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Modality:  Cardinal
Element:  Fire
Ruler:  Mars
Season:  Spring
1st  Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Iron
Stone: Amethyst, Diamond
Color: Red
Anatomy: Head, face.

Keywords:  active, initiating, leading, independent, aggressive, impatient, combative, energetic, pioneering, naive, assertive

The natives with Aries as their rising sign are quick in action. They have sharp features, rough complexion, medium height and a long neck. They act first and think later. They speak up whatever comes in their mind and regret later. Sometimes they march ahead without any concrete plan in place. They are enthusiastic and competitive. They are straightforward in speech and acts. They get angry quickly but their anger evaporates swiftly. They are not afraid to stir the hornet’s nest. But they draw flak for not completing the assigned work in time as they have a tendency of jumping to new project before finishing the task in hand.

The Aries rising natives want to do things independently and don’t like any sort of interference in their works. Even when they are wrong, they don’t accept it wholeheartedly and argue till the last that they are right. They like to participate in sports and adventurous acts. They are ready to hold the gun in times of war and look forward to leave their mark in battles. Competition excites the Aries rising natives. They are admired in their social circle and remain centre of attraction in their chosen field. They enjoy when the limelight is on them.

Their walk is swift and they lean forward with their head. The health problems that may trouble them are sinus, headaches, migraines, acne, rashes, insect bite and eye problems. The Aries rising should guard themselves against BP related problems. They have a wonderful smile and they blush easily. Their face turns red when they are overcome by anger. They remain youthful and energetic throughout their lives. The natives with Aries rising earn a lot of money but they counter it by spending recklessly.

The natives with Aries rising are independent and self-reliant from childhood onwards. They are honest, fearless and exhibit leadership qualities in challenging times. They are always ready to fight for the cause that they believe in. They are passionate in matters of heart and chase their love. They come across as charming and irresistible entities. Their mind is success-oriented. They work single-mindedly to achieve their goals and this appears as selfishness to other people who are associated with them. They pursue hard to realize their aims, no matter how difficult or risky that may be. But sometimes they get carried away and overestimate their abilities. Sports and adventurous activities are meant for them.

The Aries rising natives are generous towards their friends, but at times they lose temper and behave in a very childish manner. Since they are confident about themselves, they want to assume the leadership role. They enjoy the journey of reaching towards their goal. The professions of Aries rising natives may be related to petroleum, kerosene oil, fuel, colors, chemicals, medicine etc. They can also excel in the business of cement, coal and salt. Other fields related to them are travel, tourism and telecommunications. The lord of this zodiac sign is Mars. So they can work in police, army, medical line, engineering works etc.

Aries is symbolized by The Ram and belongs to the Fire element. Mars is the ruler of Aries. Sun gets exalted and Saturn gets debilitated in Aries. In horoscope, it represents the first house. Red color is associated with Aries.