Our psychological foundations and roots, family, home life, instinctive behavior, the mother or the more “maternal” parent/caregiver, ancestry, our connection with our past, our sense of security, domestic life, real estate.

3rd House of Horoscope
The third house is called the ‘Prakarma Sthana’. It is the house of valor, aggression and ego. It reveals the native’s strength of mind. It tells whether the native will be brave or coward. It determines whether we will be able to distinguish self respect from false pride. It shows whether we would be able to stand up to the challenges and adversities that the rivals or the life throw at us. It determines our standing ability against pulls and pressures by others. It depicts characteristics like selfishness, aggression and lust.

The third house of the horoscope is also called the house of communication, written as well as verbal. It holds the portfolio of communications and media. This house has an intrinsic connection with the imagination and intelligence of the native. It tells about the native’s analytical ability, grasping power and feasible responsiveness to sudden situations. It moulds our thoughts and speech. It administers the skills of language, writing, editing, speaking, reading, thinking and conducting researches. It also depicts early education.

The third house decides our traveling. It determines the travels we will undertake, either for business purposes or for adventure or tourism. It also plays a role in calculating the religious tourism as it is posted opposite to the house of religion . Among the body parts, it governs throat, neck, shoulders, right ear, bones and upper limbs.

The third house is the cadent house. It also informs about the longevity of the native. It has a great role in determining our environment and neighborhood. It determines the relationship of the native with community and neighbors. It shows our inclinations and interests, hobbies and activities we really enjoy doing, like interest in sports and athletics or pursuing writing.

The third house is related to siblings. It throws a hint about how many brothers or sisters the native is going to have in life. It also shapes the native’s relationship with siblings. The placement of the lord of the third house and the position and aspects of the planets in this house decides our bonding or hostile relationship with our siblings, cousins, neighbors etc. It also points towards our coworkers, colleagues and fellow students.

The planetary indicators of this house are Mars and Mercury. Mars lords over bravery, aggression and competitive spirit, while Mercury rules over communication skills and inquisitiveness. The other aspects covered here are marketing and promotion; public relations; presentation of ideas and schemes; commerce and sales; agreements and contracts. The third house is sixth from the tenth house, the house of profession and indicates struggles in professional life. It is seventh from the ninth house and thus indicates about luck and higher studies. The third house gives good results if its lord is not placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses.