Jupiter: The Planet of luck & expansion turns Direct

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is also called Guru as it is the chief priest of the Gods. It is a male planet and benefic in nature. It is the significator of high virtues like knowledge, philosophy, truthfulness, morality, charity, compassion, etc. It is a symbol of religion and spirituality. On Aug 11, 2019 The lord of luck, happiness, expansion & knowledge planet.

Jupiter turns direct in the Scorpio sign and it will stay in this sign until Nov 5, 2019. Jupiter will aspect Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces.

What to expect from Jupiter in Scorpio.

Jupiter turning direct

Scorpio can help you make use of the opportunities that come your way. This period will be good for investment and involvement in new endeavors. However, it is advised to not be overconfident and carefully consider entering into significantly large money deals as well as avoid ego clashes with partners during this period.

Jupiter will be in jyeshta nakshatra, ruled by Mercury while turning Direct.

Jyeshta star signifies courage and ability to win any situation at any cost.

This time can bring growth in knowledge. This time will be good for setting wealth goals.