Leo Horoscope

Modality:  Fixed
Element:  Fire
Ruler:  The  Sun
Season:  Summer
5th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Gold
Stone: Ruby
Color: Orange, Gold
Anatomy: The heart.

Keywords:  magnanimous, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, open

The natives who have Leo as their rising sign are recognizable with their dynamic and magnetic personality. They are an assortment of many qualities and are courageous, strong-willed, independent and ambitious. They have a clear cut approach in life and they don’t wander in circles. They pursue their goals with passion and innovative spirit. Their inherent nature is idealistic, humane, generous and broad minded. Temperamentally, they are expressive, intelligent and candid. Like a lion, they get angry when someone tries to encroach upon their kingdom. Trivial provocations can raise their temper but they can be easily pacified too.

The Leo rising natives have average height and their upper body is nicely carved. Their face may be oval-shaped with a high-up chin. They have big and expressive eyes. When they dress-up and move, they appear to be a persona of authority. They are outraged to see injustice done upon anyone and don’t relent until the right person gets justice. The Leo rising natives have an ideological bent of mind and are always willing to debate and explore the current affairs. They like the company of intelligent and honest people who can match them in passion and knowledge. They radiate affection and are big-hearted. When they speak, you just want to listen to them. They delve deeper within their soul to understand the true meaning of life.

The Leo rising natives are driven to do extremely well in their professional arena. They do not stop until the goal is reached. Their administrative style inspires their team as they share with others the finer points of their learning. They handle businesses very effectively as they always seem to be in control of their set-up. They possess amazing leadership quality, be it business or public domain or politics. They are the masters of doing orderly work and finish the tasks in assigned time. They tend to hide the sensitive aspect of their personality. They love praise and flattery. They pamper their friends and don’t hold on to grudges for a long time.

In the matters of heart, the Leo rising natives are very devoted and prove to be loyal mates. They are romantic and sexy and know how to wine and dine. They cherish the doting nature of their partner and prefer to remain in the long-term relationships. Casual flings don’t excite them. They love being showered by the compliments and lavish outings. Praise them often and watch them bloom with delight. Surprise meals in new restaurants or short trips to countryside are ways to win their hearts. Take care not to wound their pride.

The downbeat traits associated with the Leo rising natives are their domineering and melodramatic nature. Sometimes arrogance creeps in their behavior in the guise of self-confidence. They are image-conscious and show off their material possessions and high status in the society. They want the spotlight to remain on them always. Health wise, they should protect themselves from heart diseases, blood infections, spinal problems, back pain, high fevers, eye troubles and problem in the lungs.

Leo is symbolized by The Lion and belongs to the Fire element. Sun is the ruler of Leo. No planet gets exalted or debilitated in Leo. In horoscope, it represents the fifth house. Gold color is associated with Leo.