Self-Worth and Money
Money and personal finances, sense of self-worth and basic values, personal possessions.

2nd House of Horoscope
Which thing or issue most pervades through the minds of almost all people? Health? It should be, but in reality few give it the importance that it richly deserves. When someone said that it is not God but next to God, he was describing the crux of worldly matters i.e. money. Finance or money is the occupant or lord of the second house, which is also called as succedent house. It means the wealth that is accumulated through efforts or inheritance, gifts and precious possessions etc. govern this house. The second house succeeds the first house and symbolizes the wealth the native is capable of amassing, either through the hard work that he will put in this birth or the affluence that he has received in this birth as a result of the good deeds of the previous birth.

It predicts about the capacity of the individual to earn. The big billionaires and millionaires have generally a very strong second house, along with other propitious houses like fifth, ninth or eleventh. All depends on the lord of the second house and where it is placed. Also, the planets which occupy the second house or which aspect the second house, play crucial role in determining the assets of the native. If the lord of this house is positioned in houses that generate benefic influence, then chances of earning at good pace become strong. Contrarily, if it is ill placed or the malefic planets aspect it, the native has to face lot of hardships in earning wealth and sometimes, in spite of working very hard , the native fails to gain much wealth.

How some people are able to turn millions into billions with normal efforts, whereas the laborers who work harder than them, struggle to earn even handful? It is said that you carry your deeds to subsequent births and the second house works as the accountant to put everything on white paper.
The second house also tells about the family life of the individual. It represents the pleasures or pains that the native will go through in familial relationships. It tells how the native will approach towards the family and how much inheritance will he receive.

The second house represents the mouth. It gives voice, speaking ability and conversational acumen to the native. The placement of planets like Moon and Venus bestows the native with poetic prowess. It also throws light on the food tastes or drug habits of the native. The second house strengthens or weakens the imagination of the native. All this depends upon the placement of the planets associated with the second house.