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9th House of Horoscope
The ninth house is the house of religion, destiny and luck in the horoscope. It signifies father, guru (teacher), fortune, journeys to holy places and long-distance journeys. It represents priests, teachers, lawyers, advisors and philosophers. The activities like performing religious rites and spiritual practices (yagnas); chanting mantras and holy sacred verses also fall in its domain. Jupiter is the ruling planet of this house as it shows the path of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. Sun is also a significator of this house and denotes the relationship between the father and the son.

The ninth house is also related to intellectuality, knowledge, fame, inheritance of property through father, moral values, virtues like kindness and charity, philanthropic business, pilgrimages, meditation and enlightenment. Among the body parts, the ninth house represents left cheek, left knee, left part of the stomach, outer parts of the ears, thighs and buttocks. This house indicates the deeds that the native has performed in past births. The fortune that the native obtains in this birth without efforts is the result of the good deeds of the past birth.

The association of Jupiter with this house makes the native religious, devoted, conventional and benevolent. Saturn here gives intuitive powers to the native and the positive aspect of Sun and Mercury makes the native big-hearted and charitable. The connection of the ninth lord with the tenth lord creates the ‘Dharmakarmadipati Yoga’. It indicates that the native will employ ethical means in performing the professional duties. It makes the native financially strong and he/she is able to attain success and fame. The association of the ninth lord with the twelfth lord makes the native prosperous through foreign business dealings. The native is often on the move and reaps benefits from overseas.

The presence of Sun in this house takes the native to pilgrimages. If the ninth lord and Sun are exalted or strongly placed, the native is very devoted to his/her father. If Jupiter and Mercury are strong in the horoscope along with the tenth lord, the native may excel in religious publishing. The placement of Mercury in this house makes the native an earnest devotee while the placement of Venus enables the native to receive great knowledge. The relation of Venus with this house provides vehicles to the native. The presence of Ketu, the mokshakaraka planet, helps the native to detach the mind from physical self and attain super-consciousness.

The ninth house denotes long journeys such as air travel and voyages. This house is influenced by foreigners and the travel to distant lands is beneficial, if the ninth lord is favorably placed. This house also represents the brother’s wife and the wife’s sister. If more planets are placed in the ninth house, the native will search for a meaningful life and will be inclined towards adventure, travelling and knowledge of foreign cultures. Thus, the ninth house is extremely important for anyone because it denotes the capacity to grow on the path of intrinsic worth.