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Know About the best and the most accurate horoscopes prepared for you

Astrology is the ancient sacred science, which has transformed our life in many ways. Astrology as a whole is the science of stars, and these stars and planets have a lot of impact on our lives. This wonder science can be put to the best use for the betterment of the humankind.

At Astrology Elite, we are the team of expert astrologers, numerologists, and Vaastu consultants. We are here to help you in any phase of your life, we will analysis your natal chart in detail and will let you know about the favorable time and will alert you before any undesirable event strikes you.

We will also guide you regarding various remedies those will help you to come out of any adverse situation. Our other services include niche readings in the area of Career, Love & Marriage, Education, Numerology, Health, 2017 prediction and more.

Moreover, these reports are analyzed thoroughly and realistically, we do not provide computer-generated reports, but we provide hand-made reports, which are authentic.

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Why Choose Me


I studied astrology for long years under an eminent guru and worked in the corporate world. My blended experience helps me use my knowledge with Logic, Positivity and Empathy to guide you to the right path.


Clients benefitted from my Personal, Business, and Corporate astrological advice.


Years of experience as a Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant


Nationalities seek my Retainer Services


Students have learnt Vedic Astrology from me, and more are signing up

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John Smith - Astrologer

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R. Lilly - Astrologer

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G. Zirkle - Astrologer

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David Parker - Astrologer

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Kenneth - Astrologer

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A. Dennett - Astrologer