Education Report

INR 1000

Education plays an important role in one’s life and it also shapes the career of an individual.


Education is the most significant element in a person’s life. Everybody wishes to obtain an excellent education, it is the schooling which is the foundation of one’s career. Regardless of whether an individual would be inclined to mechanical, biological, instrumental, mathematics, physical science or astronomy, etc, this decision is greatly controlled by the planets.

The initial stages of learning are may be simple, as the subject areas tend to be mandatory. However soon after that, education diversifies into numerous areas and then one needs to select exactly what or which road to education he/she should choose that would bring in him/her great achievements in life.

A few of the dilemma that people face

  • Would I manage to clear the examinations?
  • Would I be picked for the scholarship or the grant?
  • How well would I fare in this particular exam?
  • Does my destiny hold a foreign degree for me in future?
  • Which field of education should I elect?
  • Would this particular area of learning help in establishing my career?
  • Why am I failing to get great results despite studying so hard?

The Education Report is organized from the information supplied by you i.e. date, time & place of birth. The report includes several unique charts which play a crucial role in helping you learn what sort of academic field must be selected by you to get a maximum success.

The Education Report will certainly guide you through that imperative part of life when you need guidance the most. Our skilled and experienced astrologers would put it together in a manner that it becomes simple for you to decide on the area of educational background in accordance with the strength of your horoscope.

The report will find out the powerful planets and their time periods where you can work hard and receive outstanding results and also would point you the time suitable to sit in those significant entrance/scholarship examinations. This report would additionally detect the vulnerable planets and their periods in which the outcomes or your mental aptitude will not be up to the mark and you might find problems in doing well in your assessments.
In any of the troublesome cases like this you should not be concerned. We will propose you unique astrological solutions to resolve your education related complications. Due attention is taken while assessing your horoscope and advising one of a kind and often affordable remedies in handling all types of academic issues. Our remedies are totally dependable and provide the required outcomes.

This report will offer you

  • Natal horoscope
  • Personal Astrological information
  • Results of houses related to Education
  • Effects of respective planets.
  • Analysis of Divisional Chart
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Exclusive remark on your Educational matter
  • Periods of great interest and disinterest in studies
  • Dasha table
  • Dasha Evaluation of whole Life in relation to learning.
  • Yantra advice
  • Suggestions of astrological solutions

Any query related to the report within 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.