The image we project to others, the first impression we make, how we start things, our defense mechanisms, our relationship with our immediate environment, our general outlook on life, and our physical appearance.

1st House of Horoscope
The first house of the horoscope is the most important house for any native. It is the mirror that reflects your personality and opens the gateway of your character to the astrologer. It is called “Lagna” in Hindi. It is also called as the “Ascendant”.

The first house reflects on most of the issues that relate with your individual persona. It throws light on your looks, your complexion and height and the humane traits you possess intrinsically. It depicts your natural strengths and weaknesses. It shows your attitude towards others and how would you encompass others’ views with your vision. There are innumerable traits that are judged through this house like your body features, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, lips etc.

The above stated features are just the illustration of your outward appearance. But the first house puts in the picture your inner self as well. It points toward the essence of your moral fiber. How do you view the world; what attracts you and what ways you may adopt to present yourself, openly and hidden; what can inspire you or drive you crazy; what could be your unique selling point; how weak you may be during times of adversity and opposition; would you like to adopt right means to attain the end goal or will you float with opportunistic flow; all this is ascertained by the first house.

The first house also gives a hint about your past Karmas that have shaped your personality and character in this birth. It tells where you had left before. The progression is linked to your early childhood and the pleasure or adversities you will face from the beginning. A lot depends on the planetary aspects that influence the first house and the position of the lord of the first house. The owner of the zodiac sign in the first house acts as the lord of the ascendant. If it is benefic and placed in good houses like 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th or 11th etc, it may produce favorable results. If it is adversely placed, it may create problems for the native for most part of the life. The other factors of judging the prospects are the exaltation or debilitation of the ascendant, the planets who occupy the first house and the planets which aspect it, favorably or otherwise.

Many auspicious or ominous yogas forming in the first house enhance or depreciate the results that the native has to face during various periods and sub-periods. Gajkesri Rajyog, Budhaaditya yog, Panch Mahapurusha yogas etc. cast their shadow on the destiny of the native. The first house is like the pathway, the entrance gate or the drawing room of the house that first puts your impression on the astrologers as well as other people.