Career/Profession, Responsibility, Reputation and Standing
Career and profession, contribution to society, position in society, social standing, reputation, material success and position, how we carve out an identity for ourselves, achievement, authority figures, paternal figures, the father or most “paternal” parent/caregiver, bosses, governments, attitude towards responsibility, attitude towards abiding by the law, desire for achievement.

10th House of Horoscope
The tenth house is the house of profession and action i.e. ‘Karma’. It denotes the work or business that the native pursues in life. It is the house of career and divulges whether the native will be able to attain respect, prestige and fame in his/her career or chosen public role. This house throws light on the purpose and ambition that the native has up his sleeves. This house reveals your public reputation and status in the society. It tells about the work you may do in this birth and the probable outcome of your efforts. It shows the native’s capacity to hold the responsibilities and enthusiasm to accept the higher duties in professional and public life.

The tenth house is important because it represents father. It shows the role your father will play in your life and the level of attachment you will share with your father. If the lord of the tenth house is exalted or strongly placed with benefic planets, the native gets father’s help at every step of his life, be it financial or moral support. If the tenth lord is strong, the native gets support from the government.

The tenth house represents boss, higher authority, government, leaders and powerful people. It denotes handling public works and delegating tasks to the juniors; giving a lecture or presentation at public places and the office boardrooms; leading from the front when people choose you as their representative. This house includes the workplace of the native, areas of business, banks, public forums and the jurisdiction of the government.

The body parts represented by the tenth house are thighs, knees and the left part of the body. Sun and Saturn are the main planetary indicators of this house. The presence of Sun in the tenth house makes native attains the success and recognition of the highest kind while Saturn bestows the native with high status in the society. Jupiter is the significator of this house and Mercury also plays a significant role in the development of this sector of the chart. Sun and Mars are ‘Disha Bali’ planets of this house and their placement increases the possibility of attaining higher posts in the official work.

The tenth lord in the ascendant and the ascendant lord in the tenth makes the native an independent entrepreneur. Mercury’s association with the tenth lord develops the interest of the native in intellectual pursuits. The placement of auspicious planets in the tenth house accelerates the pace of the native to move from one successful post to another. On the contrary, the ill placement of the tenth lord and bad aspects of the planets on this house or its lord bring tension, insult and financial losses to the native. If Jupiter is the lord of this house and placed in the ascendant, the native opts for legal career. Sun’s placement in the tenth house makes one an efficient administrator while Moon’s influence makes one very famous.