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Modality:  Cardinal
Element:  Water
Ruler:  The Moon
Season:  Summer
4th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Silver
Stone: Pearl, Opal
Color: White, Yellow
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach

Keywords: gentle, conservative, feeling, nurturing, defensive, contemplative.

The natives with Cancer as their rising sign are usually very good human beings. They are helpful, kind and good-natured. At the same time, they are sensitive, emotional and temperamental. They remain insecure about themselves. Sometimes they seem distant as they often withdraw themselves from the world and move to their cocoon. They are emotional to the point of getting perturbed often on small issues. They like to live in the world of their dreams. They are intuitive and possess psychic penchant. Their memory retention skills are so strong that they don’t easily forget insults. They are family-oriented people and remain happy in joint family set-up. They spend a lot in decorating and refurbishing their homes.

The Cancer rising natives have round-shaped facets and become plump as the age advances. Their height is medium. The chin is round, nose small and the eyes protruding. The upper part of the body is broad and the arms long. The Cancer rising natives want assurance in life. They are ready to swap free will with security. They look for emotional and financial stability in their partner in marriage. In love, the cancer rising natives are intensely romantic and like to explore the various facets of love. They are loyal and spend lavishly on their partners. They are so endearing that it is difficult to overlook them.

The Cancer rising natives are very good listeners and it is a pleasure to converse with them. However, they are very easily hurt if faced with criticism. They have interest in architecture, history and heritage. They love to try their hand in kitchen. They are very apt in taking care of others and want others to reciprocate in the similar manner. They are very conscious of maintaining their social standards. They are ready to make amendments in their behavior to make others happy. They are money accumulators and are rarely spendthrifts.

The Cancer rising natives are very good employers. They can micro-manage the diversifications of their ventures with such ease that others are left just in awe of them. They are very cognizant of their designations and status in jobs. They are sympathetic towards their employees, colleague and subordinates and are always eager to lend a helping hand to them. While doing a job, the only thing that concerns them is job security. They spring into action whenever they are asked to complete a project. The Cancer rising natives are very happy in honing their creative skills. They are proficient in creative writing, poetry and other such arts.

The Cancer rising natives have some negative traits too. They are very resentful if they think that they have been maligned. They are unforgiving to the extent of parting the ways forever with those who have offended them. They are afraid of being rejected. Health wise, they are prone to problems like digestive disorders, gastritis, cough and dimness of vision. They must guard themselves against the diseases related to stomach, liver and intestines. When they are emotionally upset, they fall prey to depression, hypertension and likewise emotional disorders.

Cancer is symbolized by The Crab and belongs to the Water element. Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Jupiter gets exalted and Mars gets debilitated in Cancer. In horoscope, it represents the fourth house. Silver color is associated with Cancer.