Marriage Horoscope

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Marriage is the most important decision of your life. Astrology can help you in choosing the right partner and living a peaceful life.


It is rightly said that marriages are made in heaven, and it is a most important decision of your life, which can either make your life or destroy it. Marriage is not merely about love, but it is also about sharing, commitments, adjustments. This path is not always a bed of roses, but at times, our relationship tested by the time.

Horoscope matching has helped many people finding the perfect match for them, and it is the foremost thing done before tying the knot. It ensures that bride and groom are compatible with each other otherwise their marriage won’t last longer.

If you are looking for a partner then you might want to know the finest period for getting married and might be worried about the compatibility or you might be curious to know more about your future partner like what qualities he/she will possess. You also want to know why you are facing a delay in your marriage then these renowned astrologers can give answers to your questions by analyzing your horoscope in detail and can find the main cause and suggest remedy for it, which will help you transform your life.

In addition, if you are already married and wish to be aware of the fluctuations within your marriage, or perhaps best or toughest period of your marital life opt for the Marriage Report, which gives you full insight to your married life and exposes the areas of love and discord between the two.

There might be various questions that you want to get answered and this report answers all your queries.


  • Know the finest period for getting engaged or married.
  • Learn all about your Marriage, Married Life and Relationships.
  • Find out whether you will get married to the person of your choice.
  • In the event that you are required to make a choice, who should you choose?
  • What would be the best way to know which one is right for you?
  • Discover whether you and your would be spouse are compatible or not.
  • When will you get married?
  • Why are you encountering delays in marriage?
  • Are you apprehensive about your married life?
  • Will you have a love or an arranged marriage?
  • Uncertain whether to make a commitment or not?
  • Will you have pre- or extra-marital affairs?
  • Are there chances of your engagement falling apart?
  • Will you remain a bachelor whole of your life?


  • Do you wonder whether you will have a compatible and happy marital life or not?
  • Do you enjoy complete marital Bliss?
  • Will your partner have pre- or extra-marital affairs?
  • Is your partner cheating you?
  • Will you have children in future? When?
  • Are there any chances of divorce or separation?


  • Will you get a divorce?
  • Will you be able to remarry?
  • Is your spouse cheating on you?
  • Such Inquiries can also be addressed appropriately in your Marriage Report.
  • We keep complete confidentiality.

Contents of the Marriage report:

  • Vedic Lagna horoscope
  • Astrological details of your horoscope
  • Houses effects concerned with Marriage/Married Life
  • Effects of specific planets.
  • Evaluation of Divisional Vedic Charts
  • Emotional Weaknesses and strengths
  • Exclusive comment on your married life
  • Periods associated with harmony and discord
  • Promise of children in horoscope
  • Timing of children
  • Dasha Assessment in relation to marriage (15 years.)
  • Yantra suggestions
  • Suggestion of astrological vedic remedies

Any query related to the report within 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.