Partnership and Marriage
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7th House of Horoscope
The seventh house of the horoscope probably plays the most significant role in shaping the destiny of an individual. Why? Because ninety percent happiness of the native depends on the kind of spouse one gets. They say that marriages are made in heaven, but problematic married relationship can make one feel the environs of hell. It is everyone’s dream to get a beautiful/handsome life partner. But not everyone’s lucky to get the spouse of his/her choice.

The seventh house determines marriage and life mate. The planet of marriage for every female is Jupiter and for every male is Venus. The benefic placement of these planets in the horoscopes of women and men respectively boosts the seventh sector of your chart. The lord of the seventh house and its placement in the horoscope indicates about the nature, body complexion, education, parental background and dreams of your would-be spouse.

If the seventh lord and Venus are placed in benefic signs, without affliction, the native will get extremely gorgeous wife, who will be emotionally attached to him. For women, if the seventh lord has auspicious aspect of Jupiter and the placement of the seventh lord is in exalted state or propitious houses, she will get a soul mate. If the malefic planets are positioned in the seventh house or aspect it, there are chances of having disenchantment with partner after marriage. If the seventh lord is debilitated, the native may face bad weather in marriage. The seventh lord aspecting the seventh house gives harmonious conjugal life. The transit of Jupiter, the seventh lord and the planets that aspect this house; create the favorable time for marriage during their periods, sub-periods and sub-sub-periods.

The seventh house also represents the business partners and associates. Only those natives are astrologically advised to enter into partnerships for business, whose seventh lord and seventh house are free from severe afflictions. This house represents the investments that you make in your professional and personal life. The connection of the seventh and the ninth houses take the personal bonding and business association to great heights.

The seventh house represents relationships, sexual desires, short journeys and collaborations. It influences the abdominal organs of the body like prostrate and urinary tract. If the seventh house lord is afflicted and situated in the sixth house, i.e. twelfth from that house, serious differences may crop up in the married life. These differences can even end in separation or divorce. In the sphere of business partnerships, the native in such case may be duped by the other partners. There are chances of business partnerships getting embroiled in legal fights and debts.

The remedy to ward-off the bad results of a week seventh house is to worship sincerely and regularly by concentrating on one’s dear God and by chanting His mantra.