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November 17, 2015

The natives with Capricorn as their rising sign are very strong-willed and grounded. They are like a rock and people can lean on their shoulders in times of need. They are self-assured, comfortable and confident in social gatherings. They often amaze their friends and near ones with their sharp-witted humor. They have a lot of patience and concentration of mind. They want to have their hold and sway over those associated with them. They see life in black or white, there are no grey shades for them.

The Capricorn rising natives are very concerned with their public image and prestige. They are hermits by nature and have intense desire to get appreciation and praise from others. They may appear very strict because they are always guided by discipline and order. They think that they can transform the lives of other people by bringing in discipline in their lives and they are probably right to an extent. But people misinterpret it as their authoritativeness and don’t let them invade their privacy.

The Capricorn rising natives are slim, bony and of small to medium height. They have good skin texture and taut hair on chest and eyebrows. They have big head, large teeth, protruding lips and lightly shaped chin. They are conventional in dressing up and not fond of accessory or jewelry. Their immunity is strong and they have good resistance power against diseases and seasonal illnesses. They remain healthy even with their advancing age. The Capricorn rising natives should guard themselves from health problems like cold and cough; arthritis; digestive disorders; stones in kidney; skin problems and knee problems. They are food buffs and crave for wine. They should shun excess of food and drink in order to remain fit and healthy.

On the negative side, the Capricorn rising natives have a predisposition that their way and opinion is always the best. They are egotistical and unforgiving. Their decisions are guided by their inner insecurities and fears. They are that sort of perfectionist who is never satisfied. They are aloof and headstrong and appear snobbish due to their gesticulations. They get close to only those people who have likings and disliking akin to them.

Career wise, they are blessed with organizational and managerial qualities. They make good accountants, bankers, architects, manufacturers, dentists, system analysts, sociologists, crafts-dealers, engineers and researchers. They are reliable and able to carry enormous workloads. They work hard and for long hours. As an employee, they like to work with an employer for a long and continuous period. They give respect to their seniors and colleagues.

In the matters of heart and love, the Capricorn rising natives are very shy and tongue-tied in the beginning of a relationship. They are very measured in approaching someone. They are not cut-out for flirting and casual flings. They express their love only when they are deeply attached with someone and are sure to take the relationship forward up to marriage. They are sensitive, understanding and committed towards their partner. They expect faithfulness and long-term commitment from their partner. They take parenthood seriously and want their children to excel in academic pursuits.

Capricorn is symbolized by The Goat and belongs to the Earth element. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Mars gets exalted and Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. In horoscope, it represents the tenth house. Brown color is associated with Capricorn.

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