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Mars in 12th House

Mars in the twelfth house shows expenditure, in terms of money, resources and intellect. The natives with such disposition may spend more and earn less. In such cases they are not left with resources or options. They plan more but become lethargic when the time comes to realize those plans. This makes them lose faith in their abilities and then they merely follow what others tell them. If Mars is in conjunction with malefic planets, they have to struggle a lot to earn a decent living. They may be forced to do works that they are not interested in. Others steel the limelight from them and take credit for their work.

Mars in the twelfth house gives auspicious results when Jupiter or Sun is also placed with it. If the twelfth house becomes strong, the native may dive deeply in the ocean of spirituality. They may be inclined towards gaining enlightenment or touch of divinity. They turn their life’s journey inwards to identify the true purpose of their life. The conjunction of benefic planets with Mars eliminates the bad effects of the twelfth house. They become compassionate and make an effort to wipe the tears from the eyes of the depressed people. They travel to foreign lands and earn money there.

The natives with Mars in the twelfth house get affected by the attitude of people around them. If others spot their weak point and constantly focus on that, their mind gets filled with negativity. They start believing in other people’s views and lose their confidence and faith in themselves. They can perform well if they are motivated and reminded of their qualities. If Mars is weak here, they may suffer from eye diseases. Bad Mars can also land them in prison. They will indulge in backbiting and oppose religious pursuits. If the lord of the twelfth house is in sixth, eighth or twelfth houses; the bad effects are cancelled and good ‘yoga’ emerge.

Mars in 8th House

The natives with Mars in the eighth house are said to have fire in their belly. They are hungry for success, fame, wealth and recognition. Their single point agenda is to reach the higher pedestal of success, where they are able to prove to the world that they are unique and matchless. Once they decide on something, they go after the goal with their full might. They are intelligent and good decision makers. Their deeply inquisitive nature makes them shine the careers related to investigation and research. They can become good lawyers, doctors, investigation officers and crime reporters.

The natives with Mars in the eighth house succeed in their professions because they value hard work and ethical approach. However, they undergo ups and downs in their personal relationships, the reason being their careless attitude in showing love and warmth towards their partner. If Mars is weak here, they may face financial setbacks and losses through business partnerships or joint ventures. They may become jealous and scheming. They want to make their own rules because they can’t part away with their freedom. They don’t hesitate to challenge the family traditions. Their inflated ego comes in between them and their dear ones.

The natives with Mars in the eighth house prick the hearts of other people with their harsh and insulting language. They need to exercise control over their tongue. Weak Mars in the eighth house causes eye troubles and problems for father. If Mars is exalted or strongly placed here, they may be blessed with intuitive powers. They may be inclined towards spirituality and may involve themselves in tantric practices or studying astrology and occult sciences. They become good counselors and psycho analysts and help people overcome their depression and mental agonies. If Mars is in conjunction with benefic planets, they will enjoy good health and will be long lived.

Mars in 7th House

Mars in the seventh house is generally not considered very auspicious because of the ‘Manglik’ factor. It is said that the natives born under this disposition face upheavals in their married life. Either they marry very late or they don’t derive conjugal bliss at all. But it’s not as scary as it is perceived to be. If the lord of the seventh house is strong along with Mars, the native will enjoy matrimonial bliss. Those who are born with this placement of Mars should marry a ‘Manglik’ person. This makes their married life to sail smoothly.

The natives with Mars in the seventh house face problems due to their impatient and aggressive attitude, which sometimes turns violent. They pick up unwanted quarrels with their spouse which spoils their mutual admiration and respect. They should marry someone who is tolerant and more mature than them. They invite problems due to their argumentative temperament. If Mars is exalted or very powerful here, the native will not listen to anyone. They will be driven by their personal agenda. If Mars is debilitated, they may indulge in illicit relations and may use their physical energies in wrong ways.

The natives with Mars in the seventh house suffer from impotency, if Mars is badly afflicted. They may lose their wife just after the marriage or their wife may undergo serious health problems. They may bear humiliation for getting close to women of loose character. If the lord of the seventh house gets placed in the sixth house, then there may be separation between the couple through divorce. But, if Mars is exalted or in its own sign here, the native may have a happy married life. If Jupiter aspects Mars or the lord of the seventh house, the native will be prosperous and satisfied after marriage.

Mars in 6th House

Mars in the sixth house gives very powerful results in relation to one’s valor and control over the enemies. If Mars is well deposited here, the native may trounce the enemy in the war. Such natives are characterized by their commanding nature and killer instinct. They are adept in handling tough situations. This makes them opt for career in the armed forces. They have a lot of energy, which they channelize by participating in sports and adventurous tasks. Some of the greatest athletes and sportsperson emerge from this planetary placement. They are passionate in work and play but they should give prominence to teamwork rather than being satisfied in individualistic glory.

The natives with Mars in the sixth house are tireless workers. Other people find it difficult to match them step by step. They are very sincere towards their work and dislike those people who are lethargic or inefficient. This makes people inimical to them, though they are right in their approach. They get impatient quickly when they notice that others are not working as per their expectations. They become inflexible and adamant to the point of estrangement with their colleagues or business partners. They get angry if their seniors or bosses don’t appreciate their efforts and work.

The natives with Mars in the sixth house face problems if Mars gets situated here in the company of its enemy planets. The presence of Rahu or Saturn here may cause diseases like rheumatism, hyperacidity and body pains. They may suffer problems through their maternal relations. They may roll under debt and may incur government’s wrath for not being able to pay up their bank loans. They may suffer from diseases related to blood and may be operated upon for the same. If Mars is strongly placed here, they will conquer enemies, debts and diseases.

Mars in 5th House

The natives with Mars in the fifth house are people of strong grit. Their nature is defined by their daredevilry. They come across as natural leaders who hold the torch of leadership in difficult times. They attract the eyeballs when a tough decision needs to be taken because they are more ready than others to take immediate and correct decision. They are straightforward in their dealings and need a bit of restraint and articulation to avoid conflicts with others. Sometimes, their adamant and sarcastic attitude annoys people. They need to learn that ego can make their personal relationships sour.

The natives with Mars in the fifth house have a manly and muscular persona. They suffer on account of their impatience and rashness. They are fond of materialistic comforts and make efforts to get the things of their choice as early as possible. They are possessive about their partner and take time to settle in life. It may take some time before they beget children but their children are a source of great joy for them. They may be blessed with children whose birth brings them affluence and luxuries. They need to be cautious about getting involved in the relationships outside their wedlock.

The natives with Mars in the fifth house face hurdles if Mars is debilitated or afflicted here. Such natives are poor from birth and face injuries in their childhood. They may walk on the path of immorality and may not have any children, due to which their married life gets disturbed. However, if Mars is exalted or in its own sign or strongly placed in the fifth house, the native will be intelligent, blessed with children and may get a high position in government. If Mars is debilitated in the fifth house but if Moon also sits here, Cancer being Moon’s own sign, then the debilitation of Mars gets cancelled and it gives very good results.

Mars in 4th House

Mars in the fourth house makes the native a home bird. They are attached to their family, especially to their mother. They feel best in the secure environs of their home and are very protective about their family. They, however, dominate their family as their writ runs at home. Their impulsive behavior causes clashes with their family members and makes them poignant. Then, they try to run away from the idea of marriage and contemplate to live alone all their life. They can overcome depression by adhering to the wise counsel of their mother and by becoming good listeners.

The natives with Mars in the fourth house are patriotic by temperament. They are attached to the heritage and culture of the motherland and defend the ideology of their nation with full force. They dream of sacrificing their life in the service of the motherland and join armed forces or police services to satisfy their ambition. But, if Mars is debilitated or afflicted here and the fourth lord is weak, the native may adopt the wrong path and become a terrorist or a naxalite. They may hold gun against the law and citizens. They should not feel jealous for the achievements of other people.

The natives with Mars in the fourth house have strong physical appearance even in their later years as well. They should avoid being rude to the people younger than them. If Mars is strongly placed here, the native receives inheritance from the parents and from the maternal relations. They may own more than one house and they change their vehicles frequently. They have landed properties on their name and may deal in the real estate business. If Mars is weak or afflicted, the native may not have a house of their own. They may face problems regarding their property and vehicles. Their mother may face health problems for a long period.

Mars in 3rd House

Mars in the third house strengthens the courage of the native. They believe in their abilities till death because courage or self-confidence is their biggest asset. But they become impatient when others don’t match up to them in performance. They want everything to be done as quickly as possible. They should avoid driving fast. They are argumentative and force others to follow their commands. They have good knowledge and control over the subject or the technique they are involved in. They can’t sit idle and are always seen in action, doing their work or planning meticulously for future endeavors.

The natives with Mars in the third house find pleasure at their workplace. They are motivated if there’s a new plan put on their table regarding the expansion plans of their venture or new target to be achieved in their job. They need outer things to make them feel contented inside. They don’t let their peers to overshadow them. They find glory in work only and are true ‘karma yogis’ or believers in action. Their abundant energy takes them to sports fields because it gives them a platform to show to the world that they have arrived. They emerge as great sprinters, athletes and sportsperson.

Mars in the third house creates conflicts with siblings. Their brothers may be inimical to them, if Mars is afflicted. They may travel abroad to earn and may succeed earlier than expected. They have to remain careful about blood related diseases and right ear. If the lords of the third and the ninth houses are benefic planets, they will be inclined towards spirituality and secret donation. But, if third and ninth lords are afflicted, they may criticize religion and may question the existence of God. But one thing is sure that such natives come heavily on their enemies and trounce them because Mars in the house of courage aspects the sixth house of enemies.

Mars in 2nd House

Mars in the second house sheds the ego that it attained in the first house, but the fire in the heart to go after the ambitions is as strong as it can be. The natives with such placement of Mars don’t build castles in the air. They are pragmatic and plan according to their maximum potential because they want to achieve something in the end instead of moving in the circles. They are most concerned about their physical stamina and go to gym and do weight training, jogging, exercises etc. to maintain strength and staying power.

The natives with Mars in the second house want to enrich their soul as well by feeding it with good thoughts and spiritual lessons. They consider learning as the biggest earning. Their voice seems to be bit harsh because of their loud tone and fast accent. They become very angry if someone tries to play with their self-respect or maligns their family or friends. They are not greedy about money but they want to earn a lot to prove their competency. They need to control their tongue and temper to succeed in life because people spot their weaknesses and exploit them. The strong placement of Mars and the lord of the second house endows the native with wealthy in-laws.

The natives with Mars in the second house suffer from eye problems if Mars is placed with the lord of the sixth house. However, the aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter saves the native from deep medical troubles. In Pisces ascendant, Mars in the second house, being the lord of second and ninth houses, gives enormous wealth. If Mars is weak, afflicted or debilitated in the second house, the native eats unhealthy food and suffers from bad speech. If Mars is strong, the native becomes a ‘kuldeepak’ or shining star of the family.

Mars in 1st House

Mars in the first house gives traits like authoritativeness, aggression, dominance and valor to the natives with such disposition. They are action-oriented commanders, who ignite the fire of passion in their belly by the spark of any new goal in sight. They don’t like to waste time in just planning, instead they are in action whenever the situation demands. Their energy and enthusiasm never fades which shows up in their attitude when adversity arrives at their door. They believe that they are born to lead and not to follow others. This makes them perform better in leadership roles only.

Mars in the first house inflates the ego of such natives. It propels resentment in other people as they find it difficult to work with them on account of their interfering nature. Such natives want to establish their reign at any cost. They are extroverts and are always ready to participate in sports and adventure as it gives them a chance to release their abundant energy. They don’t fear or shy away from battles because it appeases their sense of self. They can employ any means to achieve their goals. There can be discords in their married life if the lords of the first and the seventh houses are afflicted along with a weak Mars.

The natives with Mars in the first house reach the pinnacle of glory due to their hard work and never-say-die spirit. They are firm in decision making but can become adamant at times. They need to listen to others’ views to become more acceptable. They are strong hearted people and emotions don’t matter much to them. They let their instinctive mind to do all the talking. If Mars is exalted or in its own sign here, they may be interested to join armed forces. If Mars is weak, they need to be careful from fire and explosive substances.