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Mars in Pisces

The natives with Mars in Pisces are affected by mood swings. Their goals in the morning can be totally different with their thoughts in the evening. They don’t accept that they shuffle their plans too often. Their fluctuating nature makes them appear confusing and directionless in the eyes of other people. If they show interest in pursuing a goal, they should be given ample time to make sure whether they stick to their decision or not. They can pursue a goal seriously only if they have deep emotional attachment towards it. They go round the boundaries before pitching into the center.

The natives with Mars in Pisces need emotional drive to involve them in a group effort. They don’t jump the bandwagons just for the sake of it. Their unstable disposition gives them whopping ups and downs in life. Power, money and security can’t drive them crazy if they are not inspired about the work or cause. They are basically gentle and docile. They like when life flows in its own momentum as they don’t want to flow against the tides. They are very creative and use their instincts to make right moves. They may seem to possess saint-like calmness on their face but lots of undercurrent floats inside their minds.

The natives with Mars in Pisces are enormously romantic by nature. Romantic fantasies always stimulate their passion. Their thoughts are encompassed with the imagination of an ideal lover. They give prominence to emotional union with their partner, more than the physical union. Their compassionate nature makes them endearing to their partner as they shower love and affection on them. They also want to develop spiritual bonding with their partner because self-development and inner growth are more important to them than materialistic comforts. Their partner is enamored by their easygoing and accommodating nature.

Mars in Aquarius

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are the campaigners of freedom, equality and brotherhood in society. They uphold the higher ideals while pursuing their worldly duties. They want to maintain their freedom while working selflessly for a larger cause that is beneficial to the society. They have the maturity, patience and perseverance to turn the tides in their favor. They generally make unbiased decisions because they prefer using their intellect for taking decisions rather than using emotional schemes or brute physical power. They use reasoning power and logic to convince people or win arguments and keep emotional entanglements out of the equation.

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are well mannered, judicious and fair in their dealings. They need freedom to chalk out their course and in the process they ignore others’ counsel sometimes. They are so obsessed with their line of reasoning that they don’t budge from their stand. They give the impression of boasting their intellectual superiority. Inflexible adherence to self-opinion makes them rigid and difficult to get on with. They become rebellious if they found themselves trapped in a situation. But they value independence and individuality of others too. They have the guts to stand against the system or establishment if they feel that people’s rights are infringed upon.

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are dominant in their personal relationships although they give space to their partner to blossom. They go in for intellectual communications rather than emotional chit-chats. They take time to express their sentiments to others and open up only after they have become friendly with them. They lay more importance in establishing intellectual connection with their partner before forming emotional and physical connection. Sometimes, they show aloofness in the intimate relations which bothers their partner. They are very happy to back the intellectual pursuits of their partner as it gives them a sense of superiority.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars gets exalted in Capricorn. The natives with Mars in Capricorn are willing to work hard to achieve their goals because they believe that nothing in life comes easily in the lap. They are realistic and don’t believe much in destiny. They are pleasing to others due to their down-to-earth nature. They step into a relationship or situation only if they are convinced that they can give their best to it. Temperament wise, they are patient, mature and unrelenting. They exhibit methodical approach in performing their duties and even push themselves against their will in order to complete the task.

The natives with Mars in Capricorn are not deterred by setbacks or roadblocks which they face in the journey towards their goal. Actual results matter more to them than making grandiose plans. They are not hardhearted but they don’t let emotions come in between them and their goals. They get impatient when others hold them back due to their personal interests. They welcome suggestions and support of others and are good in guiding and motivating people. They like to remain low-key while performing their tasks and are not crazy about getting recognition or importance. They believe in letting their work speak for them.

The natives with Mars in Capricorn keep their anger in check. They want to attain materialistic comforts and luxuries for the better survival of their family. They are skeptical about new-fangled proposals and come up as unimaginative beings in others eyes. This makes them pessimistic and traditional as they remain tied to old beliefs and rituals. They look for a partner who can provide them long-term security. They can suppress their emotional and physical needs in order to focus on their livelihood. They take time to open up but enjoy the pleasure of senses once they get into a relationship.

Mars in Sagittarius

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius are profuse with new ideas and dreams. They are more inspired than natives with other zodiac signs because they give prominence to fresh and innovative ideas. They have the intensity and creativity to achieve feats that may not look practical in the beginning. Their greatest strength is to inspire people to join hands with them for a larger cause. They can create an unbeatable line of reasoning, hypnotize people with their words and get the goal achieved. They possess clever mind and invigorating conversational skills. However, their creativity can blossom only if they are given freedom and scope to use their imagination without any set time table.

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius are so confident about their plans that they plunge into deep waters without worrying about the consequences. Sometimes, their enthusiasm takes precedence over ground work. They get disappointed with those people who don’t agree with their scheme of things. They like fun and laughter but all of a sudden they can be moralistic and preaching others the lessons of good conduct. They can’t stay for long at one place. They are warm and caring but when they get upset with someone they don’t mind hurting their sentiments. They tend to become impatient and restless when others don’t bow to their wishes.

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius take time to settle down in love and marriage. They look for a partner who resembles their imagined lover. Their partner should be able to keep them entertained and relaxed. They want to get assured before forging a long term commitment. They try to figure out the basic nature of their partner by giving them hypothetical scenarios and asking how they will behave in those situations. Others can enter their inner zone only after passing certain tests.

Mars in Scorpio

Scorpio is the own sign of Mars. It is, thus, at home and strong in this placement. The natives with Mars in Scorpio are determined to win at any cost. They hate to lose. They invest their passion and intensity in getting towards their goal. They don’t mind using bad tricks in order to accomplish their goals. They are difficult opponents to handle. They are very aggressive but they don’t show their emotions to others. They like to test their ability from time to time. They challenge themselves by setting goalposts that look distant. They believe in the saying that everything is fair in love and war.

The natives with Mars in Scorpio have intense desire to make a mark in the field they are involved. They are high on energy and confidence. They possess qualities like self-sufficiency, discipline and good organizational skills, that are needed to achieve something big in life. They don’t get annoyed normally but when they get angry, others run for cover. They are self-righteous, imposing and indomitable. Their memory is sharp and they don’t forget the good deeds or wrongdoings done to them by others. They like to play with dangers. They are fascinated with mysteries, life after death theories and paranormal activities.

The natives with Mars in Scorpio possess attractive personality. They look for passion and intensity in love and romance. They easily get attracted to the members of opposite sex, without enquiring about their past and social status. However, they don’t disclose their secrets or feelings to others quickly. They are very possessive about their partner. They are not above manipulations and tricks. They don’t hesitate to employ shady means if others don’t play by the rules. They strive for victory and not for appreciation or glory. They quietly move towards their goals because they want their opponents to remain off-guarded.

Mars in Libra

The natives with Mars in Libra are attractive and sensual. They are tactful in dealing with people. They convey their feelings to people by maneuvering the situation rather than stating their intentions in a clear-cut way. They are sociable creatures who have guests flocking to their house time and again. They are praised for their personal hygiene, table manners and social etiquettes. They are adept in finding solutions for the intricate problems. They avoid discords with people and instead win over them by manipulating the situation. They are not so emotional and flow with the favorable tides. They always want to remain in the good books of other people.

The natives with Mars in Libra are crazy about their partner. They are the eternal lovers who seduce their partner with style and grace. They are expert in making the settings conducive for romantic moments. They know how to love, tease and get cozy with their partner. They expect their partner to understand their heart and mind. They feel happy when others shower them with praise regarding their looks and style. They induce others to fall in the trap of their magical persona. They know how to use charm, beauty and sex appeal to lure people. They convince others to abide by their wishes.

The natives with Mars in Libra are unable to make up their mind in decisive moments. They look towards others for approval as they feel low in confidence during tough times. They take a long time in deciding their strategies. They break down when they are unable to ensure justice and fair sense of play in their dealings with others. They get annoyed and impatient when things don’t move according to their intentions. In such circumstances, they move away gnashing their teeth. They need to stay away from manipulations.

Mars in Virgo

The natives with Mars in Virgo are disciplined, practical and rational in approach. They have a keen eye on detail. They analyze the merits and demerits of a proposal in detail before taking up that task. They are proficient in multitasking. Ask them to handle diverse responsibilities at a time and they will not shy away from throwing themselves into new assignments. They don’t want to sit idle. They derive pleasure from getting involved in their work or hobbies. They know the tricks of their trade and do their work with perfection. They spare no effort to achieve their goals. They are always eager to learn new things and improve their knowledge.

The natives with Mars in Virgo display restrained behavior in matters of love and romance. They look for a partner who is organized, non-critical and who maintains good hygiene. They want their partner to be responsive to their goals and ambitions. They are reserved by nature and they look for a partner who can understand their expressions. They get pleasure from helping others. They are modest about their achievements. They manage to get the work done in stipulated time. They prefer logical thinking to emotional drama.

The natives with Mars in Virgo become difficult to handle if others take their work casually. They want perfection in efforts and dislike those who show laziness. They are peace-loving people but they show aggression and inflexibility in order to get the work done in their desired way. Their only concern is to finish one task and move on to another. They get impatient by any kind of delay in their work. This makes them susceptible to hypertension and nervous breakdown. They need to relax and enjoy rather than taking their work too seriously. They want to leave their imprint as a good human being.

Mars in Leo

The natives with Mars in Leo have great physical stamina and people appreciate their liveliness. They are pragmatic, assertive and self-assured. They have in-born qualities of a successful leader. They know how to get things done from others. They are blessed with good sense of humor and can entertain people with their solo acts. They shine as fine actors in dramas and stage shows. They are full of affection towards others which helps them to lead and guide others. They want to stamp their authority at public forums. They want to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of those who came into contact with them.

The natives with Mars in Leo have a charismatic personality and charm others with their flamboyance. They are very conscious about their self-respect and strike back with vengeance if someone attacks their dignity. They can’t tolerate disloyalty from their partner or friends. They get impulsive when things don’t go their way. They are caring and understanding in relationships. They are excited with the idea of falling in love with someone. They may test the loyalty of their partner if they develop any suspicions about them. They take time to open up with others and don’t reveal their feelings in one go. They look for a partner who doesn’t hurt their ego and with whom they can have fun and laughter.

The natives with Mars in Leo are let down by their arrogant behavior. Their dominant attitude keeps people at bay. They become jealous if someone in their circle outshines them publicly. They can’t bear the fact that they too can lose. Their egocentric approach creates misunderstandings with their partner. In household matters too, they want to assert their dominance. They can be exploited and deceived by sycophants because whoever polishes their ego is a well-wisher in their eyes.

Mars in Cancer

Mars gets debilitated in Cancer. The natives with Mars in Cancer are sensitive to the feelings and needs of other people. They are creative and possess sharp memory which enables them to remember facts for a long time. They don’t thrust their opinions on others and are always ready to help and protect their loved ones. They have a preference for working according to their plans and policies, without any outside control. They can be relied upon and they look for amicable solutions for settling disputes with others. They look for security in their job and may opt for other job if that brings enhanced security for them.

The natives with Mars in Cancer may appear timid but they are brave and resolute from inside. They are fully aware of their goals and like to pursue them with full concentration of mind. They are very intense by nature which makes them undergo mood swings often. They are affectionate and sensual. They look for a partner who can understand their emotions well because otherwise they feel neglected and alone. They don’t feel bad to cry in front of others when they are overwhelmed with emotions. They are not very demanding or dominating in love. They believe in peaceful co-existence.

The natives with Mars in Gemini are very conventional in approach and want to follow the family traditions. They believe in conveying their emotions through gestures and facial expressions. They remain loyal to the core to their partner and expect the same dedication from their partner as well. At times, they show designs of manipulation and scheming nature. They can be very argumentative and rude when they become adamant on certain issue. They store anger inside them which adversely affects their physical and emotional health. They behave in an irritating way when they are affected by mood swings.

Mars in Gemini

The natives with Mars in Gemini are the embodiments of high energy level. They have the capacity to handle many projects at the same time. They are skilled in making witty and sarcastic comments. They are unpredictable and avoid even practical suggestions at times. They like to work in a changed atmosphere. They have sound oratorical skills which help them in outshining others in debates and arguments. The energetic atmosphere at work encourages them to perform better. The horses of their mind can run in different directions at the same time. They like to participate in the academic discussions.

The natives with Mars in Gemini are very good communicators. They can convince others to agree to their viewpoint. They feel good in the company of many people. They prefer group talks to one-on-one conversation. They like to participate in public gatherings and parties. They are blessed with good speech and analytical skills. They are also good in research works. They can become good teachers, writers, researchers, news reporters and public relations officers. They are fascinated by subjects that enhance their intellectual stimulation. Their imagination and creativity makes them illustrate ideas and vision, which others wouldn’t have thought of.

The natives with Mars in Gemini move from one project to another in a short span as they frequently get bored with one task. They are criticized for not being very focused about their goals. They are attracted to a partner whom they find matching them in intellect and knowledge. They are not considered very loyal in love because of their habit of trying something new in relationships too. For them, short term commitments are far attractive propositions. They get uninterested in places, people and things in short duration. Their partner needs to come up with interesting surprises to catch their attention. They seek attention from people and remain happy if the spotlight is on them.