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Modality: Mutable
Element: Earth
Ruler: Mercury
Season: Summer
6th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Mercury
Stone: Sapphire
Color: Blue, Beige
Anatomy: Intestines, the nervous system

Keywords: analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, conscientious

The natives with Virgo as their rising sign are well thought-out and analytical persons. They crave for perfection which makes them work industriously in their line of work. Their penchant for detail makes them agitated if their enquiries are not answered timely. They are shy, naïve, conservative and reticent in nature. They are independent and know how to get the work done. They like the company of those people who can motivate them. The Virgo rising natives seek excellence in their jobs, businesses or even hobbies and games of interest. They criticize other people when they genuinely find a fault in their behavior. They may seem detached but they are outgoing people. When they feel bad about something, they retreat into their shell.

The Virgo rising natives have innocence marked on their face and are young at heart. They Possess childlike face, long forehead, straight nose, big cheeks and symmetrical bodies. They take measured steps when they walk. They remain polite, soft spoken and calm but their calmness is misinterpreted as their calculating nature. They are very selective in choosing their friends. When they are pleasant and upbeat, they fill their surroundings with positive outlook. They calm people down when the things are not going the right way. They are always occupied in mental activities and tire themselves even without doing any physical work. They are very economical and know how to save the money.

The Virgo rising natives prove to be first-rate employees as they are hard-working and make efforts to increase their knowledge and skills. Career wise, they become very good researchers and interrogators, owing to their analytical bent of mind. They also make good scientists, teachers, editors, police officers, accountants and librarians. In love matters, they are gentle and loyal. They want their partner to live in perfect harmony with them, emotional and physical. They are pure and innocent in nature and candid in love. The only thing that mars their personal bonding is jealousy and competitiveness. They make great parents by encouraging their children to participate in the extra-curricular activities and sports.

The Virgo rising natives are very health conscious. They become alert at the moment they discover symptoms of any disease. Their eating habits are austere and they rarely waver from their diet chart. They are the ones who are sincere in doing meditation and yoga. They are always eager to help their friends and loved ones but they never highlight their charitable deeds. They are inquisitive about everything that happens around them. They follow the family values and traditions which they grow up with.

They often act contemptuous when they are asked to explain the causes for their wrongdoings. They turn rigid and irritating at times. They respond unemotionally when their mood is not good. Sometimes, they are meddlesome in the personal affairs of other people. Health wise, they are prone to problems related to intestines and sexual organs. They should guard themselves against stomach related problems like constipation and digestive disorders; respiratory problems; allergies and anxiety.

Virgo is symbolized by The Virgin and belongs to the Earth element. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Mercury gets exalted and Venus gets debilitated in Virgo. In horoscope, it represents the sixth house. Green and Dark Brown colors are associated with Virgo.