Dear Astrologyelite members,

We take online privacy and security seriously, and at the same time, we are continuously working to make Astrologyelite services better, entertaining and satisfying. To accomplish the goals, we need to obtain some information from you when you browse our site. This privacy policy will tell you how we collect the information through our site and its usage.

We collect information for our internal use and will not sell, rent or disclose any information related to you to any other party other than Astrologyelite without obtaining your permission.

How we collect information

We collect personal information when you sign up with astrologyelite as a member, when you add other users to your membership and when you purchase or take any services from astrologyelite.

Astrologyelite membership

Whenever you take the membership, you will be asked for sign up with us, and we will ask you to provide various information like your name. First, you will be asked to create a user id and password.We need your current location and credit card information based on membership type selected. You will be only used for reporting purposes if you decide to set up an online account with us. However, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that unauthorized sources do not access your account.It is also your responsibility to ensure that no minor can access your account. We will use your email address to fulfill your requests for items such as information, reports, and newsletters. Your gender, birth and current location will be used for astrological reports and services that you have requested. We require your credit card information to complete the registration process for paid membership.

Adding users to your membership

This option is valid for only paid users, and this allows Astrologyelite paid users to run reports on additional users and n case of free membership Astrologyelite will allow you to run reports on one additional user only.

Purchasing from Astrologyelite

Whenever you make a purchase for our site, we need your personal information such as billing address along with your credit card information to complete the transaction and process further. Next time it will be easier for you shop with us, as you need not submit transaction information each time. Moreover, you can review this information anytime through your User Id and password.

Astrologyelite is committed to delivering high-quality services and always look forward to building a special bond with its customers. In case, you have any questions related to your online account or the information that we have stored, you can contact us, and we will be happy to answer your queries.