Growth & Undoing, Privacy and Secrets
That which is hidden or below the surface, karma, self-undoing, soul growth, hidden strengths and hidden weaknesses, dreams, private affairs, lost items, hospitals and prisons, spiritual studies.

12th House of Horoscope
The twelfth house of the horoscope is called the house of ‘Liberation’ or ‘Enlightenment’. It is known as the ‘Mokshasthan’. In the astro-cycle of life, fourth house is recognized as the first house of liberation (Moksha) indicating the liberation of inner life; the eighth house as the house of transformation indicating what must be purified in order to liberate the inner self; and the twelfth house culminates as the end of journey. It is the house of death and loss.

It is the house of confinement, asylums, old age homes, hospital stays and imprisonment. It is the house of our past actions (Karmas) and brings to end our journey in this life and on earth. It is a house of renunciation and shows the brighter sides of meditation and yoga. It represents the death of the ego and birth of the humility. It indicates the amalgamation of the self with the Supreme consciousness. It envisages the deporting of the soul from the human body.

It is a house of loss and indicates the expenditures. It explores the financial loses that the native may go through in life. It indicates about the extravagant expenditure of the money on luxuries as well as on useless things. It also throws light on the possibilities of imprisonment and chances of spending the money on hospitalization. It is a house of hidden things and secrets like occult activities, psychic matters, psychological problems, seclusion, sorrow, dreams, fears, faith, spirituality and the subconscious mind.

The twelfth house is the place of bed, sleep and sex pleasures in life. The good placement of the twelfth lord and the placement of the planets in this house bestow the native with happiness in married life and contentment in physical relations. It also tells about the availability of luxuries to the native. This house also deals with the native’s association with the foreign lands and travel to far-off places. It represents foreign people, tourism, foreign trade, travel agencies, imports and exports.

The twelfth house is associated with monks and spiritual seekers. It represents charity, non-profit organizations, monasteries, places of worship and meditation, good deeds done without expecting anything in return and mystical and spiritual experiences. This house motivates the native to shed the ego and crave for merging the self with God.

The twelfth house represents the feet in the body. If this house is afflicted and its lord is in weak position, it gives health problems like mental imbalance, sleep disorder, pain in the feet and left eye. Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Ketu play a dominant role in this house to lift the spiritual awareness of the native. The position of Venus in this house is considered very good as it provides the physical pleasure and luxuries to the native.