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Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is in its own house in Pisces. The natives with Jupiter in Pisces have inclination towards spirituality and supernatural concepts. They want to find their path by experiencing the Truth of life. They are kindhearted, generous, humble, calm and farsighted. They are blessed with intuitive powers, which is a part of their persona. They tickle the funny bones of people with their subtle sense of humor. They believe that all can grow together in this world and there’s no need to develop animosity or enmity with each other. They want to travel on a higher spiritual plane and want to help others in getting a feel of divinity.

The natives with Jupiter in Pisces sometimes draw themselves back from people, including their dear ones, to spend time in solitude. They find it good for their mental conditioning. It is their inherent desire to help those who are not as fortunate as them. They become sad to see the plight of depressed sections of the society. They take the initiative to serve others in hospitals, orphanages, old age homes and even jails to help others overcome their worst phase in life. They light the candle of hope in the hearts of people who have lost zeal for life.

The natives with Jupiter in Pisces become hypersensitive over frivolous issues. They don’t take much time to become over-emotional and too sentimental. They are generous but extravagant too. There is an exceptional aura in them that other people get attracted by their magnanimous nature. They connect instantly with others because they pay attention to others’ feelings and needs. They are very good listeners and don’t interfere when others are speaking. They feel lighthearted when they immerse themselves in spiritual practices. They spent a lot of time in meditation to overcome their mental pain. They are not crazy about remaining in limelight and prefer working quietly behind the scenes.

Jupiter in Aquarius

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius are humanitarian by nature and are concerned with the wellbeing of everyone. They have faith in the brotherhood of mankind. They are fascinated by assignments that bring into play their hidden talents and give them a chance to broaden their vision. They are easy to work with due to their friendliness, impartial attitude and problem-solving temperament. Innovative ideas emerge out of their inventive mind. They have a knack for managing big groups of people. Their greatest strength is their sensitiveness which enables them to understand the feelings and problems of others with a sympathetic attitude.

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius believe in the principle of ‘Live and let live’. They show tolerance towards the religious and general views of other people. They look at the positive side of any issue and it makes them the people to talk to when others find themselves clueless. They attract people because they radiate positive energy. Even when they achieve high positions of success and fame, they don’t forget their less fortunate companions. They are always eager to do their bit to emancipate the downtrodden folks. They excel in fields like technology, philosophy, social work, science and spiritual pursuits.

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius can’t be tied at one place or in one job. They like to tread on paths that are less travelled. They accept people as they are because they know that everyone is unique in some way. They don’t accumulate enormous wealth because they are not lured by the materialistic things. They draw many admirers because no one feels threatened by them. They lack in discipline sometimes. They can shake the system by their revolutionary acts, which surprise others as no one expects them to break the regulations. They are brilliant in uniting people to fight for a larger cause for the betterment of humanity.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn are filled with optimism towards their life because they accept the black and the white with equal ease. They make a mark by following the golden principles of life. They don’t shy away from working hard in life as they understand that they have to slog to achieve something in life. They have the staying power to pass through difficult times. They believe in the customs of past. They like to follow a disciplined routine. They have a penchant for preparing their schedule and then moving in steps towards their goals.

The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn have a strong drive for attaining powerful status. They want to assume an important role so that they are recognized by others. They work hard to earn their place in the world, whether it is business, job, creative pursuit, bureaucratic role or politics. They want to earn a lot of money and sometimes take recourse of the unethical means to amass wealth. However, they lose their fortune when they deviate from the right path. They have an intense and serious disposition but they can surprise others with their sense of humor. They know how to make the best of a challenging situation.

The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn demonstrate tightfisted nature but they will do well by becoming generous and sharing their resources with others. They don’t invite criticism due to their strong moral code. They achieve success by following the path of righteousness and conventional wisdom. They crave for accumulating materialistic assets, which shakes their mental balance. The fear of failure makes them timid. They want to make a contribution in the development of other people. They excel in professions like finances, planning, architecture, administration, environment and politics. They take calculated risks to achieve their goals.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is Jupiter’s own house. It is thus strong, when placed here. The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius look towards life to unravel its deep meaning. They are guided by a set of rules which they have formulated for themselves. They are honest, friendly, optimistic and carefree. They are drawn towards religion and philosophy. They find joy in learning, traveling and teaching. It makes them a lifetime student. They are the continuous travelers of both body and mind. They have interest in sports and outdoor activities. They remain tied to their moral principles and to whatever they believe is right for humanity.

The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius are very inspirational and their enthusiasm is infectious. They stick to their beliefs and perceptions with all their might and refuse to budge when they consider their viewpoint right. They have a knack for planning the right strategy to determine their next steps. They arouse when they are challenged in intellectual pursuits and sports. It gives them an outlet to showcase their talent. They travel not just to visit a new places but to garner knowledge about the history, geography, culture and legacy of that place. They should refrain from becoming too rigid and pompous.

The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius radiate goodness of a virtuous soul. Those who get in touch with them feel the warmth of their affection. They go all-out to make life beautiful for others. They don’t neglect the social issues and participate voluntarily in humanitarian acts like blood donation, disaster management work, rehabilitation program, managing orphanages and old age homes etc. They are prosperous but extravagant. However, they like to spend their money for good purposes. They may have formed their opinion beforehand but they give others a chance to present their case. The source of their inner strength is their unwavering faith in God. Spirituality is a way of life for them.

Jupiter in Scorpio

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio are people of mystery. Darkness, shadow and secrecy are the focus of their existence. They believe that dark elements of Nature are as natural and necessary as the bright elements. They want others to accept the truth of life and understand this fundamental. They can connect with the insecurities, anxieties and fears of other people. They can scare others as they are masters in creating atmosphere of horror. They like to discuss issues that are considered taboo. They want to bring forth issues that remain hidden due to societal pressures. They want people to face it, accept it, discuss it and get transformed by it.

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio give high priority to self-expression. They don’t want to be guided by someone else’s or societal barometer of what is right or wrong. Their goal is not to do work to please others or gain their approval or appreciation. Instead they stand for what is rightful and honest. They understand the importance of secrecy and never share their or others secrets. They want people to evolve by overcoming their fears, insecurities and weaknesses. They can become icons, thanks to their raw magnetism and sex appeal. They become good investigators, spies, criminal reporters, police officers and scientists.

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio attain power and high status which makes people to fear from them. They become detrimental to themselves and others when their vision gets shrouded by obscurity. They want to prove to others how strong, fearless and intimidating they can be. This attitude pushes them towards vicious acts. But when they mould their personality with positive energy, they become defenders of truth; redefine the old-fashioned customs; stand by the downtrodden and ill-treated folks. When they tread on the path of uprightness, no one can dare stop these soldiers of truth.

Jupiter in Libra

The natives with Jupiter in Libra adopt happy-go-lucky approach in life. They possess good looks and often become popular in their society or in their group. Many of the celebrities, film stars, models and artists have the placement of Jupiter in Libra in their individual horoscope. They tend to be lazy but get lucky breaks in their life. They are desperate to get luxuries easy in life. They look for an escape route to free themselves from the burden of responsibilities and practical problems. They want to look smart, stylish and well-liked in their circle. They can remain unruffled in tense moments.

The natives with Jupiter in Libra ought to learn that life is not just the bed of roses. There are thorns and flowers; pain and pleasure; shadow and light; failure and success. They need to learn to give back to the society what they get from it. When they learn to detach themselves from one-sided perspective of life, they can understand and live life better. They become wise and mature in their old age. They have the ability to remain impartial when they analyze people or issues. They maintain the perfect balance of their mind and body. They remain physically fit and smart and fine-tune their mind by gaining knowledge.

The natives with Jupiter in Libra like to mingle with people, even strangers. They are diplomatic but possess sense of justice. They try to solve the problems of the people they come in contact with. They are civilized and lead noble lives. They wish to create beautiful and harmonious environment in the society. They excel in careers like fashion designing, beauty parlors, interior decoration and artistic works. They are good in creating jovial atmosphere in social gatherings. They like things around them to be visually gratifying. They need to save themselves from getting egotistical, greedy and snobbish.

Jupiter in Virgo

The natives with Jupiter in Virgo are critical by nature. They are concerned about sorting out the treasure from the junk. They set high standards for self and others and want to see the things done in an orderly manner. They praise others only when they genuinely deserve it. They also don’t expect false appreciation from others. They get irritated when others don’t perform as per expectations or when others show lack of moral values. They remain calm and exercise good judgment in challenging situations. Their intense nature helps them to gain wisdom and maturity at a young age. They can’t be lured easily into dishonest means.

The natives with Jupiter in Virgo have to work harder than others. They can be called more hardworking and less lucky. As a consequence, they have a practical understanding of life. They want to become prosperous by undergoing and overcoming the tough experiences of life. They should be appreciated for the reason that they maintain their integrity against all odds. However, they must avoid being too critical, fixated and too judgmental of others. They should take on that much work which they can carry easily without harming their health. They make great progress in life because they stick to their moral principles.

The natives with Jupiter in Virgo get motivated by a set routine and disciplined approach towards work. They spread harmony in the society and help others to improve their lives and live happily. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to the needy. They are good in finding solutions for the problems of others. Their concern for perfection and details gets in the way of quick completion of any task. They prefer to live an austere life and the pleasures of senses or materialistic things can’t entrap them. They excel in the fields of science, literature and technical enterprises.

Jupiter in Leo

The natives with Jupiter in Leo are confident and daring. They want to prove their merit and prominence. They want to enjoy every single moment of their life. They want others to see how forceful and commanding they can be. They want to become popular and famous. They focus on their personal reservoir of authority and guts. This attitude makes them egocentric. They believe in their uniqueness and want to prove it to the world. They get enthused to participate in the acts where they can display their boldness, wisdom and maturity. They always aspire for a leadership role and are not ready to become mere followers.

The natives with Jupiter in Leo have a soaring penchant to be ego maniacs as they are so self-obsessed. They always think of the ways by which they can assert their importance on others. They need to overcome this tendency and become more accommodating and mature. They ought to learn to exude confidence without oozing arrogance; to be bold without being domineering; and to move forward without being insensitive. They don’t have the stage fear and can handle the limelight with enriching charm. Sometimes, they become too melodramatic and play to the gallery. They exaggerate their acts to enhance their self-worth.

The natives with Jupiter in Leo can demonstrate to others through their behavior that how one can become confident, happy and full of self-belief. They can make others realize their uniqueness in the world. They have strong personal beliefs and get upset with those who oppose them. Their daring persona pushes them to take risks but they need to give a thought to the possible consequences of any decision. They have good physique and talent in martial pursuits and community service. They get rejuvenated by holidaying and traveling. They are romantic by nature and entice their partner with their good sense of humor.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter gets exalted in the Cancer, which is the sign of its friendly planet Moon. This is the best placement for Jupiter. The natives with Jupiter in Cancer are benevolent, soothing and knowledgeable. They set high goals for themselves and are guided by their instincts. They take care of others with utmost dedication and are always willing to heal the wounds of the sufferers. Their memory is sharp and they can remember facts for a long time. Things related to history and heritage fascinates them. On top of their agenda is the desire to build a beautiful home for their family. They are philosophical, when they converse in public domain.

The natives with Jupiter in Cancer can make others feel at home with them. They make people feel special. They are good in making the most of the opportunities that they get. They have a taste for rich food and artistic pursuits. They can make it out easily if the other person is feeling happy or burdened by problems. Their kind and compassionate nature enables them to understand and feel the miseries of others. They use their imagination in finding solutions of the problems faced by their friends and relatives.

The natives with Jupiter in Cancer are God-fearing and devoted by nature. They believe in destiny and the concept that our actions bear fruits not only in this life but in subsequent births too. They are interested in reading the scriptures and religious texts. They can make a mark in astrology, palmistry and other such pursuits. They can excel in trades like real estate, architecture, catering, hospitality business, teaching, research etc. On the negative side, they sometimes cling to old traditions and superstitions. They feel insecure in the unknown zone. They make themselves unapproachable when they aren’t in a good mood.

Jupiter in Gemini

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini are inquisitive and talkative by nature. They don’t shy away from putting their hand in tasks that others avoid to do. Their strength lies in their communicative nature and their interest in learning something good from everyone. They can gel with others instantly and can converse on the intellectual subjects at length. They are avid readers and pen down their emotions in a soul stirring way. They can relate to different set of opinions because of their nonjudgmental nature. They like to meet new people and get to know their beliefs because inspirational acts of others motivate them to perform better.

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini can become great mentors and counselors. They put more emphasis on learning than earning. They like to share their knowledge, resources and skills with other people for the benefit of mankind. They want to live a life that is vibrant, peaceful and packed with wide-ranging experiences. Their friendly disposition helps them to gain new acquaintances and contacts. They remain unbiased and neutral in analyzing people’s behavior and situations. It makes people, especially conflicting groups, to come to them to solicit advice. They steal the show in social gatherings by their eloquent speech and humorous punches.

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini excel in professions where they can serve the humanity. Occupations like information and broadcasting, communications, publishing, media management excite them. Intellectual status matters more to them rather than the financial status. They are capable of doing many tasks simultaneously as their mind works in many directions at a time. They want to travel across the globe as life becomes dull if they are asked to stick at one place. They look forward to get transferred to new places during their jobs because it gives them a chance to explore another place.