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11th House of Horoscope
The eleventh house of the horoscope is called the house of gains. It represents monetary profits, wealth, knowledge, longevity of mother, promotion of husband, friendships, elder siblings, benefits from father-in-law, recovery from illness, discharge from hospital, independence from misfortune, trade, community, speculation, ambitions and fulfillment of desires. This house is called ‘Laabh Bhava’ because it denotes gains of property, liquidity/cash, gifts, incentives and windfalls. The eleventh house represents ambitious and motivated people; wealthy and famous people; politicians and public servants; celebrities and dignitaries.

But this house is also related to punishment and disease as it is sixth from the sixth house. It is also called the house of obstruction or ‘Badhaka’ for cardinal signs. The badhaka planets create problems for the native. But if the planets are strongly placed in this house, they open the doors of opportunities for the native and help in eliminating the obstacles. Except for the badhaka planets, all other planets give good results in this house. The body parts ruled by the eleventh house are ankles, shin bone, right leg, shanks, left ear and left arm. The diseases related to this house are fractures, circulatory problems, leg cancer and low Hb (blood).

The eleventh house subsists between tenth and twelfth houses. The tenth house stands for challenges in life and the twelfth house denotes transformations. The good and bad results emanating from this house are judged by the strength or weakness of the eleventh lord, placement of the planets in this house and the power of the planets which aspect this house . In the eleventh house, Moon bestows the native with praiseworthy qualities, Saturn provides comforts of all kinds, Sun brings opportunities at the doorsteps, Mars makes native popular, Mercury makes wealthy through ethical means, Rahu gives long and prosperous life and Ketu makes the person learned, wealthy and versatile.

The creation of wealth is judged by the second and the eleventh houses. The second house denotes fixed assets, cash and family money, while the eleventh house indicates the native’s ability to generate more wealth. The connection of the lords of second and ninth house in the eleventh house makes the native fortunate to create surplus income through righteous means. Jupiter is the significator of money and its placement in the eleventh house in exalted state gives the financial status of the highest kind to the native. If the seventh and eleventh houses or their lords are associated in the horoscope, there will be gains from business partnerships.

The strength of the eleventh house is calculated on the basis of favorable planets in this house, the good placement of the eleventh lord, transit of the favorable planets through the eleventh house and formation of good planetary combinations (Yogas) in the horoscope in connection to the eleventh house. The combination of Jupiter, Moon, Mercury and Venus in this house makes the native extremely rich and famous