natives with Mercury in the seventh house lead a harmonious married life. Their partner is understanding and caring and provides them unconditional love and moral support. But if Mercury gets debilitated or weak here, there are bumps in route of blissful conjugal relationship. Differences could crop up between the couple and they may opt to live separately for some time. They start taking the relationship as a business deal where they have to win score. They would be better off if they become compassionate and understand the problems and demands of their partner. They should not force their ideas on their partner and should give them ample space and freedom to live the life as they like.

The natives with Mercury in the seventh house are eloquent, expressive and convincing in their speech. They perform better in trades like public relations, sales, marketing, media etc. Seventh house represents business partnerships and joint ventures. The good placement of Mercury here will bring them closer to potential business associates, who are fair and honest. The joint business will flourish and there will be regular and increased flow of income. But if Mercury is afflicted here, the native will face cash crunch. The partners will try to deceive them and may grab their share.

Mercury in 6th House

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house have strong exterior but soft interior. They are firm and determined but they have a tender heart. They like to do things in textbook style i.e. everything is organized, precise and clear. At workplace, they are helpful towards all but they want the work to be completed in the set time frame. They can’t tolerate lethargy or imperfection and this makes them critical of others. They are admired as good employees as they are disciplined and efficient, but they are considered as tough employers and hard taskmasters. They take unnecessary tensions related to their work, which affects their health and they face problems like hypertension, nervous disorder and body pains.

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house conquer the problems that come in their educational and professional path with hard work and determination. They can earn money through the publishing business, like setting up a printing press or books and stationery shop. They are very systematic in their lifestyle. They keep clothes, books and other things at appropriate places meant for them. They don’t like disorder of any kind, be it in office or at home. The files are always neatly kept and the office desk is clear.

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house are health conscious, if Mercury is well placed. They take proper care of their diet and physical endurance. They exercise regularly and eat less. They overpower their enemies. But if Mercury is weak, afflicted or debilitated here, the native faces problems through their rivals and government. They fall sick often and suffer from diseases like leprosy or other skin diseases. Their harsh speech lands them in trouble and they are not able to achieve targets in work due to their lethargic conduct. They should refrain from pompous attitude.

Mercury in 5th House

Mercury in the fifth house provides formal education and sound learning to the natives. They have sharp mind and logical leaning. They believe in rational approach towards learning. Their view is that things should not be learned just for the sake of learning but with interest. For them, education is a tool of flowering as a human being; and without education and learning, one remains as good as an animal. They consider life and the world as a laboratory where you have to perform various tests to reach at some logical conclusion. They observe things, look for logic behind everything, ask questions and are not satisfied till they get appropriate answers.

The natives with Mercury in the fifth house develop good knowledge of ‘mantras or tantric shastra’. They can attain proficiency in the art of hypnotism. They may be well-versed in ‘vastu shastra’, which is an art of construction based on the elements of nature. Ability to prepare faultless sketches helps them shine in architecture and designing. If Mercury is exalted or strong here, they may get a job related to public treasury. They may opt for career in finance and banking. The bad placement of Mercury here forces the native to leave their education halfway. They may be ridiculed for their lack of knowledge.

The natives with Mercury in the fifth house face hurdles regarding progeny. They may face difficulties in begetting children and if Mercury and the fifth lord are severely afflicted, they may not have a child at all. Then, they are left with no other option than to adopt a child. If Mercury is exalted in the fifth house or if Jupiter and Sun aspect it or are in conjunction with it, the native may be blessed with healthy and intelligent children. They derive happiness as their children are well-mannered.

Mercury in 4th House

The natives with Mercury in the fourth house are deeply attached to their mother. Their family is like oxygen for them and they pour affections on their family members. They are also emotionally involved with their family traditions and follow the customs with utmost devotion. They are just interested in thriving in the happy and peaceful atmosphere of their home. They find a suitable job near their home so that they don’t have to move outside. They resist transfers and are not very interested in going abroad. Their mother plays an important role in transforming their life because they seek her counsel in every situation.

The natives with Mercury in the fourth house are blessed with intuitive and analytical abilities. They can sense the mood of others and can gauge their character by analyzing their behave, tenor and style. The fourth house represents our ancient scriptures and religious texts. Such natives study the holy books and scriptures and come up with their own view on that, whether it is for or against it. They gain recognition for their research related to the welfare of the masses. They should not become ‘fault-finding types’ because of their urge to analyze others from tip to toe. They are fond of traveling, but with their family.

The natives with Mercury in the fourth house buy vehicles very often. They look for new models of the vehicles and sell the old ones. If Mercury and the lord of the fourth house are strong, they live in a very big bungalow. They own many houses and lands. They can prosper in the business of real estate. If Mercury and the lord of the fourth house are weak and afflicted, they may not own a house during their lifetime and will live in a rented accommodation. They may have to spend a lot of money in maintaining their vehicles.

Mercury in 3rd House

Mercury in the third house is like a child playing in his house. When the planet of communication is in the house of communication, the natives ought to be well-versed in transmitting their ideas. They may be serious by nature but they don’t lack in humor. They are born intelligent and pearls of wisdom flow when they speak. They don’t lose patience even in the trying circumstances and remain cool, calm and collected. They are so curious by temperament that they want to learn almost everything. They are the collectors of information, whichever way it comes from. They are practical and level-headed.

The natives with Mercury in the third house like to do many tasks simultaneously. Even when they are eating, they would like to read something or watch news in the television. They are most likely to end up making their career in communication related fields like journalism, writing, teaching etc. One of their strong points is their writing skills. They can sway the emotions and thoughts of the people with their forceful composition. Their words force others to look at things from a new perspective. They excel in media and advertisement industry, where innovative ideas are always in demand.

Those who have Mercury in the third house are always in search of knowledge. They are proficient in mathematics and other such studies where calculations are applied. Astrology is one such subject which draws their interest. For them, time-bound predictions matter more than the general traits. They get so engrossed in the details and planning that they lose sight of the actual goal. The third house represents siblings. If Mercury is strong along with the lord of the third house, the natives will share affectionate bonding with their brothers and sisters. If the third lord and Mercury are weak, they will stammer while speaking, face troubles through siblings and fail in business.

Mercury in 2nd House

The natives with Mercury in the second house employ ethical means to earn money. There is stability in their financial set up because of their belief in hard work and truth. They know that they require money to get materialistic comforts, but they don’t compromise with their principles to attain wealth. They are expert in managing their finances as they know where to put their money like in shares, properties, lands, bank deposits etc. Their urge for investment makes their future secure financially. They accumulate so much wealth in their lifetime that they leave inheritance for their succeeding generations.

The natives with Mercury in the second house are blessed with the power of speech. They are eloquent speakers and can generate mass hysteria with the impact of their speeches. They are very good orators from their little age onwards. During their education period, they excel in debates and poetry competitions. When they grow up, they take interest in subjects related to mass communication. Writing comes easily to them and they pen down their thoughts and ideas in beautiful words. Their voice is so soft and sweet that others get mesmerized just by their sweet tone. They can be good radio jockeys, announcers, anchors and reporters.

The natives with Mercury in the second house are also skilled in striking deals between estranged groups by convincing them to come on the table for negotiations. They can be seen in the libraries turning the pages of books that others don’t care to read. They plan and analyze situations quickly and come up with solutions instantly. They can write on science as well as fiction. If Mercury gets debilitated they will remain uneducated and poor. If Jupiter aspects Mercury, they become renowned mathematicians. They have a large family and derive happiness from their children. They may be fond of rich food and wine.

Mercury in 1st House

The natives with Mercury in the first house are capable of excelling in diverse fields. Mercury in ascendant makes the native intelligent, humorous and lighthouse of energy. They are very friendly and charming and thus liked by all. They have a sharp mind and right vision for their life. They move purposefully in their professional endeavors. They change their plans according to the need of the hour and they are adaptable in every situation. They are good mannered and civilized in their communication with other people. They show utmost respect to all, elders as well as children. They are very cautious that no action of theirs should hurt anyone.

The natives with Mercury in the first house are described as born perfectionists. They want everything to be done by the book. They don’t mince words when they have to convey their point. They are truthful and straightforward. You can’t expect them to be diplomatic because they say what they feel, though it may not be liked by all. For them, constant learning is the biggest achievement in life. They dive in the details of every subject they study. Their sharp intellect enables them to learn things quickly than others. They shine in creative works like music, writing, painting etc. They leave their mark in debates and quiz contests.

The natives with Mercury in the first house have faith in the existence of the God but they don’t practice any and every ritual. They have a scientific bend of mind and look at things from the prism of logical reasoning. They look younger than their actual age. They are interested in collecting gadgets and other such things which can enhance their learning skills. If Mercury is weak, the native may not be wise. They may be prone to take rash decisions. The strong Mercury causes windfall of wisdom and goodness.