Career Report

INR 2000

Thinking where your career will head towards in the coming year well, Vedic astrology has all the answers.


Are you doubtful about your career status for the year ahead? Well, Vedic Astrology seems to have the right solution. By analyzing your planetary positions in the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses, Vedic astrologers can give you an intelligent insight into what the impending 12 months has in store for your career.

Select your Question

  • When will I get a job?
  • When can I expect a change in Job for betterment?
  • Will my switching over from service to a business be fruitful?
  • Will my switching over from business to service be good for me?
  • When can I expect job overseas or in a different country?
  • When will the problems in my office be over?
  • When will I get government job?
  • Will I get the promotion?
  • I want to start trading in the stock market. Will this suit me and will I be successful?
  • Am I going to selected through the interview?
  • I have been suspended from my job. Will I be reinstated?
  • Which Profession will suit me?
  • Will business suit me?
  • When will I get a raise?
  • When will I settle down in life?