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November 17, 2015

The natives with Aquarius as their rising sign are insightful, witty, emotional and creative. They are born intelligent and can fascinate others with their creativity. They are very instinctive by nature and devise new methods to implement their plans. They are pioneering in giving new ideas and thoughts to others. They have scientific and inventive bent of mind. They are devoted to their work and remain honest in professional and personal life. They are impulsive and don’t think much about the consequences.

The Aquarius rising natives are very inquisitive and shower people with questions. They are good public speakers and take interest in debates and discussions. They are very thoughtful and caring. They have deep-seated belief in humanitarian reforms. They have a big social circle and are generous towards their friends. They have a sense of fairness and revolt against injustice. They have excellent communication skills and have ability to see the things from others’ perspective. They dislike arguments or confrontation but can put others in place with just a glance or disapprovingly shaking the head.

The Aquarius rising natives are slim and tall in stature. They have big face, neck and feet. They possess fine facial features and their head bends forward or sideward when they are in deep thinking mode. They have dark, thick hair and they adorn different hairstyles. There’s secluded and dreamy look in their eyes which seem sparkling with life. Their look gives the impression of liveliness and seriousness at the same time.

On the negative side, the Aquarius rising natives can become stubborn at times. They consider their decisions as right and supreme. They become sarcastic while criticizing the people. They have rebellious and eccentric personality which makes them impolite and unkind. They are self-absorbed and are reluctant to share ideas and plans with others. They are so engrossed in their web of perceived intellectuality that they forget to exercise compassion. Their inflated ego leads to their arrogant attitude.

The Aquarius rising natives look for careers that stimulate their intellectuality. Since they have imaginative and inventive bent of mind, they can turn out to be distinguished scientists, researchers and discoverers. Their creativity can help them become good actors, musicians, astronauts and astrologers. They can succeed in medical profession because of their humanitarian nature. They are fair employers and pay extra to those who display more devotion towards job, but they expect a day’s work for a day’s pay. They have knack of sensing what’s wrong with machines and they always come up with new ideas.

In love, the Aquarius rising natives genuinely want innate friendship with their loved one but are afraid of deep emotional attachment. They attract the opposite sex by their friendly disposition. They can be detached and people find it difficult to enter into a romantic relationship with them. Health wise, the Aquarius rising natives should guard themselves from problem related to blood circulation; legs and ankles; eyesight; breath; the bones of the lower limbs; nervous system; circulatory system; cramps and allergies.

Aquarius is symbolized by The Water Carrier and belongs to the Air element. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius. No planet gets exalted or debilitated in Aquarius. In horoscope, it represents the eleventh house. Turquoise color is associated with Aquarius.

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